Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [12]

Chapter Twelve: The Princess Receives Instant Princess Education

The next day, my impromptu princess training began. Compared to a real princess education, this was child’s play. You had to bend from the waist and not just your head when bowing. I was originally a modest but aristocratic daughter, so the minimum level of manners was already ingrained in me.

“Yes, just bend your hips; you are doing great, Princess.” The Countess who served as my teacher complimented me, and I was relieved. As it was a class of manners, the usual rough appearance wasn’t allowed. The maids dressed me up so thoroughly in the “princess style.” I felt very heavy. At the very least, I’d try my best to behave like a princess, but was this alright?

“Not only the beauty of the appearance of a lady is required, but the beauty of her actions is also required.”

According to her words, I needed to try walking with books on my head. My mother was also a strict person in manners. That’s why I was disciplined, and if I failed, I was mercilessly beaten. “Standing peony, sitting peony, walking lily flower” was the ideal figure. I still didn’t know how to walk like a lily flower, but when I was little, I tried my best not to anger my mother.

“Wonderful! The movement of Her Highness is as beautiful as a butterfly dancing lithely. As expected, Her Royal Highness is the one who has begun to see her destiny.” The Countess said. She smiled, while I bowed, enduring as if my face were about to be pulled off.

“I am honored to receive your compliment, Countess, but it wasn’t me The Prince was looking for.”

Every time I was told that The Prince had searched for me, I sunk deeper into sadness and felt really sorry for him. When I was thinking about it, The Prince came over. He had some free time for himself, so he decided to visit the detached Palace to check up on the progress of my princess education.

“How are you doing, Nidorina?”

It was Adelina, my Prince. Adelina. However, I decided to forget it. It was such an unnecessary thing to get into. I smiled and let The Prince’s misunderstanding pass. Of course, those standing by didn’t point out The Prince’s misunderstanding either.

The Countess began to speak. As expected of a teacher of manners, the skills of changing the atmosphere in a room were topnotch.

“His Highness, The Princess, is so talented that I don’t think to take turns anymore. What is left is to confirm the dance. I would like someone, a male actually, to confirm the skill of Her Royal Highness.”

Dance was one the essential skills of aristocrats, and unfortunately, I wasn’t skilled at it. I looked around the room as if to ask for help and met the eyes of my exclusive knight, Sir Danforth, who was waiting for me. By the way, I heard he was from the upper class, so he should be very good at dancing. He is a nobleman who handled everything smoothly. Maybe, he would cover my blunders well.

“Sir Danforth, would you be willing to be my dance partner?”

When I called for him, he smiled as usual. I thought he agreed with me, but for some reason, he looked behind me and shook his head, denying my request as if he wanted to explain to someone.

What happened the next moment shocked me.


The name, although wrong, was called with a lower voice than usual. I practically jumped out of my skin. When I looked back, His Highness looked at me with a gentle smile. Or not. He was smiling, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all.

“Am I not your husband? Am I not allowed to take your hand?”

Although it was whispered at a close distance, I felt the blood of my whole body freeze.