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34.2 The Decided Script

Tobias bitterly muttered, as he heard the gossip about Roland echoing all around.

“What ‘misunderstanding’ is he talking about? Isn’t it the truth?”

When everyone else was pondering about what to say, Angelica remarked about Roland’s lameness with a straight face.

“Well, it’s not like I believed he’d just reflect upon himself…” Said Riol.

“However, if things are to stay as they are, His Highness Roland wouldn’t come out for the rest of his life…” Said Sharina.

…Because from the very beginning, there was no misunderstanding (despite what Roland thought). Therefore, there was also nothing to resolve. It was just Roland’s escapism.

If Roland was merely a spoiled son of a noble family, as long as his family could afford it, it wouldn’t be a problem—

—however, he was a prince. That would be fatal for his public image.

No one could argue against the words that Sharina had spilled awkwardly. Thus, a heavy silence descended.

“Eh… but, come on, what are we supposed to do? It would be one thing if he lost on purpose. In reality, didn’t he fall into his own trap and exited the stage right after he told the clown to dance?” Said Angela.

“Mrs. Kirklight… you could’ve phrased it more nicely…” Said Tobias.

“Basically, the ‘clown’ he was referring to ended up being himself, didn’t it?” Said Sharina.

“Sharina, don’t add fuel to the fire.”

Riol scolded both Angelica and Sharina, whom were too frank. However, to be honest, everyone shared the same opinion.

“It’s as Angelica and the others have said… I’m sorry for bringing up such a depressing topic… In case of an emergency, I shall forcefully drag His Highness out—I’ll even smash his door! For now, let’s enjoy the game.”

“…Indeed, no matter how much we worry, it won’t solve anything.”

It was clear that Tobias, who hit his own chest, was overwhelmed—

—but there was nothing he could do about it.

While having indescribable anxiety, Sharina and her friends decided to regain their bearings and concentrate on the match which had already started.

No one was aware that a few hours later, Roland would try to solve the ‘misunderstanding’ in an outrageous way.


Time rewound to midnight of the fourth day of the magic tournament.

“…As I thought, it’s the only option left.”

“Indeed. I feel bad for Riol Glen, but there’s no going back.”

“When he went against the royal family, he should’ve been aware of the consequences—he deserves it.”

A conference room for teachers at the Fala Rubia Academy. Inside the dimly lit room with its windows and curtains closed. A small light came from a lighting magical instrument hanging from the ceiling.

“What should we do about the timing? It’s probably best to summon the person himself in the morning, before posting the announcement on the bulletin board at a later date…”

“Why are you being so soft? If we don’t let all the students know at once, His Highness’ honor won’t be restored.”

“…But that doesn’t mean an innocent student should be sacrificed like that! You’re publicly executing him…!”

Teachers who surrounded the long table talked in a low voice. Despite so, one of the teachers—seemingly the youngest—raised his voice. He probably couldn’t stand it anymore.

“At the very least, it won’t end up as mere a ‘sacrifice’—but a noble sacrifice. What if our kingdom were to be struck with a crisis of succession? Even worse if the royal family thinks that our academy is the cause—do you know what will happen next?”

“T, that’s…”

A fat man with gray hair sitting in front of him uttered so. Under the palm of his hand was a piece of paper with solid-printed letters.

“We shall take decisive action tomorrow, just before the match of Riol Glen. It’s impossible to change the script, now. If it isn’t executed properly, there’s a possibility that the history will repeat itself.”

“Exactly. We can’t give him any room to recover. Wait until he proclaims that his victory during the first match was purely because of his strength, then strike him with these. Here is all the evidence of his foul play. He wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Evidences? What ‘evidences’? Those were all forged!!”

The young teacher hatefully glared at the ‘evidence of foul play’ lined up on the desk.

“Do you honestly think you can get away with this!?”

The young teacher slammed both his fists against the desk as he raised his voice in anger. He looked around for approval.

However, even though there were some who lowered their gazes awkwardly, no one dared to agree with him.

“Is there no one who agrees with me? Anyone? Please!”

“Calm down. Sometimes, truth needs to be created.”

Under the tense atmosphere, the gray-haired man said quietly.

“Between a student, this academy, and the future of this kingdom—it should be obvious which is of the utmost priority.”


The young teacher couldn’t say anything further, and could only bitterly clench both of his fists on top of his lap.

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