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51. The Problems of the Spirit King


The Spirit King?


“E, Eliane? I thought you had already guessed it!?”

Nigel was surprised when I involuntarily let out a gasp.

Because… The Spirit King!?

Even I found it unexpected.

“I realized he’s a spirit, but …the Spirit King?”

I was honestly baffled.

That was right.

From the moment I first saw him, I realized his magical power was different from that of a human’s.

The spirits were separated from other races. They also had their own cultural beliefs.

Because of that, we—humans—rarely saw them.

“…I didn’t think he was someone so surprising. I’m surprised by who he is—but Eliane’s reaction is more shocking.”

Nigel laughed.

“I, I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing? Has Eliane ever seen a spirit?”


It was during my time in my previous kingdom.

Suddenly, Prince Claude ordered me to join the knights’ expedition.

I only found out later that the knights lacked healers.

Of course, there were healers in the clinics and guilds—but, if he were to task them, he’d have to pay them.

Meanwhile, as a saint, it was part of my obligation. Hence, he could make me do it for free.

Hence, that order of his.

Well, that was fine.

The handsome and gentle knight leader—Klaus, was with me.

I was honestly happy to be of help to everyone.

During that time, I encountered a spirit when I passed through the forest.

The spirit was small due to still being young—however the magical power it possessed was very similar to Philip’s.

“It’s no wonder for you to be surprised. After all, we, the spirits, rarely ever appear in public. Your reaction isn’t unreasonable.”

Philip said in an undeterred expression.

“So, how did the Spirit King end up in Lynchgiham? Moreover, in such a haggard appearance.”

When Nigel asked such, Philip opened his mouth.

“Actually, our village encountered a problem.”

“A problem?”

“Yes, hence why, I thought an excellent healer from the human world might be able to solve it. I was searching around in the surrounding towns and villages.”

“I see.”

“After a long time, I finally found the healer…”

Philip turned to me—

“—For a saint to be in this city… Please, saint, do help us.”

He knelt and bowed.

It was like a knight who had sworn allegiance to the queen.

“W, wait!”

I crouched in a hurry and matched his eye levels.

“Raise your head, and, I’m not a saint!”

“Why would you say that? That healing spell of yours could only be used by those who have been blessed by the goddess! Why would you lie like that?”

Philip tilted his head.

Spirits were a race far more magical than humans.

Therefore, it couldn’t be helped that he noticed my true identity. Indeed, in such a situation, I didn’t think I could get away.

“Haa… it seems that I can’t conceal it. That’s right. In my former kingdom, I was referred to as such.”

“As I thought.”

“Even so, how do you know that term? It was supposed to be my hometown’s secret.”

 From another perspective, the power of the saint was a great force for a kingdom.

It wasn’t impossible for the other kingdoms to try to claim the saint for themselves—especially due to misinformation.

Therefore, it was forbidden to divulge information regarding the saint.

However, Philip knew…

“Once upon a time, us spirits were taken care by a saint. I remembered that time.”

“Taken care…? How long ago was that?”

“I think it was 200 years ago.”

Far from being my predecessor—it seemed to be a really ancient saint.

Well, nowadays, saints didn’t have much freedom. They were always kept close.

Hmm…? Wait.

“Philip, how old are you?”

“Me? I think I’ve been alive for about 300 years.”

As I thought!

I felt something odd when he said 200 years ago! If it was according to my intuition…

…The spirits were different from us humans.

According to folklore, ancient spirits may have lived for over a thousand years.

Compared to that, it might not be so surprising… but I was still shocked.

“You’re a lot older than me!”

“Probably so. What’s with it?”

Philip asked in confusion.

Philip’s appearance was that of a boy. He looked as if he was five years younger than us.

However, when I heard that, my impression changed.

Because he was a senior in terms of age!

“Ha, hahaha! Things sure have been lively ever since Eliane ended up in Lynchgiham. Back then, it was a dragon…”

Nigel laughed bitterly.

Or rather, he was a little stiff.

“Well, now that we have learned your true identity… what is it that ails your village?”

After I asked, Philip steadily begun to talk.

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