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39. To Confess to Someone you Like

Afterwards, we had fun shopping for a while, then ate dinner, and returned to the royal castle.

“Today was fun.”

Nigel said so in front of my room.

“Thank you very much. Because of you, the day became worthwhile.”

“I’m glad you said that. Then, will you go on a date with me again next time?”

“Y, yes, of course.”

For a moment, I froze due to the word ‘date’, but I was getting accustomed to it.


“What’s wrong?”

I thought he was about to say some parting words, but something seemed off about him.

It was as if he was trying to express something.

“No, it’s nothing. See you tomorrow.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

Waving, I entered my room.

I wondered what Nigel was trying to say—but I didn’t want to force him to say it.


I closed the door and exhaled.

Today was tiring… but also fun.

Such a dreamy day it was.

When I thought about it, I didn’t know what I was thinking during the entire date. Most of the time, I was trying to not be disliked by him.

Reflecting on his small remarks, I was wondering about his impression of me.

“But… he said it was fun, so I can believe Nigel, right?”

I muttered to no one.

Anyway, today was really fun. I sincerely hoped to go out with Nigel again.

Alright, time to lie down and reminiscence about today!

It seemed that I would be reflecting a lot!

“Douglas, come out. I know you’re there.”

When I could no longer hear Nigel’s footsteps, I uttered towards the door.


“You figured it out.”

Douglas’ voice came from the other side of the door.

When I twisted the doorknob and opened the door, the good-looking Douglas appeared.

“When did you notice me?”

“From the beginning! I can feel the lingering trace of your magic!”

Umu, as expected of the former saint. Even though I used concealment magic, was it that easy to detect?”

Douglas nodded several times, as if impressed.

That was right.

Douglas was tailing me from the beginning to the end of today’s outing!


I exhaled another sigh.

“Why would you do that?”

“Because Nigel asked me to.”


“Indeed. Because it’d be dangerous for the kingdom’s prince to roam the city without an escort, even if it was for an incognito date. I was there to prevent any danger.”

“Well, that’s true, but…”

It made sense. But for some reason, I still disliked it.

Nigel, out of everyone, why would you ask Douglas? Well, if it was him, all thugs would surely be beaten to pulp. But still, it was embarrassing… for Douglas to hear all of my remarks today…

“Well, indeed… an escort is necessary, but still, I feel like I was being deceived.”

Aah… my head hurts.

I wondered if Douglas was aware his action made me feel like that.

“I was worried when the two of you were in the coffee shop. Some guys tried to flirt with you. At that moment, I considered revealing myself and splitting them into eight pieces.”

He blabbered on proudly.

“They were just trying to flirt with me, was there a need to go to such length!?”

“Well, while I was pondering about that, Nigel came to your rescue. As such, it ended with nothing happening. The entire coffee shop became noisy, you know?”

That was only obvious. Everyone in the coffee shop saw it.

Which meant…

“…You also saw what happened in that jewelry store?”

“Of course. Human cursing other human through the means of a necklace is just weird for me. Even though they are of the same race, why do they fight? I don’t understand.”

“I share your sentiment…”

“Even so, the curse of that necklace, it resembled that person’s aura…”

“That person?”

“Never mind, I’m overthinking. Forget about it.”

Saying so, Douglas waved his hand.

I wanted to pursue the matter, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be speaking any further. Did he misunderstand something?

“Still, it seems like you had fun.”

“Yes, it was fun.”

Kakaka, of course, I was the one who set it up. Shower me with more praise!”

“As if I would do that.”

“Still, I’m dissatisfied…”

Douglas said without changing his expression.

“On today’s date—there was one thing lacking, and I believe Nigel considered it, too.”

“Eh? W, what was it!?”

I leant forward.

Even though I was planning to reflect upon today by myself…

I was curious about a bystander’s opinion.

Douglas raised his index finger.

“There was no confession.”

He said something extraordinary.


Umu. As far as I can tell, you like Nigel, don’t you? Why didn’t you confess? There were many chances to do it.”

“T, that’s… I…”

Do I like Nigel?

I didn’t understand…

It was enjoyable to be with him. My chest also pounded.

But, I couldn’t imagine building a happy family with him, probably due to the difference in our status.

For me, he was akin to an idol—he was out of my reach.

“Coming from me, it might sound strange, but if you do like him, just cut to the chase and confess.”

“B, but, hypothetically speaking, suppose I do like Nigel—I’m speaking tentatively, okay! What if he doesn’t feel the same? I might end up being disliked…”

“…? What are you saying?”

Douglas replied, truly mystified.

“If you confess to someone you like, why would you end up being disliked? I truly don’t understand humans.”


Douglas must had been in utter confusion.

However, to me, that question of his was also too shocking.

“Well, whatever. You must been tired from today’s outing. You should go to bed early. I will do the same.”

“G, good night.”

After seeing off the yawning Douglas, I closed the door.

“To a dragon, do humans appear like creatures who do everything in roundabout ways?”

I envied Douglas’ straightforwardness.

I laid down on the bed, but I couldn’t get the words Douglas left me out of my mind.

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