The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

99.1 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (47)

“Your Majesty, no—!!!”

With all her strength, Jill embraced Hadith’s waist. But, as if she was never there in the first place, Hadith kept barking.

“What have I done to all of you—!? What have I done—!? You tossed me away, only to bring me back when you need a scapegoat—!!”

“Your Majesty, look at me—!”

“None of you should have been born—!”

She was about to be blown away by the wind pressure generated by his crackling magical power. She didn’t have enough magic to stop him. However, she pressed on.

I have to stay firm! What happened with his Goddess’ seal!? It broke just like that?!

Was her love inferior to that Goddess’ love?

Gritting her teeth, she embraced that despairing body of his. Her own body was burning hot, but she didn’t avert her gaze, and kept staring straight at him.

His face was distorted, showing mixture of both joy and despair—

—it was the same face as when he ordered the slaughter six years from now.

“I’ll kill everyone! I’ll make you experience the same feelings as I did! All of you will regret of ever being born—”

“—Your Majesty, I will give birth to ten of your children!!!”

All the magical power running amok around Hadith suddenly vanished.

The atmosphere, which had been dyed with fear, calmed down.


“…Huh? Just now, what…”

Hadith was the first to react.

Jill exclaimed while tightening her embrace.

“Leave it to me! I came from quite a fertile family! I have seven siblings, while my older sister has already given birth to three children!”

“…Jill, what are you talking about…”

“Afterwards, let’s marry our daughter to His Highness Listeard! Then he’ll be our son-in-law!”

“—Huh!? Wait a minute, at that time, how old am I going to be, or your daughter—!?”

Perhaps due to too much shock, Listeard retorted in a stupid voice. Regardless, Jill continued, and pointed to Elynsia.

“Or, if it’s a he, we’ll marry him to Her Highness Elynsia, she’d be our daughter-in-law, then!”

“I, I’m part of the plan, too!? How many years later will that be!?”

Finally, everyone will become a family!”

Hadith blinked his golden eyes, which had been left wide open. Jill boasted.

“How was that?! Perfect, isn’t it!? Your Majesty, it’s our happy family plan!”

—…So please, don’t give up.

She hoped to bury her face in the body of Hadith who had dispelled his magic.

“…Your Majesty, did you forget that I’m also not related by blood to you? But we can still become a family.”

The legitimacy of a lineage was the number one cause for a kingdom’s disarray. Even Jill knew that matter couldn’t be taken lightly. It was better to fight until the bitter end until one of the opposing sides disappear to preserve the legitimacy.

However, both Elynsia and Listeard were good siblings.

Then, as Hadith’s older sister and older brother, wouldn’t it be fine to consider them as members of the Rave royal family?

There is a way, Your Majesty should know that, right?

Judging from Georg’s words, Hadith was only half-related to Vissel.

Hadith was in despair and anger because he no longer had blood connection as an excuse—he felt truly alone. However, if he thought about it calmly, he should be able to understand.

“Dragon Emperor, two red dragons are seeking forgiveness.”

A black dragon carrying Camila, Zeke, and Lawrence landed behind Hadith—they probably heard everything.

“Let me testify. The princess there tried to protect the Dragon Princess, while the prince over there joined the formation to help the Dragon Emperor. If both of their intentions were ingenuine, the red dragons wouldn’t have cooperated with them.”


“In the first place, there are many people in the royal family with the blood of the three dukes who diverged from the ancient Rave royal family. I think that the princess and the prince have enough qualities to be considered the Rave royal family.”

“…Rave, what do you think?”

When Hadith asked such, not only Elynsia and Listeard, even the black dragon grew nervous. But, if it was Rave, surely, he’d stop Hadith from taking to the wrong path.

“It’s fine? …Really?”

Rave probably answered as expected.

With a sigh, Hadith crouched in front of Jill.

No, he knelt down.

“…Ten children?”

“Fifteen is fine, too. I’ll do my best, the same goes with you, Your Majesty.”

“—if there are that many, it would be better for them to have an uncle or an aunt to play with.”

When Jill beamed, she was hugged.

“To try to stop me when you are still unable to use magic, that’s just unreasonable…”

“It’s because Your Majesty is being immature and throwing tantrums…”

“That’s right… but still, you’re truly awesome. I thought it’d still take about two months.”

Hadith shook his empty right hand—as a matter of course, a heavenly sword appeared.

“Yo, Little Miss, long time no see!”


“The Goddess’ magic seal has loosened—Uncle, no, Georg, the traitor.”

Hadith declared as he pointed his gleaming sword at Georg whom was still dazed.

“You fooled my brother and sister, to call yourself the Dragon Emperor itself is already a sin. If you surrender, I will execute you as a member of Rave royal family. Rather than prolonging this pretension, you will die nobly.”

“W… what do you mean?”

“By merely calling yourself the Dragon Emperor, you’ve sullied the heavenly sword. You have incited the wrath of the Dragon God. Not only will your entire body rot, you will also have a painful death in the not so distant future.”

Georg shook his head—his complexion changed from blue to red.

“No way, but that’s then. For now, I just need to seal your magical power again!”


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