I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

69. Sixth Go! (12)

“T, t, t, then, Angel of Light, won’t you tell me your name…?”

Be it from Ally’s forehead, or her back, sweat flowed. She was clueless towards the character of angels, especially because the light attribute refused to have anything to do with her.

It seemed that she had no choice but to ask Abel about angels afterwards, but she was sure he’d only curse at them.

At the same time, it was her chance to approach an Angel of Light—as such, she’d be on the offense!

The Angel of Vertical Roll, whom was bitterly staring at Ally, was a beautiful woman (or a beautiful boy?) The angel seemed to be mighty and also troublesome to handle.

“As if I would give my name to such a lowly being. Also, stop talking so casually to me.”

Vertical Roll replied with a ridiculously piercing tone—suffice to say, it was enough to destroy anything ‘angelic’ about that angel.

“My, in such a situation, you can still say that? Are you asking for a painful incident to befall you? This damn stray angel!”

“Ow, ow, ow, ow—it hurts!”

Abel’s palm grabbed Vertical Roll’s head and squeezed it to the point the angel made a noise.

“As expected of a Demon King, how strong.”

“Because it has become troublesome, let me break it down. It seems that the ancestors of Abel were exiled from Heaven because they had caused a tremendous amount of trouble. There are many reasons to believe the Apostles of Darkness are the descendant of those ancestors.”

I see, Ally nodded to Takkun’s words.

The terrifying tension between the angels and demons, whom were opposed to each other, but equally as beautiful, wasn’t likely to end for the time being.

The figure of the Angel of Light, whom she had seen for the first time, was burned inside her retina.

This angel is our last hope…

Ally decided to clasp her hands together and pray.

Seeing how merciless the angel had been, it felt as if she was wishing upon the star. Despite so, she couldn’t help but hope. She closed her eyes and muttered softly in her heart.

“Oh, Vertical Roll! Not a single day has passed where I didn’t think about you. Please, bestow upon me healing magic! Beneath it all, Abel has a wonderful personality! It’s just that after seeing how hard I’ve worked to attain healing magic, he harbors a bit of a grudge towards all of you who refuse to answer my call! Even though you are supposed to be beings who cheer up those who did their absolute best! Instead, for whatever reason, you decided to aid Saint Mia, that ingrate! Please, for the time being, lend me healing magic to get through this emergency, O, Vertical Roll—!”

“—Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me ‘Vertical Roll’-!?”

Another piercing rebuttal flew. Ally opened her eyes, reflecting upon the fact that her unadulterated opinion had, in fact, leaked out.

“My name is Cherub Madiroll! I will bestow upon you a special privilege to call me ‘Madi’, so never call me ‘Vertical Roll’ ever again!”

‘Madiroll’—Ally repeated.

The only thing she understood was if such was the angel’s name, and such was the angel’s look—then its nickname definitely has to be ‘Vertical Roll’.

Despite so, it was apparent that nickname would tick Madiroll off, so Ally decided to never mention it again.

“—Also, about your previous request, to put it simply—it’s impossible.”

A blunt, and truly unexpected reply.

As I though… Ally’s shoulders fell.

What kind of person would the Angels of Light deem ‘appropriate’ to bestow healing magic? How do they determine it?

…Am I inferior to Saint Mia?

Said a question struck Ally, hard.

…So, muscle training alone won’t open the way… damn, I want to cry.

Perhaps recognizing the change in Ally’s expression, Madiroll looked like he regretted what he had said.

“Oi, Fallen Demon King, feel free to hit me again.”


Madiroll’s abrupt offer caused Abel to further furrow his eyebrows. Madiroll’s head was still clasped by Abel.

“I’m saying that it’s necessary to make it appear like I’m being tortured as a means to extort information! That way, I can act like I had no choice but to spill! I’m not ready to be a fallen angel, yet!”

“The hell, how troublesome.”

However, Abel, who seemed to have a grudge against Angels of Light, mercilessly tightened his grip on Madiroll’s head.

“Oooouch—! Do you think I like what I’m doing—!? All my expectations and principles about being an angel—everything is being trampled upon—!! Even I want to extend my hand to those who’re depressed and suffering—but in heaven, it’s a bureaucracy! The budget and the number of personnel are fixed. I have no choice but to oblige—!!”

“Is that the truth, I wonder? The ancestors told me that they and the angels worked together to manipulate the light attribute, which successfully let you rescue many people?”

“Ow, ow, ow! That’s exactly why a catastrophe occurred in heaven after those fallen ancestors were banished! As of the present, Heaven is a vertically divided administration, unlike the Demon Realm which is connected to various worlds. There’s almost no horizontal communication and coordination—each manages the world only by vertical connection! Even if a whimsical, ridiculous, project descends from the upper realm, we have no say in it!”

Madiroll readily confessed, an act that didn’t seem to stem from the fact that Abel was powerfully gripping his head. There was eagerness in said confession.

What the hell am I seeing…?

Despite so, the words ‘whimsical, ridiculous, project’ made Ally ponder in trepidation.

***T/N: I, I didn’t expect to learn bureaucracy from angel… in a muscle story…

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