Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [4]

Chapter Four: The Princess Consort Builds a Ranch

My life as The Princess Consort began the next day.

Just a short distance from the royal palace—where His Majesty, the King resides—is my considerably smaller royal villa. This is the new home I was given. It’s relatively secluded as it is a bit separated from the main building.

Though I’m now officially The Princess Consort, there’s nothing for me to do. My schedule is completely empty. The Prince probably thinks that it’s useless for me to receive a proper Princess’ education because he’ll be throwing me out soon. What a wise decision! I’m so grateful that tears might stream down my face at any moment.

“Princess, what would you like to do today?” Asked one of my newly appointed maids. They must have seen how restless I was.

Hm…even if they ask me that, it’s not like there really is anything I’d like to do…

“Let’s see. Then, could I ask you to guide me around the villa?” If I’m not going to receive a royal’s education, I wouldn’t be attending tea parties either. The current me is a mighty, fine royal NEET.

Even if we get divorced in the future, it’s not a procedure that could be completed in a week or two. Until that happens, I want to live a truly fulfilling life as a royal NEET. To do that, I need to know where everything is and just how I can most efficiently waste my time. As the nervous maid gave me a tour of the royal villa, I looked around, searching for spots that I could use effectively.

“I’d…like to go fishing this afternoon.” I told the maid as we were taking a break from the tour.

“Pardon?” She blinked continuously in surprise. I mean…I just saw a huge lake that I’m sure is filled with fish. The outside of the royal villa is a beautifully maintained garden and beyond that is forestry and grasslands with a river running through them.

C-could this be…the peaceful life that I’d been dreaming of?!

I’d always wanted to purchase a plot of land in the countryside and live in ease. That goal of mine might have just happened unexpectedly soon. Both the land and I are being neglected anyway, so I shouldn’t be punished for putting it to use, right?

That is how, I, a royal NEET with nothing but spare time, lived my leisurely life. I fished when it was warm, grew vegetables in the garden, and built a ranch in the large, vacant lot.

“Princess, the sheep that you’ve requested, have arrived.”

“Fantastic! I shall go and see them now.” With the arrival of horses, cows, and—now—sheep, my ranch is finally starting to look like a bonafide professional one. As I headed towards this newly established area, I saw the merchant who had brought the sheep was bowing apologetically.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, Princess…! It seems that a deformed sheep was mixed in with the rest…”

I scanned the herd of bleating sheep trotting along and eating grass, before noticing one with an abnormally long neck. As I approached the—so-called—deformed creature, its round black eyes stared back at me.

Aww, how cute. It’s true that this animal was different from the other sheep, but…hang on. Could this possibly be—

“Isn’t this an alpaca?”


“Yes. I’ve read that in the southern countries, people shear their coats just like sheep. These animals are also great for carrying cargo.” I’m not sure how it had happened, but this alpaca had made its way to a merchant who mistook it as a deformed sheep. As I stared at the animal, I realized how anxious it was.

Aww, poor baby. It’s okay, you’re alright now.

“I’ll take this little one as well.”

“A-are you sure?!” He sang my praises for a while before skipping back home. He must have been relieved to have sold a product that he was unsure about. With how rare alpacas are in this region, he could have surely sold it at a much higher price…but I’ll keep quiet about that part.

“Hehehe…everyone, please be kind to this child.” I called out to the sheep as I gently stroked the alpaca’s fluffy fleece. It was just as soft as I’d imagined. Hehehe, I’ll brush him later…

“Princess, you’re so knowledgeable…this was the first time that I’d ever even heard of an alpaca.”

“I just read it in a book somewhere before. If I remember correctly, it was mentioned alpacas are mild-tempered, so we shouldn’t have any problems raising it.”

“M-may I…also stroke the alpaca…?” Even the maids couldn’t resist the fluffiness of an alpaca, so I smiled and gave them permission. They quickly started petting the alpaca. Hehehe, I know the feeling all too well…!

That said, my ranch sure has become lively. Well…this was the lifestyle of my dreams, after all. I’d worried about what would happen to me when I married The Prince, but now I can honestly say I was glad. To be able to live my ideal life like this…thank you, my dear Ella! I am actually quite worried about you, though, so please send me a letter every once in a while.

Though, this lazy life of mine will expire the day I get divorced. I wonder if I can get some kind of settlement? If possible, I’d like to have a plot of land in the countryside. I’d spend the rest of my life comfortably living in the great outdoors. It’s important to have grand ambitions, isn’t it? To achieve my dream, I must indulge The Prince to ensure that the separation negotiations proceed as favorably as possible for me.