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49. A Mysterious Boy

Upon arriving at the guard station near the main gate, the usual gatekeeper was sitting in a chair.

Laying on the bed next to him was a black-haired boy.

“Oh, if it isn’t Nigel and Eliane.”

The moment he noticed us, the gatekeeper turned around.

“Pardon the intrusion…”

“It’s alright. Anyway, is that the collapsed boy?”

When Nigel looked at the boy lying on the bed, the gatekeeper slowly nodded.

“Yes. Have you heard the report?”

“I have. I heard he call himself a king, and that he’s looking for a healer?”

“Indeed. However, since he neither has a pass nor can he pay the admission fee, I couldn’t easily let him into the city. From the beginning, he seemed to be faltering, and then, amidst his explanation, he suddenly fainted. I thought leaving him be would have been heartless, hence I set him down.”

“I see, thank you. I believe that was an appropriate response.”

Hearing Nigel’s words, the gatekeeper’s cheeks became slightly flustered.

The slumbering boy was draped in a long, black, cloak. It seemed to be made of an uncommon material.

Hmm… his face was cute, but at the same time, it felt suspicious. He didn’t have any money for the admission fee.

This boy is just suspicious.

But… I was a little concerned.

Could it be, that boy…

“Ah, he’s awake.”

As we stared at the boy’s face, he mumbled, “Hmm…” while slowly opening his eyes.

“Welcome to Lynchgiham. How are you feeling?” Nigel asked the boy.

Although his tone was gentle, there was also a hint of vigilance.

That wasn’t surprising—after all, the boy was suspicious.

In a situation where we didn’t know what to do, Nigel’s reaction was plausible.

The boy showed a calm attitude.

“Lynchgiham… yes, I finally reached Lynchgiham… but who are you…?”

He let out a voice.

When the boy had awoken from his slumber, he was surrounded by strangers.

However, instead of panicking, the unfazed boy stared straight into Nigel’s eyes.

“I’m Nigel, the prince of this kingdom.”


The boy’s eyes widened.

He gripped the frame of the bed to get up.

“I beg of you…! Tell me, I heard that there’s a good healer in this kingdom—where on earth is that person!?”

But when the boy tried to stand, he almost fell over again.

Ara, it’s dangerous to wake up in a hurry like that.”

Immediately before the boy could fall onto the floor, I supported his body.

“I, I’m sorry—and you are…?”

“I’m Eliane. More importantly, you body is full of injuries—it must be painful.”

“No, I’m fine. It seems that my regeneration spell stopped working due to losing too much magic.”

…As I thought, that boy…

Anyway, first of all, I had to heal that boy—I would hear the full story later.

“I shall fix you up soon—Heal.”

I gave the boy a lap pillow and used healing magic.

I still didn’t know the boy’s aim.

But… there was a saying passed down in Lynchgiham—

—that we should help those who were in need.

That boy might not have been a citizen of Lynchgiham, but I still couldn’t ignore him whom was injured.

“This light is…? It feels comfortable…”

The boy was basked in the holy light.

By the way, let’s also restore his magical power.

Even so, that was the extent of my help. The boy’s clothes would remain in tatters while his appearance caked in dirt.

He probably needed a bath.

However… for some reason, the boy smelled like a flower.

“It’s finished—how do you feel?”

“My magical power…! I thought it’d take a while before my magical power would be completely replenished…?”

The boy seemed to be confused, and also beyond surprised.

“Such an excellent healer… no, could it be—!”


When the boy tried to speak, such a silly sound echoed in the room.

“Are you hungry?”

“P, perhaps… I’ve only been drinking water for the last three days, but the water here isn’t good. I couldn’t drink much…”

When I asked the boy, he answered shyly.

Because I had used healing magic, although the boy’s attire was in tatters, he looked refreshed—as if he had just taken a bath. His fatigue should have disappeared.

However, healing magic wasn’t all-purpose.

No matter how advanced it was, it wouldn’t be able to get rid of hunger.

Well, even if I didn’t eat, I could probably last for about a month… but the hunger wouldn’t subside.

“But that’s not important right, now. I have something pressing to do.”

“You can’t do anything on an empty stomach—are you familiar with that saying?”

It was a word often used in the kingdom.

I put my index finger on the boy’s mouth just as he was about to speak.

“First of all, food enriches your life. It’s said that you can only have a meaningful discussion only after you are sated—right, Nigel?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

When I gazed at Nigel, he nodded.

“That’s right. Now that you’ve come all the way here, I shall invite you.”

“To where?”

When the boy rounded his eyes, Nigel answered.

“To the royal castle.”

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