Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [18]

Chapter Eighteen: The Princess Heads to the Summer Villa

POV: Princess Adelina

Against all expectations, the invitations didn’t decrease. The more time passed, the more they kept pouring in. Even though I thought I won’t be invited again once I attended, I was very wrong. I was still very nervous and talked about weird things (mainly vegetables and my dear alpaca), so I didn’t understand why I was still called to tea parties several times. I wasn’t scared of social circles; I just didn’t know what noble people thought and talked about.

“You look tired, Katrina.”

I forced myself to smile too much at the invited tea party that my face became sore. The Prince came into the detached Palace and laughed at me as I collapsed with twitching cheeks. I also felt The Prince’s public and private faces were quite different, but wasn’t he tired of this? If someone was a prince for nearly 20 years, did they ever get used to it? While I thought about it, he touched my shoulder and whispered as if he was working.

“You are doing well. Would you like to go to the Summer Villa for a week or two?”

The Prince was willing to take me to a summer villa owned by the Royal Family. I would be happy to leave here, if only for a week. It was also a good reason to miss the Parties. I nodded without a second thought. “I would like to leave here for a while. I will have to ask the staff to take care of the ranch and fields.”

The destination, Summer Villa, is built on a quiet lakeside city surrounded by mountains. While the refreshing breeze blew, I got off the carriage and looked around, and I felt cheered even though I wasn’t. It was Mountain, River, Lakes, and Nature. This was exactly the place where I would live my life dream of “a leisurely slow life in the great outdoors.”

The Summer Villa was also much simpler than the gorgeous Royal Palace. I certainly liked it here. While my eyes shone, The Prince asked with pride in his eyes.

“It is a good place. Do you like it?”

“Yes, very much!”

“That’s good then. It is a short stay, but you will be free from the chores and be able to relax here.”

“Thank you, Prince!”

I was worried that if I came here, I would have to worry about entertaining him or something. Fortunately, The Prince set me free. The Prince also had a brighter disposition than usual. I wondered what the reason might be, and a sudden thought flashed in my brain.

Maybe he came with me because he had a mistress over here. Besides, there was nothing wrong with that. Looking at history, it was a common pattern for royals to have more than one lover. He probably brought me here to introduce me to his mistress so that the story won’t get confused in case of an emergency and I won’t get in the way of The Prince and his mistress.

“Sir Danforth, I’d like to take a walk around when I’m calm. I wonder if you would go with me.” I spoke with a slightly louder voice than usual so that The Prince could hear it.

I will leave my seat so you can spend time with your mistress, my Prince.

“Of course, Her Royal Highness.”

“Phew, it’s a nice view!”

Sir Danforth accompanied me quietly and walked lightly across the mountain to reach the hilltop. Although, being around the forest was calming, I still felt tired because of the recent tea party rush.

“Sir Danforth, I saw a lot of mushrooms along the way.”

“In that case, let’s hunt mushrooms tomorrow. Let’s make sure to reserve the kitchen tomorrow.”

It was expected of Sir Danforth. He understood my wishes to the letter. This elite knight was a good dating material.

“Fufu, what do I do with the mushrooms I pick tomorrow? Let’s marinade them or maybe use them to make with Shrimp.”

“Your Highness, check this out. It’s a beautiful view.”

From the hill, we could see the surrounding mountains, the clear lake, the Summer Villa, and the town at the foot of the mountain where we stayed. It was a scene that made you want to cut out the scenery and turn it into a beautiful painting.

“It’s a beautiful place.”

I liked this place so much that I always wanted to stay here. If I got divorced, I would like this place to be the consolation fee. Sir Danforth murmured wondering how he would get back in favorable conditions with The Prince.

“I think His Highness wanted to show Her Highness this beautiful view.”

“Well, I don’t think so. I think he just came to see his mistress.”

With a vague smile, Sir Danforth laughed nervously.