Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [25]

Chapter Twenty Five: The Princess is Publicly Condemned

Tonight, a large ball will be held in the hall of the palace. It reminded me of that fateful night when Prince Francis and Ella met. That day, I saw the sight of two destined people meeting together from up close. In a beautiful dress of shades like the Northern Lights, Ella looked like a real princess. To my shame, I was completely unaware that it was my step-sister whom I saw all the time.

The Prince fell in love with Ella. Unfortunately, Ella’s romantic interest was not for The Prince, but for the wizard who changed her fate. The Prince’s love, which was cut off before it could blossom, was still with him now, and it was still making him suffer. That, too, would soon be over. I was sure Princess Priscilla would end it.

“Princess, what shall we do about your dress tonight?”

“Well, can you pick something calming for me?”

I was just a supporting character and must not stand in the way of the main character. I was to watch the two of you get together and step aside as if nothing happened. Of course, though, I’d get a decent amount of alimony!


Just like that day, a large number of people attired in their finery filled the castle hall. When The Prince and I entered, we were greeted with a big applause. I’d never get used to this feeling.

Many people who dressed up gathered at the venue. The colorful dresses that fluttered beautifully made you feel a little uplifted. It reminded me of that time. At that time, I was one of the “many others.”

The Prince never noticed me. Well, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I am now walking next to him as his princess.

When I thought about it, it felt scary, ticklish, a little painful. It also made me feel strange.

The Prince immediately noticed my changes, as he stood right next to me.

“What’s wrong, Alfonsina? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, I am fine; I’m just feeling a bit nervous.”

I felt sorry for being called out with care. Even The Prince wouldn’t truly want me to stand next to him; after all, in all this time, he hasn’t once been able to remember my name correctly. The Prince usually remembered the names of the people and women other than me. It was like roundabout sarcasm to me. “You are someone just a replacement to cover a mistake; you aren’t worth remembering!”

Well, I didn’t think that was the case. When I thought about it, Princess Priscilla was announced as she entered.

“Wow!” I yelped in surprise. Princess Priscilla tonight was wearing a dazzling golden dress, which was rare in the world. The pale lavender-colored dress I wore was so hazy compared to hers. People cheered for the beautiful standing figure. The light of the venue was reflected in the dress and jewelry, and it was shining brilliantly. She was like the most dazzling star in the night sky.

“Would it be a crime if she stopped wearing such shiny clothing? It’s really painful for the eyes to constantly look at the sparkling dress,” Prince mumbled annoyingly.

“Prince, did you say something?”

“No, nothing!”

Without a doubt, Princess Priscilla was the protagonist tonight. She has that much presence.

It was like the ball of that time. As soon as I thought about it, my heart started beating rapidly and made a noise. Yes, it may be a redo of that time tonight. The Prince and The Princess hold hands at the ball and are tied together. He made a slight mistake, but this might bring him back to the right fate.

I wonder if this was the end of the curtain for me as a supporting character.

“Thank you, Prince Francis, for such a lovely ball!”

Princess Priscilla immediately came over and happily talked to The Prince. They do look good together when you saw them up close.

”Prince, would you be willing to dance with me?” The petite Princess Priscilla looked up with a puppy dog face as she invited The Prince for a dance. Her large eyes were bright and lush, and the way her long eyelashes cast shadows were a marvel to behold. I didn’t think she’s the same kind of human as I was.

There was no person that would be able to refuse her approach.

“I don’t mind, but I’ve decided my first dance will be with my princess.”

The Prince slid his arm around my waist as he said that.

When all married people participated in the ball, it was the etiquette at this court to first dance with their spouse.

I knew that too, but the other party was Princess Priscilla, right? Wasn’t she supposed to be your next princess? It was not the case if you are dancing with me, who was already used up!

Or was this a plan to make Princess Priscilla jealous? I knew The Prince wouldn’t do that kind of thing, because it would seriously hurt her.

“Prince, don’t worry about me–”

“I knew it. It’s not right!”

Princess Priscilla’s loud voice drowned out my words for The Prince to dance with her.

I blinked in surprise; Princess Priscilla turned to me with her wide eyes, and glared at me.

The Prince took a step forward to protect me as I involuntarily gulped. What happened the next moment was a shocker.

“Come to your senses, Prince Francis. That woman has deceived you!”

Princess Priscilla exclaimed, pointing at me with her slender finger.

Oh wow.