Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [7]

Chapter Seven: The Prince Discovers an Unexpected Side of the Princess

“Can you imagine? She was riding on an alpaca! What an interesting person! Oh, my sides hurt.” Conrad was usually very well behaved when he was with me. However, he burst into bouts of laughter once we arrived at the office.

I spared him a glance as my mind returned to the previous appearance of the Princess Consort. While I was relieved she had not shut herself in the villa to cry daily for being stuck in a loveless marriage, I had not thought she would be enjoying herself to that extent. I assumed she was always sitting quietly in the villa. However when I visited, the maids informed me that she had gone on a walk in the garden. I took the liberty to find her in the garden myself since I was the one who visited unannounced. I was so shocked to see her riding on an alpaca. I ended up petting the animal when she asked me to. I admit the sensation of that fleece definitely became an addiction.

“I have never seen that animal before. Did she just take it in?”

“Yes. According to reports, the alpaca was mixed in with other sheep brought by the merchant. Princess Adelina took it upon herself to take it in and has been caring for it. It has become friendly towards her; it even allowed the Princess to ride sometimes.”

“I see.” I did not entirely believe the reports, but I saw the farm and the garden surrounding the villa with my own eyes. You really couldn’t imagine she would be able to do such a thing by looking at her. She possessed gently mint-tea green eyes and her soft milk tea-colored hair spreads delicately. She had such incredible beauty that you could not forget in a glance. Her face was so gentle and delicate that it left such a great impression on people. Her body was so slender; you wouldn’t think she was capable of farming.

“I heard she was born as the daughter of a nobleman?”

“Princess Adelina’s family? According to investigations, she is the daughter of Baron Breele. After the Baron’s death and her mother’s remarriage, she has since become the daughter of Viscount Arlempdes. However, I have not heard good rumors regarding her mothers and sisters. The Viscount was on the verge of ruin, so I believe Princess Adelina and her sister, Ella suffered greatly.” Conrad replied, with a solemn expression different from when he was laughing earlier.

It was still very painful to hear Ella’s name. It brought back the soul-shaking joy when I first met her and the devastating grief I felt when she left. However, I couldn’t neglect Evalina any more than this. Although it was for a short while, she was still my consort. I married her quickly, but I planned to divorce her once things cooled down. If we were to divorce now, her honor would be tarnished. I was not in any position to say this. After all, I threatened her to marry me. The only thing I could do for her now was to make arrangements for her to live peacefully in the villa. If she desired to make a garden, ranch, or even farm herself, I had no intention of stopping her.

“If you are concerned about her, you must visit her properly and not turn away from her as you have been doing. If she is a former consort viewed favorably by you, she will have many admirers even after the divorce. For that to happen, you must show people that you care for her. At the very least, you don’t hate her, do you?”

Of course, I don’t. I just couldn’t help but think about Ella whenever I saw her face, and it hurts. However, Evalina probably felt more hurt than I did. I couldn’t just stop indulging in sentimental thoughts.

“I will visit the Princess once I have free time. Be sure to inform them beforehand.”

“Of course, Your Highness. May I add that Princess Evalina does not yet have an appointed knight? If a knight is with her, I believe it will help show the people she is someone you respect.”

“I suppose.” There were already an adequate number of guards appointed around the Royal Villa, but it was common for Royals in the country to have their own personal knight in charge of their protection. Evalina should also have a knight assigned to her.

“We will send one of my Imperial Guards. Do make a list of those who are trustworthy.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

As I closed my eyes, Evalina’s smile popped into my head. Back when I saw her innocent smile, I suddenly felt choked up and avoided her. Ella and Evalina are step-sisters, so their appearances were not similar. But, I guess you could say they were very similar in the strange way they made my heart flutter.