I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

6. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“I’m very sorry for not being there, Rururia-jyou.” The Ice-Cold Knight (LOL), Lionel Arestant, apologizes.

Next to him is me, Rururia, a sixteen year old maiden who is currently troubled by His Majesty, the king’s complaints, which I have been listening to time and again.

“His Highness isn’t one who normally goes out of his way to do something like that, but there’s no telling what he’ll do if Irene-sama is involved.”

If you knew that then why did you let me walk alone, Mr. Knight Captain. Is what I’d like to say with some cold-hearted sarcasm.

“Though, I thought it was the same for Your Excellency, the Knight Commander.”

“??? What was the same??” It’s not particularly cute if a big guy like you tilts his head like that. Even though he’s expressionless, it’s strangely annoying that he’s a bit maiden-like.

“I meant, I thought you were another follower of Irene-sama.”

When I said this, the knight commander frowned as if disgusted. Apparently, it was his job to stop her followers from creating chaos. He was doing this with all his might apparently. Ah, do your best…

Is something like that okay to delegate to the commander of the knights, though?

“Why would you think that?”

“Ah, at the graduation party, I was terrified by Your Excellency’s murderous glare. That was why.”

This makes the knight commander suddenly come to a stop. Eh? What, what?

Wait, let’s take a look at his face…Wow! Somehow I’m feeling really happy right now!!

“Well, I was aware that you noticed me…but it seems that I erred in my haste. I’d hoped that you had understood.”

“So, what were you trying to communicate?” I’m not entirely convinced by this turn of events, so explain!!

“At the graduation party, I was just trying to signal to Rururia-jyou that you shouldn’t perjure yourself.”

You just looked straight up murderous!! Please take a proper look at me. I’m just a sweet lady, no matter how you slice it.

“What would you have done if I couldn’t withstand your murderous gaze?”

If the witness had collapsed at a time like that then the wrong person might have been punished. The knight commander should have absolutely told me in a more relaxed manner!!

“That’s why I said before, I thought you’d understood as I’d hoped.”


The knight commander closes the distance between us after turning around. Of course, even though he was close, he was maintaining the appropriate space as a gentleman, but his towering height gave off the illusion that there was no escape.

“I thought Rururia-jyou would be able to handle it. In fact, you didn’t even scream.” He looks at me meaningfully. “Even among my subordinates, there are few that are able to withstand such pressure.”

Geh! You hit me with something like that?!

“Yet you endured it even though you’ve had no formal training.”

The glint in his pale blue eyes was gradually becoming more and more suspicious to me. Then, the knight commander gently grasped my hands. I was tense and an unpleasant premonition was washing over me.

“Rururia-sama, it’s not too late! Why don’t you aim for becoming a knight?!”

…That’s it, I’ve already exceeded my daily tolerance! Let. Me. Go. Home.

As we were returning through the royal family’s secret passage, the Ice-Cold Knight (LOL) had asked me to become a knight.

Um…you do know that I’m an Earl’s daughter, right??

“In actual battle, courage is more important than skill. I believe Rururia-jyou has courage that is rarely seen. So please, won’t you become a knight!?”

“I refuse.” I said flatly. I heard something that sounded like a compliment but I won’t acknowledge it.

I want to go home. Big brother, please help me!!

…Even my hallucination of him won’t appear, damnit.

I was frustrated by the persistence of the knight commander, and said “You know, most noble ladies don’t become knights, right? I’ve never wanted to become one myself.”

“Ah, I’m sorry…it’s just, if you had a swordsman’s arm…”

Oi! Why are you being this stubborn?? It’s making me a little bit interested, you know?

The knight commander sighed in melancholy. What’s happened?? “…You would have become my ideal woman.”

Phew! I was going down a dangerous road!! I’ve never been so glad that I was weak before!!

“What is Your Excellency, the knight commander’s ideal woman?” This is curiosity, okay? I’m just asking because I’m curious.

The knight commander’s cheeks turned a little red and he looked away embarrassedly. “A woman who has the courage to fight anyone and who can fight me.”

That’s hopeless!! In the first place, does the knight commander even understand how strong he is?! You want someone to train with you, who returned after subduing a stray dragon by yourself?! A woman who can fight dragons…doesn’t exist in this kingdom.

Oh no, wait, there is one.

“Then, how about Irene-sama? Her magic is first-class. She could probably even fight a dragon?”

“Well, I’m sure she could, but I don’t really like her ability.”

Oh, so for you, likability equals how someone fights. Is your brain all muscle too you muscle loving bastard? So that’s why he wasn’t married or even engaged at twenty-four years of age.

“And, after all…”


When I’d thought that I heard a sound like something ripping through the air, I found that the knight commander was holding a knife to my neck. What’s going on here?

I couldn’t react. If I moved even a little then my neck would have easily been sliced off.

In addition, is the man in front of me the knight commander who was just speaking to me a while ago? Murderous intent poured out of his body towards me mercilessly.

…I’m scared, I’m definitely scared…but I’m also kind of annoyed.

I don’t know why he’s suddenly aiming his murderous intent at me. I don’t have any intention or dying here at all!! Only my mental fortitude suppresses my body from trying to escape with all it’s might. My throat was cramped by fear and I couldn’t physically do anything except let out a pitiful voice, so I began steeling my nerves.

With all my might, I glared at the knight commander.

“Yes, it has to be like this.” He muttered with a fascinated look on his face. “I’ve been searching for a woman just like you.” His murderous intent was erased so seamlessly, it was it had never been there in the first place. “Those glaring eyes are great. Beautiful.”

The knight commander gently put his fingers underneath my eyes, as if he was touching something precious that he loved.


I’ve snapped. I’ve really snapped.


“W-what? Rururia-sama?!”

I thought I’d be unable to do anything with my weak hands so I put all my strength into my foot and kicked this muscle brained idiot’s (knight commander) shin. “How many times do you intend on hitting me with that murderous intent?!!”

I tried to kick him again but he evaded. No, just let yourself get kicked. Read the damn mood.

“I-I’m very sorry! It’s just, I just thought it’d be fine if it was Rururia-sama…” At my glare, the knight commander promptly shut his mouth.

Where are you going to find a woman that remains totally calm in the face of murderous intent?! There isn’t anyone like that, is there?! I may look fine, but I was scared! Don’t you get it?!

“Please never do that again. I refuse to train with you, so please understand that I will never become your ideal woman!!”

The wife of this muscle-for-brains would only have a hard time! I can’t do it!

Muu…that’s disappointing…”

Don’t pout Mr. Ice-Cold Knight (LOL). There are many wishes in this world that don’t get granted.

“Oh, I know! If the assistant knight commander position is no good, then why not start off as an apprentice?”

I’m not going to start off as anything!! Can someone please teach this muscle-brained idiot what ‘giving up’ means?!

I burned the ‘Recommendation for Knighthood’ that was sent to our house at a later date. I really don’t feel bad at all!!

Of course, in front of such an incomprehensible gift, father, mother and big brother all fainted.

This is all because I’d become His Majesty’s exclusive venting partner!!

…Don’t you think?