The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

98. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (46)

The royal family of Kratos was the descendant of the Goddess Kratos, while the royal family of Rave was the descendant of the Dragon God Rave—no one on that continent doubted it.

As expected—Jill had to repeatedly adjust her breathing.

She finally understood why Hadith had been driven to the frontier, was said to be cursed, and wasn’t accepted by the Rave royal family.

Is this the root of that murky dispute?

Admitting that Hadith was the true Dragon Emperor would cost the legitimacy and significance of the current Rave royal family.

“…Since when, from when…?”

“At worst, it may have been 300 years before the heavenly sword vanished without a trace.”

Georg replied nonchalantly—perhaps, he had long accepted that fact.

While absorbing the fact, Listeard faced the ground and clenched his fist.

More than anyone else, Listeard was proud to be of the Rave royal family. The impact must had been immeasurable.

“Well then, for hundreds of years… we’ve deceived the people.”

“Silence, Listeard! We are the Rave royal family, there’s no questioning that!”

“But then…!”

“Then, are you willing to lose your head for the sake of the people?”

Listeard swallowed. If he dared call himself a member of the royal family, of course that’d be the case. It was the way of the world which had nothing to do with their own thoughts.

Because it was the true lineage, people obeyed. Only the possibility that it wasn’t would cause a conflict.

Now that the true lineage turned out to be Hadith, said conflict would be inevitable.

“You understand where I’m coming from, right, Listeard? Now that you do, hand that little girl to me.”

Listeard’s shoulders wavered. Jill clenched her fists.

Georg shouted, as if to rush him.

“Listeard! Do you want your brother to have died in vain!? Your brother died as a fine crown prince, right?!”

Listeard’s fingers gouged the earth. Jill looked at his fist which was clawing the soil, as if praying.

What could she do?

In the end, Hadith would have no choice but to kill those who call themselves the Rave royal family.

“—My older brother was… a fine crown prince. When the others all but scattered and abandoned their rights to succession, he was the only one whom was prepared to die and became the crown prince.”

“Yes, and to let his death be in vain—”

“—if it’s older brother, then he wouldn’t lie! That’s why he is a member of the royal family, regardless of anything!”

Listeard shouted with a distorted face, full of blood. As if under pressure, Elynsia withdrew.

“The truth should be made public—! We should clear the name of the true Dragon Emperor—! If we make a mistake, then it’s only natural to correct it—!”

“You’re prepared to send your little sister to the execution table, then?”

Listeard couldn’t muster a single reply and slammed his fist against the ground. He looked about to cry.

Elynsia hugged herself.

“Listeard, Hadith doesn’t know about this, yet. The grand battle is still avoidable. We can still spare Hadith’s life.”

Jill also understood the reason for Elynsia’s betrayal. She had also been told that story by Georg. Thus, Elynsia was forced to change her way of protecting her siblings.

But, even then, it still doesn’t mean much…

Listeard was trembling and crouching on the ground and Elynsia was embracing herself while Hadith was chosen to be the scapegoat—

—no one had been saved.

“If this child were to die, everything would be resolved. If you guys can’t move, then I’ll have no choice but to do it myself.”

Georg turned his sights onto Jill. Jill lifted her face and prepared herself for his fake heavenly sword which had begun gathering magical power.

“We’ll have to kill the girl pretending to be the Dragon Princess for the time being.”

“Wait, if that’s the reason for this conflict, shouldn’t you have a talk with His Majesty!?”

“Discussion? What kind of discussion would I be having with the taint of the royal family? He is evil! This is the conclusion. He is an unforgivable existence, one whom will lead the Rave Empire into disarray. He shouldn’t have been born in the first place—!”

“You needn’t say that—!”

“Without his existence, no one will be unhappy!”

However, as if threatened, Georg, whom was wielding the fake heavenly sword, suddenly stopped moving.

Jill turned around, feeling that the cause was right behind her.

“Y, Your Majesty…”

“…Such an interesting story. Rave was quite shocked by the truth.”

It seemed that the black dragon had succeeded in breaking the cage. Hadith approached step by step with a refreshing laugh.

“Now, I understand… I understand it well, everything…”

“Your Majesty—…”

“Certainly, there’s no room for discussion. My right to take your lives is indisputable.”

Listeard and Elynsia paled. Georg pursed his lips.

“Even if I’m like this, I planned on having a happy family. Even though I had been told that I’m cursed, I believed that surely, we’ll understand each other someday.”

“Hadith, I—”

“—Silence, vile traitor!”

Facing his sharp gaze, Elynsia froze. Hadith then began to ridicule.

“It seems that everyone present is a wicked bandit!”

“The one who pretends to be the Dragon Emperor, I will execute him here and now!”

The sword held by Georg released a powerful magical blast. But right when it was about to reach Hadith, it exploded. Georg retreated.

“Why… shouldn’t your magical power… be sealed?”

“Oh, about that, I think the Goddess is enjoying this situation and wants to watch the comedy unfold.”

In a hurry, Jill looked back, however, she only saw the walls and the spire of the imperial castle. She heard that Princess Faelis had already entered the imperial capital from another road.

That Goddess… manipulated the effect of the magic seal? No way, could it be, through that sword?

Georg groaned.

“After cursing us, you can still laugh, such a monster…!”

“If I’m a monster, what are you guys, then?”

His golden eyes were roaring, distorted by anger and murderous intent. He was looking at a place that wasn’t anywhere—Jill was sure he couldn’t see her, either.

“Execution? Don’t make me laugh. I’m not the one who will be executed—all of you have decided upon that fate yourselves!”

A tremendous amount of magical power was exuded from under Hadith’s feet. A violent earthquake ran and split the ground. Everyone under the pressure was shivering and unable to move.

At this rate, everything will be in the favor of the Goddess.

Jill kicked the swaying ground and leapt towards those out-of-focus golden eyes which belonged to the man with a distorted face, one which failed to cry no matter what.

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