The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

29.2 Yukino’s Untold Encounter with the [Ogra (Organic) Dragon King]

──Shouma’s POV──

[── I passed those days happily……….]

Under a tree, I was holding my head while listening to Yukino’s story.

Listening to someone recite a story from my chuunibyou years to other people in another world…… what kind of torture is this!?

Did I really say something like that back then? No, I must’ve really said it. Though I’ve already forgotten both my reason for saying that and its source material…

……Like I thought, Yukino is the little girl from that time.

But, she said…… every day had become fun. Then, was there meaning to my actions? She became healthy and more cheerful…… So, what happened to Yukino?

Could she have miraculously made a recovery──?

[── I, just as the doctor-san diagnosed, died 1 year later.]
[……….. Right.]

…. Of course.
Yukino is here, of course that happened.

[As I tried fighting demons until the very end, my family saw me off with smiles. I thanked my family. 『Thank you, Otou-san, Okaa-san, Onee-chan……for keeping me company on my battle against the demons, thank you……』 and then…..]

[…… Yukino-san] [……. Yukino……. chan]
Both Lizette and Haruka are weeping.

[I told them, 『……I’ve done my best. I won’t need a headstone, for my remains….』]
[No, that would trouble your parents……]
[No, they were smiling. They told me that so long that I smile, it’s fine.]

…. Her parents had a gigantic level of acceptance.

[Then, after I died and met the goddess-sama, I was asked to bring peace to this turbulent world. I was told that I could freely color my hair, so turned it aqua blue like an ice witch’s. My skills are also ice-based. The rest is as I said before.]

With that said, Yukino concludes her story.

[As such, I was able to recover, and I’m able to say I parted from my family with a smile, all thanks to that person. Therefore, to the me of my previous life, he’s my esteemed 『True King』. Of course, in this world as well.]
[But…… Yukino speaks normally. You don’t look like a witch either ……] (Shouma)

She doesn’t look at all like a chuunibyou. Save for her aqua-colored hair, she completely looks like an ordinary little girl.

[That’s because mamono truly exist in this world. I’m also not particular about how I look. I must be able to properly converse and cooperate with people in this world, and it’s better for me to dress in a way that allows me to fight easily.]

You are quite right​ there.

[Besides, I want to look cute for when I meet my 『True King』.]
[No, but we have yet to confirm whether he came to this world……]
[My 『True King』 told me of the 『Battle Beyond Life and Death』. Therefore, surely that person must have already known about this world. Meaning, just like me── or through some other method, he should have come to this world. Otherwise, he surely wouldn’t have said anything about the 『Battle Beyond Life and Death』…!]

Yeah……. In theory, that’s how it would go. But such a coincidence happened in this world…… that.

[…… Then, the world…… Yukino-san came from….]
[…… is Aniue-sama’s…… etto…… that……]

Ah, they somehow figured it out.
Lizette, Haruka, don’t stare in my direction.

Both of them seem to have realized that Yukino and I are humans from the same world.

Well…… what do I do now?
No, seriously, what do I do now……?

The true identity of the 『True King』 Yukino’s looking for is me. There’s no mistake there.

Except, the me she met is the me from when I was a chuunibyou. Now I’m a thirty-something man. Should she realize that her 『True King』 has changed, that might shock her… so much so that she may no longer be able to fight. Her skills, she became an 『Ice Witch』 as a result of imitating me, after all.

To deal with this problem…… that’s right, let’s try disillusioning her. I’ll tell her that the 『Organic Dragon King』 didn’t have any supernatural abilities, and that he wasn’t someone who possess knowledge about the world’s secret. If I were to reveal my identity with that premise, the shock she’ll take should be lessened.

[Say, Yukino.]
[What is it, Shouma-san?]

Yukino’s voice comes back from the other side of the steam.

[Couldn’t that 『Organic Dragon King』-san…… just be your average chuunibyou…..?]
[Why would that be?]
[Well, that’s……]

…….Having a former chuunibyou to repudiate a chuunibyou is a high hurdle……
I just can’t think anything immediately…… It can’t be helped. I’ll just use the lines that were once used on me.

Remember, me……. your chuunibyou years, what did the people around me say? Whenever I rambled about various abilities and settings, people around me would respond──

[In this world, there are no demons to defeat, there’s no army of darkness, and no battle beyond life and death.]
[There are, though?]
[They do exist, Shouma-nii-sama.]
[That they do, Aniue-sama]

I chose wrong.

That’s right. Yukino reincarnated……

That right there is the 『Battle Beyond Life and Death』, the mamono of this world are either 『demons to defeat』 or 『the army of darkness』… In other words, everything I said when I was a chuunibyou ended up to be right on the money. Now ain’t that just wonderful, 『Organic Dragon king』…… rather 『Kiryuuou Shouma』.

The only thing I was able to do was make Yukino smile in the previous world.

……. Well, whatever.
It’s not like there’s a rush, we’ve got time. I’ll solve Yukino’s misunderstanding little by little.

Yukino, there’s no doubt that is a fellow companion in our attempt to weather this turbulent world. For now, that alone is fine.

[We’re about to finish, Shouma-nii-sama.]
[Next is Aniue-sama’s turn to enterー]
[I’m alright. More importantly, Yukino.]
[…………… Yes.]

There was a delay before Yukino’s voice came back.
She’s probably a little upset.

[Regarding Yukino’s  『True King』, I’ll talk with the Harpies. If they’ve heard any rumors, they’ll surely tell me.]
[Yes! Thank you very much!]
[As such, I’d like to ask you another thing, if you don’t mind……]

I say,

[If Yukino gets to meet that 『True King』…… what will you going to do then?]
[…………… Etto.]

Chapu, such a noise echoes out.

[……………… That’s, a secret.]

For some reason, Yukino’s voice when she responded was tinged with embarrassment.

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