The Best is Saved for Last Translation

The Best is Saved for Last [Chapter 7]

Chapter Seven: All’s Well That Ends Well

A few days passed, and my husband did not return to his original form. He resumed work at the place, and as expected, the whole country turned upside down, especially the palace. I couldn’t blame them. It was hard to believe that my husband has suddenly become younger. Although a summoning had occurred and magic existed in this world, a rejuvenation was still a very rare thing.

My husband was admitted into the legendary hall of fame, and crowds started rushing to the royal palace just to catch a glimpse of him.

Ten days after the startling morning of my husband’s transformation, things still hadn’t quieted down. The mansion was surrounded by aristocrats, merchants, and messengers trying to gain access to me. Maria looked down from the window by peeping through a gap in the curtain.

“Nako-sama, please refrain from going out,” she said with a sigh.

“Thank you for the miracle of God,” numerous people from outside the mansion declared. Their voices forced their way into my ears even though the window was closed.

I didn’t know what to think or do. I didn’t rejuvenate my husband consciously, and I didn’t think I could do the same thing for someone I didn’t love. I lay on the flow carelessly as my thoughts became too much for me to bear. Maria understood my troubles, so she didn’t scold me for acting without grace and losing my composure.

I didn’t want to believe that the rejuvenation was my fault, and I was doing my best to investigate it. However, my husband seemed to have drawn his conclusions and settled into the new reality. Nevertheless, the government and the priests still needed to investigate him. Now, he was always away and only returned to the mansion late at night even though we were newlyweds.

I was barely holding on to my handkerchief when I heard a sudden roar. The noise disappeared as if it went underwater but suddenly resurfaced and tore through the airways. Only this time, it was closer. The voice kept closing in on my location, and horror gripped my heart. 

“I’m scared,” I whispered as I hugged Maria, clinging to her for dear life.

“Nako-sama, please don’t leave the chamber,” she instructed as she peeled me off her and walked out of the room. She was so cold, focused, and in control. I consider hiding under the table, but that seemed to be a half-baked idea. I had no choice but to wander around the room in thought.

I tried to figure out what was going on. We had never been invaded beyond the gate. There were four male gatekeepers, and even the aristocrats couldn’t get into the palace without permission as my husband was a count. They couldn’t possibly barge into the mansion despite his high status. The realization hit me, and a bad feeling crept up on me as goosebumps appeared on my arms. Only one person had the guts to barge into my husband’s mansion. Almost immediately, the door opened, and the King of sexual harassment himself walked in.

The butler who had been trying desperately to stop the King suddenly looked at me in defeat. The King shrugged him off and glared at me.

“Where is that little monkey?” he yelled in the same sick tone he had used in roaring his way to my room.

It was frustrating hearing his growling voice. The sound seemed to come from the pits of his stomach. For some reason, he still had the boldness to call me a little monkey. I couldn’t beat him in a roaring contest, so I chose to keep my head up and look straight into his eyes.

The King blinked rapidly as his brain struggled to recognize me. His expression loosened slightly, and he casually tried to style his hair.

“Excuse me, are you Gilberto’s relative? I didn’t know that there was such a beautiful woman here. Can you tell me what your name is?” the King asked. Apparently, his eyes had failed him. However, I was quick to juggle his memory.

“Are you sick in the head?” I challenged in a firm and harsh tone. Not that I didn’t know the answer to my question already. He wasn’t sick. He was just a fool. He was the King of sexual harassment.

The spiteful retort was enough for him to come close to recognizing me. His eyes widened with shock. He stepped back and squinted his eyes, looking at me seriously.

“Is that you, little monkey?” he asked, still struggling to believe what he was seeing.

“I am not a monkey,” I shot back as my heart and language took on a rough tone. I tried to calm down, but it was difficult. I had been insulted by him too many times. However, as the daughter-in-law of the Earl’s family and the wife of my lovely husband, I had to exhibit the manners Maria had taught me. My shame was my husband’s shame, and I had to play the part of a faithful wife and put on my glass mask.

“Well, well, well, this is quite a predicament. Come here.”

“I would welcome you to the guest room, Your Majesty,” I said, trying my best to be polite.

“Just take me to your room,” he ordered.

“You unscrupulous swine,” I muttered amidst clenched teeth.

“What?” the King demanded in rage as the butler collapsed on the spot. “You dare talk to the King of the country like this? You have grown worse. Now, get into position,” he thundered as he grabbed me by the arm. I was about to bite him as painfully as I could when a loud voice echoed through the room. My husband had grown a little taller from the rejuvenation. However, his voice was still calm and powerful.

“That’s enough, Your Majesty,” he said in a firm and confident tone.

“My husband,” I shrieked as I rushed to him and flew into his hands. He accepted me happily without a second thought.

“I’m sorry. You must have been scared,” he whispered into my ear as I rested my head on his chest and nodded. I buried my face in his chest as he gently patted my head.

“Are you prepared to face the consequences of interfering with someone else’s wife?” my husband asked the King of sexual harassment with a resounding voice as his hand continued to caress my head.

I looked back to see how the King was reacting to my husband’s presence and was amazed to find him pacing back and forth uncontrollably.

“I was just investigating. It’s only natural for me as the King of the country to inspect her in person.”

“Inspect?” My husband’s hand suddenly stopped caressing my head. A wave of anger exuded from him, and a cold, tense air fell upon the room. At that moment, a feeling of déjà vu fell upon me. It was as if I were reliving that day at the training ground.

“By the way. Didn’t you plan on asking the prince to take over so you could retire? Why then are you interested in rejuvenation? You clearly don’t need it,” my husband said.

“I don’t know. I haven’t made my decision. It’s hard to decide these days. The princes and princesses are so busy,” the King replied.

He was rotten and disgusting. The maids watched him through the windows and doors, anxiously looking at him with repulsion. A gust of cold air flowed into the room, but I didn’t mind. I was safe in my husband’s arms. He held me closer to his chest as he spoke.

“Your Majesty, this is pointless. Her ability is limited to the moment of deflowering.”

“No way!” the King yelled. Still, he couldn’t help but look at me suspiciously, as if trying to figure out if my husband was telling the truth. I wanted him to stop looking at me. I felt trapped in his gaze.

“No, it’s true,” my husband said, stepping in. “We have repeatedly tried to rejuvenate me again since our first night together. However, my nails and hair are still growing as usual. As we speak, I am physically growing, and one could even say I am aging. There is no point in forcing yourself on Nako. At least not anymore.”

Although my husband had used the word several times to describe our sex life, it felt like we had sex every day. I buried my face further into his chest and tried to hide away from the problem that the King presented. Sex was pleasant. However, I preferred to be able to decide when to do it. Of course, the central premise being that the other person is my husband. I never wanted to have to sleep with the King.

“And if you are still going to try to touch Nako, then I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible. There is already an heir. With the authority bestowed upon me by the former King, I would be forced to have His Majesty retire and register at the temple.”

“Oh, don’t be foolish. If I register at the temple…”

“Yes, I will see to it that the sterilization is executed successfully.”

The King of sexual harassment let out a pained sigh as he slumped his shoulders and walked out of the room. My husband was just, and he had won. There couldn’t be any more problems.

“I am glad I made it in time,” my husband told me. “I started making my way here as soon as I heard that his majesty was heading towards my mansion.”

“I am glad you came,” I replied.

We flirted and stuck next to each other in the guest room. It was too early for the King to return to the palace, so my husband decided to take the day off. I relaxed into his arms and enjoyed his presence. I hadn’t spent a day with him since he rejuvenated.

“But to be courted by the King of the country… Isn’t that every woman’s dream?” my husband asked.

My eyes widened with shock. I couldn’t believe that he would ask me such a ridiculous question.

“I hate him. He is a pervert,” I replied as I shook my head so vigorously that it almost came off.

“Pervert? Now that you mention it, you seem to have hated him from the very beginning. Did he do something to you to illicit this treatment?”

I remembered the way he groped my breasts as if I were a cow and almost touched my lower privates. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t put it in words.

“Well… Uh…”

“What did he do?” my husband probed.

I couldn’t muddle my words as that would only succeed in making him worried. He was going to end up wrinkling his face and stressing himself out. He looked so cute, and I didn’t want his calm face to turn into a frown. I loved him when he was old and gray, and I also loved him now that he was youthful and pretty.

“It’s not a big deal,” I said, trying my best to change the subject.

“What did he do?” he asked again in a firm tone.

I was a little scared. I needed to pronounce my words carefully to avoid losing control of my emotions and breaking down. I confessed to my husband and told him about the sexual harassment I had to endure from the King when I was first summoned.

“Really? That fucking… What I told him today wasn’t enough. Tomorrow…”

The words that spilled out of my husband’s mouth were disturbing. However, I decided to pretend not to hear them. I just closed my eyes and cozied up to him.


My husband was the strongest.

My husband’s actions gradually spread, and after a month, the mansion regained its usual silence.

In the end, my special abilities were exercised only once, just as my husband said. But I was praised for extending the life of my excellent husband, who had a history comparable to that of multiple brave men, and I was able to maintain my honor as a priestess.

We lived happily ever after.


Translator: Aileen

Proofreader: Rei