Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

2. The Beginning of the Lie


As my eyes slowly fluttered open, I closed them in a hurry due to the painful brightness. After blinking several times, my eyes gradually adjusted to the light.

Eventually, I was able to make out a familiar ceiling—I immediately understood I was in my bedroom.

I felt like I had slept for a very long time.

When I moved my eyes, my gaze found my maid—Selma—who stood tearfully by the side of the bed. In a quivering voice, she said. “I will fetch the master and his wife…” She then rushed out of the room.

Soon enough, my parents entered the room with her.

“Viola—!? You’ve awoken—!!”

“Ah, what a relief! You’ve slept for a week.”

Both of them were holding my hand as they wept. As I pondered what was happening, in my blurry mind, my memory gradually revived.

Ah, that’s right.

On my way home from the Laurenson residence, as I was trying to come up with a way to break off my engagement, the carriage flipped.

Had I perished right there and then, my engagement, in a sense, would have successfully been annulled—inwardly, I laughed bitterly.

My body felt heavy, although there was no pain.

Even so, I was surprised by the fact that I had been sleeping for a week. I felt famished. Anyway, when I was about to tell my parents I was alright—

“—Viola, are you alright? Do you remember who I am?”

My mother, whom was worried because I hadn’t spoken of a single word, inquired. At the same time, I came up with a good idea.

—If I were to pretend to be amnesiac, would I be able to cancel my engagement with Philip?

‘I can’t recall anything, as such, I don’t know anything, teehee~!’ —

if I pretended to be an imbecile, surely, I would be deemed unfit to be a duchess. I would be able to gracefully leave behind my engagement without offending anyone.

I felt sorry for my concerned family, but I swore to tell them the truth later and apologize.

However, my marriage with Philip was a lifelong issue—now is my only chance!

There was even that saying—

‘—To deceive your enemy, you must first deceive your allies.’

I decided to carry out the operation alone, without telling a single soul.

After a breath, I summoned the actress in me and opened my mouth.


“Milady, the lord and the lady are summoning you to the hall.”

“I understand, thank you.”

Three days had passed since I awoke. Thanks to my desperate acting, everyone somehow believed I was amnesiac.

By the way, my carriage had apparently been partially destroyed after a part of the cliff had collapsed. For me to have only suffered some minor scars—it could be called a miracle. The coachman also broke his limbs, but nothing seemed to be life-threatening, which was a relief.

When I told the doctor that I had no memory, I was diagnosed with no visible trauma. As such, it was concluded that the shaking might had damaged my brain.

…The actual truth, though, was that I hadn’t sustained ny trauma.

My parents were terribly upset when they heard that in some cases, the patients’ memories might never return for the rest of their lives. It pained my heart, but I could no longer go back. I was worried the doctor might see through me, but to my relief, no such thing happened.

“…I have to be firm.”

I slapped both cheeks lightly to motivate myself.

It was surprisingly difficult to pretend to have no memory. I had to appear as if I didn’t know what I was doing for the love of me. I also need to stay on guard all day long.

When I went to the hall, my father was already sitting on the sofa, smiling softly as he beckoned to me. Father had always been sweet to me—really sweet. Since the accident, that sweetness of his only increased.

As soon as I sat on the opposite of father, the maid prepared my favorite tea and sweets.

After a few moments of silence, father said with a serious expression. “Actually…”

I wondered what my father was going to say now that I was there.

“I want Viola to meet Lord Philip.”

“…Lord Philip?”

“That’s right, ever since Viola was born, the two of you have been engaged. Ever since the accident, he has been truly worried about you. He came to deliver flowers every day.”


A surprised voice leaked out, and I hurriedly covered my mouth with my hand.

Thankfully, my father thought I was caught off guard by the fact that I had a fiancé—that was dangerous…

…Since I woke up, I noticed that wonderful flowers were being placed in my room on a daily basis—apparently, Philip delivered them himself. That was truly unexpected of him.

“He asked me to let him meet you once you felt better. Hence why, I think the two of you should meet and talk about your current predicament.”

“Is that so? This Lord Philip sounds like a very amiable person… I’d love to meet him.”

“Well, then, let’s get ready soon.”

Father happily said so as he gave some instructions to the butler. While sipping tea, in my heart, my determination was renewed.

The very next day, it was time for me to meet with Philip and express my gratitude for his daily visitations.

After the maid announced his arrival, I stood in front of a full-length mirror and did a final check. To further emphasize my amnesia, I tried wearing a dress different from my initial preference. I liked to think that my image had changed a lot after I let down my hair, which I usually tied up.

Eventually, I reached the drawing room, where my fiancé—with his face as terrifying beautiful as always—was waiting.

As soon as he saw me, his usual expressionless face broke—he looked relieved, and at the same time, about to cry. …It was truly indescribable. I was shocked by the situation, but I managed to endure it.

By the way, I had my father tell Philip that I had an amnesia.

“Umm, greetings…?”

I acted hesitant and a little bashful. Then, to show him that I had amnesia, I smiled at Philip.

Then, astonishingly, he widened his eyes.

“…I truly can’t remember anything.”

When he heard that, he was so shocked, he was murmuring in disbelief—

—that was when I became convinced I could succeed.

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