Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

41. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (14)

“Her Highness sure loves jewelry, doesn’t she?”


“I’m not only talking about the fact that you have eyes for ‘levanite’, but also the bauble you’re currently wearing.”

As a jeweler’s connoisseur, Tistye wore a very rare jewel that could only be found in Yenzie. It was something Gaizel purposefully prepared for her.

Not only did Gaizel slide it on her finger himself, it also helped her through a difficult situation. It was an irreplaceable treasure for Tistye.

In response to the words of the jeweler, Tistye smiled shyly and gently stroked her ring in a compassionate manner.

“Yes, it’s a very important ring I obtained from my beloved.”

Then, just behind her, Gaizel coughed. Sensing that Gaizel might be telling her to not touch anything, she sent a vague smile to the jeweler. On the other hand, was he showing symptoms of a cold?

Eventually, after visiting about half of the exhibits, a certain case caught Tistye’s eyes. There was a white cushioned pedestal, but nothing was placed on its center.

Instead, small ornaments were lined up at the edge of the pedestal.

“What happened here?”

“Oh, this is the case that contained that levanite. Next to it are earrings made of the same stone.”

“Made of the same levanite…?”

“Yes. They were made of the pieces left after the stone was cut. The craftsman made it because even the chunks are valuable.”

Listening to the jeweler’s words, Tistye gazed at the earrings on the edge of the glass case.

The part that touched the ear was made of silver, and from it hung a teardrop-shaped jewel. It was pretty small, but the deep blue color definitely came from the levanite.

It’s so beautiful.

Of course, the many jewels she had seen before arriving there were all wonderful. But for some reason, Tistye couldn’t take her eyes off those earrings. Then a faint, ringing sound took a hold of Tistye’s ears.

Just now, what…?

It’s a voice of the heart that I’ve never heard before…

She wondered if she could perhaps listen to it again. Tistye turned her blazing eyes towards the earrings. Before she knew it, Gaizel, who stood beside her, muttered with his arms folded. He looked sideways at Tistye who was stuck to the case.

“Do you want it?”

“Eh? No, I was just a little concerned!”

Tistye shook her head. It didn’t have a price tag, but it probably didn’t need one. That item was simply priceless.

While paying attention to Gaizel’s line of sight, Tistye searched for the sound. However, no matter how much she listened, her surroundings remained quiet.

I wondered if it was just in my mind…

Leaving the case, Tistye and Gaizel examined the remaining of the minerals.

While listening to the polite explanations of the jeweler, she was able thoroughly enjoy each of them—such as unprocessed rough stones that weighed five kilograms, and twin stones intended for rings donated by the former queen.

After checking all the exhibits, Tistye exhaled and thanked the jeweler deeply.

“Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I learned a lot.”

“You’re welcome. If you have something you like, do let us know at any time.”

After that, the jeweler and Gaizel discussed something, but it was completed after a few minutes. On the way to their accommodations, Tistye also thanked Gaizel.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For believing in me. You immediately came here without further ado.”

“That’s because I originally intended to visit this place. I’m not doing this for your sake…”

Gaizel hesitated a little as he proceeded with his cold reply. When she saw him unnaturally coughing, she smiled.

“…As long as you’re happy, it’s alright.”

In response, Tistye felt her chest warm.

As she recently noticed, Gaizel seemed to be trying to soften his words. Whenever he was with others, he often spoke to her in a cold tone.

Of course, Tistye was already aware of Gaizel’s true intentions, so she didn’t think much of the words that came out of his mouth.

Even so, Gaizel seemed to be searching for how to treat Tistye in his own way.

Eventually, they arrived at a house.

It was a heavy stone building, one that would usually be assigned to the royal family. The two-story building had white walls, and although it was far from the main residence in the city of Levaria, it may be the largest building.

As they passed through the gate, she was greeted by a vast courtyard and a fountain. Following the leading servant, she arrived before a magnificent front door. Shortly after sending only Tistye to the mansion, Gaizel turned on his heels.

“I still have some business to attend to. You can rest first.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I’ll return tonight.”

Gaizel smiled and returned to the city.

Seeing him off, Tistye gladly narrowed her eyes.

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