Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

73.1 Where did Nymia go?

Mistral seems to be acquainted with Gild-san. I guess that’s to be expected, too. Mistral is the Dragon Princess and Gild-san was originally a Dragon King after all. Apparently, she had been going to Gild-san’s place in secret on a regular basis to listen in on my progress. She probably also saw some of my matches every now and then. I didn’t notice her presence at all and neither did Gild-san mention a word about coming into contact with her.

“Sorry for worrying you.”
I apologize, but Mistral’s refusing to look at me doesn’t worry me at all. A wry smile comes to my face at my strange stubbornness.

“Well then, display the power of thine who hast succeeded the Dragon King.”

Although I still haven’t come to terms at having succeeded a Dragon King, I am confident in my current level of strength. I call the spirit girl of the spirit tree who is having fun dancing with Priscilla-chan and combine with her.

Old Sleigstar, Mistral, and Priscilla-chan all go wide eyed from of shock. From inside of me pulsates the explosive wild power of the Dragon’s Gem and gentle force of the spirit. When I wield both of these powers at the same time, I am enveloped within a thick layer of dragon spirit. My eyes even turn golden.

Nntto, amazing.”
Priscilla-chan spreads both of her arms in admiration.

“I can’t even recognize you.”
Mistral gazes at me with a radiant smile. She then grabs the konbou[1] at her waist.

I hold my wooden spirit tree sword in my left hand. My right hand remains lonely as usual. It can’t be helped, but I pick up a suitable stick from the ancient forest. Still, for the current me, this branch is a suitable weapon. By tapping into the power of the spirit tree, I can send dragon spirit into the branch and strengthen it into becoming harder than iron.

“Today, I’m finally going to defeat Mistral.”
I am briming with confidence.

There is no starting signal.
The moment Mistral slides her foot, I swing with all my strength.


The battle ends in no time at all.

To my disappointment, it is my complete defeat. Regardless of how many times we clash, I always end up crawling on the moss carpet.

Uuugh, just why can’t I win.”

That said, I couldn’t get a second victory against the aged, former, Dragon King Gild-san either. I guess it makes sense that I can’t beat Mistral who holds an even higher title.

Once again, my shoulders are sagging from my low level of ability.

Mistral also gives me a bitter smile.

“Thou art not lacking in ability. The difference derives from experience and technique.”
Old Sleigstar comforts me.

Nntto, combining with the spirit is incredible!”
Priscilla-chan comes up to me while I’m on the ground and pats my head.

“Ernea’s spirit… made me get serious. That is how strong you were.”

Upon hearing Mistral’s words, I finally regain my spirits.

“Yeah, I can feel that I’ve gotten stronger, but my technique still has a long way to go. From now on, again, please allow me to be in your care.”
I correct my posture to sitting up on the moss carpet and bow to Mistral and Old Sleigstar.

“If you are fine with me, I’ll cooperate with you at any time.”
“The summit of the Dragon Sword Dance is still far away. Devote thine’s self.”

At the words of Mistral and Old Sleigstar, I bow once again.

Nntto, bring out spirit-san.”
Priscilla-chan, without care towards our atmosphere of renewing our determination, flails her hands against me.

Right, right, I want to play with the spirit-san.

The spirit girl, picking up on my intentions, slips out from inside my body. Grains of light gather and a blond haired little girl reveals herself.

“Yes, let’s play.”

Priscilla-chan and the spirit girl hold hands as they take off running across the moss covered plaza. I’m glad that she resembles Priscilla-chan. Those of us watching are soothed by the sight of the two close friends.

Arara, speaking of which, where’s Nymia? I haven’t seen her at all.

I look around, but Nymia, who is normally clamoring around together with Priscilla-chan, is nowhere to be seen.

Fumu, the dragon lass?”
Ah, right, Nymia.”

Mistral makes a wry smile at my searching around. She then points at some hair on Old Sleigstar’s forelimb. Within his jet black fur is a white patch that looks pink. I get closer and discover Nymia curled up into a ball.

“Nymia, what’s wrong?”
Is she not feeling well?

As I get a bit closer, she opens her eyes with a feeble, “Nya,” before closing them again.

Fufufu, she pushed herself too hard and got sick.”
“She pushed herself too hard?”
“The young lass is the same as thou. She too made a great endeavor.”

I did hear that Nymia was practicing to get stronger the entire time I was away. However, she worked so hard, she used up all her strength. Then, upon exhausting her dragon spirit, she grew listless.

“She’ll be fine if we leave her be for a bit. Don’t mind her.”

I stroke Nymia for a bit and then head off to catch Priscilla-chan.

Just what the heck is she doing playing with the spirit-san even though her best friend Nymia has worked herself to exhaustion? That is not what I am thinking. I have a question I want to ask her.

When I try to catch Priscilla-chan, she escapes.


Nntto, tag.”
“No, no, this is different.”

I deny it with a bitter laugh, but Priscilla-chan is already brimming with determination to stay away from me. The spirit girl too is having fun as she starts to run from place to place. Oh, come on.
Just as soon as I got back, Priscilla-chan begins to lead me around.
It can’t be helped, so I start to chase her.

T/N: In other words, Ernea is the type of guy who would be lead around by his children.

[1] The weapon she fights with. Previously, it was translated as stick, but it’ll be konbou going forward.

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73.2 Where did Nymia go?>