Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [11]

Chapter Eleven: The Princess is Afraid to be Present in the Seminar

POV: Princess Adelina

After that carrot cake incident, The Prince visited the detached Palace where I lived from time to time. He seemed to be very busy; maybe he was jealous of my NEET life. Out of compassion, I served The Prince a homemade, rustic smelling pastry anytime he came. Surprisingly, he always seemed to enjoy these flavors.

He usually ate the finest of foods, so this was a unique flavor for him. Whenever I saw him happily eating my handmade sweets, I remembered my sister Ella. That child had always been poor with vegetables, so it was a lot of trouble to feed her. When I discovered it could be eaten when mixed well with sweets, I made many vegetable sweet dishes with some ingenuity. If he knew what I was thinking, he might get upset with me on account of being disrespectful.

Sir Danforth, the exclusive knight whom The Prince chose for me was very easy to communicate with. It seemed like he was initially a Prince guard as he was super-elite and had a very high status, handsome appearance, and real ability. He was a gentleman with a friendly personality, as he was an idol of most women working around the palace. Although he was appointed as my exclusive guard, I didn’t leave the palace ever in the first place, so no dangerous eyes had set their gaze on me yet. So he was free most of the time.

After days of being bored, Sir Danforth offered to help me with my farming activities and making sweets. He had no formal work, so there was a lot of spare time, and he reasoned helping me out with my activities might also be a manner of work for him. I was worried when The Prince suddenly visited the detached Palace and saw me knead the dough with Sir Danforth. Surprisingly, The Prince said nothing about having the elite knight engaged in making sweets. All my worries were for naught. Did that mean that it was okay if my exclusive knight helped out with mundane tasks so long he stayed by my side? As the chances of meeting The Prince increased, my awareness of him gradually renewed. When I first met him, I thought he was a selfish, obnoxious, and rude tyrant because of the threat under which I was first brought to the detached Palace. However, it appeared not to be so as he was a relatively calm and gentle person. He accepted my quiet life, and he wasn’t overly strict. Now that I was about to meet him, I didn’t feel so nervous that my stomach was about to twist. I only thought it would be helpful to contact me in advance whenever he came to the detached palace to visit. When he came to visit, he saw me covered in flour from the dough I was kneading. The Prince might say it didn’t make much difference to him whether I was dressed up nicely or in a sloppy, flour-covered appearance, but it would mean so much to me to welcome him at least a bit decently. I had told The Prince many times, but I did not see any improvement. Well, it was okay because The Prince wasn’t going to complain in any way.

“Next month, we will be welcoming a delegate from the South to our own country. You should attend the party too.”

I inadvertently listened to ThePrince’s words as he hurriedly brought me out of my monologue. He had come as usual for a short visit. The Prince, by the way, drank my homemade chamomile tea as if he had said nothing.

“I am sorry, but I guess I misheard you. Care to repeat the last part?”

“You should attend the party, too.”

“Am I also a-attending?”

“That’s what I said. Didn’t you hear me the first two times?”

I heard The Prince but it was strange. I was married to The Prince to ensure that his reputation didn’t fall because my sister rejected him and eloped with a wizard instead. I was so sure my role would be completed after the wedding. How was I supposed to play such a crucial role as The Prince’s wife?

Welcome party for the delegates of the southern country? I didn’t think it was okay to put me in such an important place. On the wedding night, I told The Prince he was free to do as he pleased, whether he took a mistress or someone on the side. I was sure he was about to replace me with a competent mistress, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

“Would I be capable of fulfilling such an important role?”

“Are you worried? Then I would arrange for a teacher to come here tomorrow.”

I didn’t want to be educated; I just wanted someone else to be taken instead of me. I couldn’t tell him I was unwilling. I was a little more than decoration as it were; I would try my best for The Prince and hope I didn’t fail.