Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [27]

Chapter Twenty Seven: The Princess is Surprised by Others’ Evaluation of Her

The Aurora-colored dress with a fantastic hue, beautiful glass shoes that caught your eye, there was no doubt, no matter the number of times you looked at it. The girl who suddenly appeared was my sister who left the house that day. Next to her, there was a wizard who wore a black robe.

“That is The Princess of that day?”

“Yes, that dress and glass shoes.”

“Then, Princess Adelina?”

Ella and the wizard walked proudly towards me, holding hands without regard to the confused gazes of those around them. When she got closer, Ella rushed over and hugged me vigorously.

“Oh, I’ve missed you, Adelina!

Oh, you’re looking a little pale. Are you okay? Are you eating well?”

“You know what, Ella? That’s not the most important thing right now!”

“Come to think of it, yes. I’m glad I came back at just the right time!”

Ella looked around with graceful movements. The hem of the dress fluttered, and everyone sighed at the beauty. Ella, who instantly captivated everyone’s eyes, quickly became the “leading role” of this place.

“Good day, everyone. I am one of the people who played a part in this uproar, so I will explain it from my own mouth.” Ella smiled and opened her mouth as if nothing happened.

“On that ball day, I asked the wizard to bring me this dress and glass shoes, and I danced with Prince Francis. It was a lot of fun.”

Ella squinted to miss the time that had passed.

“But that’s only one night. Now there’s a wizard next to me and Adelina next to The Prince. So what’s wrong?”

Prince Francis opened his mouth this time to supplement Ella’s words.

“I apologize for making everyone uneasy, but I want everyone to see what we are today, not the illusion of that night. Anyone who thinks she lacks something within her that doesn’t make her worthy of being my princess come forward?”

No matter how long I thought about it, I was incapable of doing anything but failing. I was not good at socializing, and even if I attended a tea party, everyone would hate to talk to me, even though I was The Crown Princess! No matter how much I dressed up, I always appeared dull and even worthless.

Contrary to my expectations, everyone around me looked at each other and nodded.

“Princess Adelina is a witty person. She has a remarkable reputation in other countries. As a future queen, there couldn’t be a better gem than her.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

Oh, there’s no reason for you to wag your tail at me at this point!

“Her Highness, Princess Adelina, always tells us interesting stories. The humble and entertaining appearance is just a mirror of a lady. Yes, the slow lifestyle that is popular now also starts with Princess Adelina.” The one who smiled gracefully after saying that was the Duchess who invited me to the tea party many times.

I-is that so?

When I thought that everyone would talk about fields and vegetables, not only did they care about me, but it turns out I was really popular.

“Princess Adelina’s outfits are always lovely, aren’t they? It’s so relaxing, and yet it doesn’t affect her natural beauty.”

“I hated those cluttering, flashy, and decorative clothing! I’m glad Princess Adelina discontinued it!”

“The special vegetable dishes that Princess Adelina introduced us to are really tasty to have!”

“The current trend of an alpaca derby is also an idea of ​​Her Imperial Highness.”

“I hear all the noble ladies are desperate not to be left behind, so they have recently started studying to become like Princess Adelina.”

“The number of visitors to our nation has increased at once, and I was happy to scream when the librarian of the library was busy.”

“The messenger from the neighboring country was surprised. After a while, all the aristocrats in this country became diligent.”

“Well, a good person like Her Imperial Highness will serve as a model, so the future of this country is also safe!”

The compliments that popped out of their mouths made my whole body unintentionally hot. It was embarrassing. Somehow, it became very unbearable.

I’m not as great as you people make me out to be! 

I’m just a woman trying to get decent alimony from a divorce because I want to live comfortably in the countryside!

“Did you hear that, Alina? They can’t think of anyone more worthy of being my princess than you, it seems.”

For some reason, The Prince seemed happy with me being praised. I shook my head in a huff, and he chuckled.

“Please continue–“

“But, I feel magical power from the current Princess Adelina. Hi!”

Princess Priscilla was still trying to cling to The Prince, but he glared at her, and she cowered as a frog stared down by a snake.

Prince, that’s enough of that, please.

“Let me explain that for you.”

The wizard who had been idling around hand in hand with Ella came over to us.

“As for the matter of Princess Priscilla feeling faint magic power from my sister-in-law, Princess Adelina, I feel the same thing.”

Who is your sister-in-law? I wanted to complain, but it’s not the right time.

What do you mean you can feel magic from me!