Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [19]

Chapter Nineteen: The Prince Regrets the Past

POV: Prince Francis

The refreshing breeze coming in through the window shook the curtains. Located on the shore of a mountain lake, this villa was built for summer, so the summer heat was much more modest compared to the royal capital. In such a great place, I was still enthusiastic about my work.

“No, it’s strange! Why do we have to work so much even when we are at the Summer Villa? Didn’t we come here for a vacation or something?”

“Shut up, Gordon, you are distracting us!”

“No! Danforth was proud to go for a walk with Her Royal Highness! I don’t want to help with paperwork; I also want to go for walks!”

My exclusive knight, Gordon, whined as if he were a child.

It was annoying by itself, but the part where: “Danforth goes for a walk with Her Imperial Highness” stabbed directly at my heart.

“Speaking of that, let’s downgrade you to Danforth’s knight!”

“If you do that, he will look down on you!”

“Oh, if rumor starts to spread about Danforth and Her Royal Highness.”

The secretary Conrad, who did his job silently, suddenly looked out of the window, muttering in the wind, similar to Gordon, who needed to shut his trap.

When I took a break and also looked outside, I could see Danforth and Delfina walking side by side. As I looked back at the scene, my chest rustled for some reason.

Danforth is an excellent knight that I trusted. He was to protect Delfina in the event of an emergency.

Although I knew that, I felt like I wanted to bring The Princess back to me right now.

“Danforth may be the right person.” Conrad, who was watching the two of them, murmured.

“What is he the right person for?”

“For the position of Her Imperial Highness next husband, of course.”


What on earth was this guy saying?

“Prince, aren’t you planning to divorce Princess Adelina? Once officially divorced, Her Royal Highness will be able to remarry another person.” Conrad lined up facts, leaving me speechless.

“Danforth knows what’s going on with you and your princess, and you won’t treat her mercilessly. He’s the first son of the Marquis House, promised to be the next head. Danforth himself doesn’t seem to be engaged with anyone either.” Conrad cast a meaningful look out the window as he said that.

Delfina and Danforth were certainly two people who looked good together. Danforth said something funny, and Delfina put her hand over her lips and laughed innocently.

Did she ever laugh innocently like that before with me?

The documents on the desk made a noise in my hands. Conrad saw the situation and laughed.

“Let’s take a break. Gordon, I’ll ask you to arrange it. You can choose your favorite dessert.”

“Phew, finally!”      

Gordon went out of the room humming, either because he had the right to choose the dessert he wanted, or he was just tired of the paperwork. Conrad sighed heavily when he heard the door close with a bang.

“If you’re stubborn, you’ll overlook something important, Prince. The bluebird is surprisingly close to you.”

“I already know that.”

The time I took to think about Delfina was now longer than the when I used to think about Ella.

Why was it so frustrating to me when Danforth or some other man approached her?

I’ve been sure of it long ago . I know. The lucky bluebird is close at hand.           

“I don’t want to be trapped in a basket.”

She laughs freely in nature; she was as attractive as Ella that day. If I ordered her lightly, it would be easy to keep her in the palace for the rest of her life.

However, I don’t want to take that smile away. Therefore, she cannot be locked in a birdcage.

If she wanted to leave the birdcage on her initiative, I can’t stop it.

Conrad looked disappointed at my answer but immediately laughed as if nothing happened.

“Then, I’ll try my best to get people to turn around. To be clear, my first impression would have been the worst.” I looked away without saying anything.

 Even if we’re married, I have no intention of loving you.

The words I said to her on the night of the wedding revived in my heart. If I could return the hands of the clock, I would like to hit myself at that time with all my might.

Was there a woman who likes a man who ridiculed his promise? No, none.        

If there was no hope anyway, it would be better for her not to say this feeling. Conrad called out to me. He was worried and somewhat kinder than usual.

“It seems that the last day of our stay here is a rare night with a clear sky without any clouds. I think it would be a great idea to show such a beautiful starry night sky to The Princess, don’t you think Your Highness?”

“Delfina will surely be pleased.” When I imagined her smile in my head, I felt a little better.

Would she show me the smile that she showed to Danforth earlier?