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45. The Unveiled Truth

“Oh, you’ve returned.”

We returned to the entrance of the forest and beckoned to the knights whom were there.

Of course, Douglas was also there.

As soon as he saw us, Douglas waved his hand.

The huge Behemoth layed near Douglas.

It seemed that he had managed to resolve the matter safely—I exhaled in relief.

“Yes. You didn’t waste any time in slaying that monster.”

“Right? Told you, if it’s a pig like this, it’s below my level. In fact, I had high hopes… only to end up disappointed.”

Douglas had a fearless smile.

“How is it going, Adolf?”

Nigel inquired with Adolf.

Douglas was at loss for words.

“I, I didn’t think this man was a dragon. While I was still shocked by his sudden transformation, he had killed the Behemoth in an instant. Nigel, for you to have a dragon on your side…”

“Huh? I didn’t tell you that?” Nigel smiled.

—Nigel’s bad habit appeared once again.

“After the battle, you made sure to revert back to human form, right?”

I didn’t think I wanted to see Douglas in his dragon form, because it’d be a big deal.

“Because everyone was scared, I had no choice but to turn back. Moreover, although I used to dislike it, being in a human form actually feels good.”

“That’s good.”

Other knights also seemed surprised at the fact that Douglas was a dragon.

However, it was also confusing.

Looking at their facial expressions, it seemed that reverence was stronger than fear.

It was probably because Douglas had repelled their enemy—the Behemoth.

If such was the case, Douglas would be accepted by everyone and could continue cohabitating in Lynchgiham.

“Well, more importantly…” I turned my gaze towards Alberto.

After breaking both his sword and the curse, we bound Alberto tightly with a rope and brought him there.

He had to explain the truth.

“Alberto, what on earth were you thinking? You don’t think you can just do this without suffering the consequences, right?”

Although Nigel’s tone was gentle, it was filled with anger.

However, Alberto wasn’t scared and instead spat on the ground.

“Now that this has happened, it’s all over. I’ll talk. I’ve been done in by that woman.”

“That woman?”

“Yes, Leticia. I went crazy after receiving a sword from a woman named Leticia in the Kingdom of Verclaim.”


I instinctively retreated.

Before the battle, Alberto’s sword was blood red—

—now, it looked like a mere rusted sword.

“Why is Leticia…”

“I see, is that so?”

While I was confused, Douglas nodded several times as if he had seen it coming.

“That woman, Leticia, is probably the one who cursed this guy.”

“What did you say?”

“When I went to your former kingdom, Leticia possessed the same aura as the curse. Leticia is a top-notch magician. Perhaps she cursed the sword to wreak havoc.”


Prince Claude’s current fiancée, the villain who lied and pretended to be the true saint.

I thought she had a nasty personality, but I truly didn’t realize she was a witch.

“Back when you were still in your previous kingdom, she probably used something to disguise her magic—it can’t be helped that you didn’t notice.”

Douglas comforted me who felt depressed.

“Hmm, the problem has grown into that of a conflict between kingdoms. It’ll be best to hear more from Alberto.”

Nigel sighed in exhaustion.

“Hehe, what a clever prince.”

Alberto showed a nasty smile.

The reason why Alberto even bothered to talk was probably as a mean of survival.

It wouldn’t be strange for him to be executed right away.

However, as long as he still had valuable information, he wouldn’t be killed. I thought he was a very calculative person.

Even if so.

“Hey, Alberto, don’t you dare look down on Lynchgiham.”

Adolf approached Alberto, grabbed him by his bangs, and forcefully made him lift his face.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to extract information from you. Not to mention, I have a personal grudge against you. Prepare yourself.”


Alberto clicked his tongue.

Oh, how scary.

I wondered what kind of terrifying treatment he’d be receiving from now on.

It seemed that Adolf will take care of him just fine.

“But… I don’t know everything yet, but I just can’t forgive that Leticia.”

“I agree with you.”

Anger emanated from the expressions of Nigel and Douglas.

The two seemed to have agreed with each other.

However, they didn’t have to bother with that.

“Nigel, Douglas, it’s okay. This time, we’ve completely repelled Leticia’s curse. Even if we leave Leticia alone, she should be condemned.”

“What do you mean?”

Nigel’s eyes widened.

“The curse just now was stronger than ever. When such a curse is removed, it’ll return to the caster.”

I put my finger on my mouth and continued.

“There’s also a saying that in order to curse a person, you should dig two graves—a curse will not only strike the person whom it is intended for, but also the caster.”


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