Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

22. Tra0sformer


I reflect on today as I walk back home. The more I think about it, the more mysterious it becomes. The attitude of the class representative, this might just be me being overly self-conscious, but she… seemed interested in me.

“Except, I don’t remember doing anything to make the class representative fall for me.”

Thanks to the secret tool Kuro prepared for me, no one should know that the masked practitioner who appeared during the match before god was me. As such, it being because of the match before god isn’t likely.

The class representative is popular, so I haven’t spoken to her at school about anything other than class related matters. As such, it’s unlikely to have been because of something that happened at school either.

“If it’s like this, then could it be that she likes someone else?”

She said, “would it, be alright to also, join Yuuki-kun’s group?” In that case, Takigawa!?

“No, that can’t be right. Maybe, her eyes are on Ishida?”

That does seem more likely. It’s a bit regrettable, but let’s not pay this any mind. Yeah, worrying about this is pointless. It’s absolutely better than expecting something strange and then getting depressed about it. That meeting in the courtyard is meant to have never happened after all.

“More importantly, I’m going to have my fill on this detour home today!”

I get a grip on myself and look up at the JR tower. Right now, I have come to the Sapporo station. Some might ask, “Why did you come here?” Well, the reason is because I realized I haven’t been living up the city life.

It’s been 3 weeks since I started living in Sapporo. I’ve been hit by a train, met kami-sama, been resurrected, met Kuro, met Shiro, took part in a match before god of onmyou practitioners, met Rin…  Seriously, a lot has happened. Not to mention, during the middle of all that, I’ve been busy attending school and studying. I haven’t had a chance to experience Sapporo.

“Today, I’m going to play to my heart’s content.”

Sapporo station is just the start. My objective is a place I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I entered school. Today is the day I will go there!

“The Sapporo underpass, it’s incredible!”

I enter the underground walkway commonly referred to as [Chikaho] from Sapporo station.

What’s this? Even though it’s underground, there are roadside performances going on!? Uwaa, there’s a bazaar too! Eh, what is this place? Another world? Have I gone to another world!?

“Ca- Calm down, me. This isn’t your objective.”

Right, my goal is still further ahead. This is just the road there.
While I get distracted here and there, I search for exit 35 as I continue for Odori station.

“Th- There!”

This… is the rumored exit 35?


I cry out and climb up the stairs. Then, before me is—

“—A0mate, Me0on Books, and Tora0ana1!”

And that’s not all. A ton of otaku shops are all gathered at the end of exit 35! This place here, it’s the true destination I’ve been aiming for.

“It’s like a dream… Hm?”

While my chest burns with passion, I notice that the people around me are looking up at the sky.

Eh, what’s going on? Isn’t this incredibly dangerous?”
“Could it be… the end of the world?”

I, too, look up in the same direction and covering the surrounding roof tops and electrical cables… is a large horde of crows. Scary! What’s going on!?

“…Hm? Hmm!?”

In the middle of that horde of crows, perched at the highest position, is a familiar white crow.

“…Alright, I’m clearly imagining things. It’s probably just a coincidental resemblance.”

With that in mind, I move a bit to the side of exit 35. Then, in sync with my steps, the white crow also moves. After that, the horde of crows accompanying the white crow also moves.

“No way, this is terrifying.”
“Hol… This is bad, right?”

A bit of a panic breaks out in my surroundings.

“…To start with, I’ll just go into Ani0te.”

During the middle of all that, I calmly head for the second floor of 0Daibiru2.

—The Diamond of Greed seethes with anger—


I get a hold of my thoughts and have fun in Anima0e. The store is reasonably vast. No matter where I look, otaku goods flicker before my eyes. Placed on the middle of a wall is a notice.

Back when I was in middle school, whenever I visited my grandparents I would next make a trip here, but…

“Now, I could come here everyday if I wanted.”

While I’m immersed in my emotions, I start by heading to the manga corner. Seasonal works are squeezed together at the entrance of the store. I rummage through them without delay!

“This, it has this many volumes? Uwo! Wasn’t this work also animated?
Ah, excuse me.”

Due to mumbling to myself while being absorbed in my hunt, I didn’t notice there was a person next to me until it was too late.

“I’m so sorry, are you alright?”
“I’m alright. It’s because I… ahh.”

The person I bumped into is a glasses wearing girl with short blue hair. Or rather, she’s the glasses girl-san I helped out before in the downtown area.

Etto, what a coincidence.”
“I-it really is.”

Looks like I wasn’t the only courageous person to come here on the way home from school. What a happy turn of events.

“Sp- Speaking of which, I went home the other day without giving you my name, sorry.”
“No, no, I was the same.”

We have a somewhat awkward conversation as we are trying to restart after a long while, but we once more give each other our best regards and introduce ourselves.
The glasses girl-san’s name seems to be Tsukino Shizuku-san3.

Hm? Tsukino?

“Shizuku~. Ah, there you are.”

Looks like someone was looking for Tsukino-san.
A girl with short red hair is walking this way.

Ah, onee-chan.”


Ahre? Aren’t you… the super high schooler-kun! If I’m not mistaken, your name’s Yuuki-kun. Long time no see.”
“Lo- Long time no see.”

Looks like the rumors of me being a super high schooler still haven’t faded.

Ahre? Do Shizuka and Yuuki-kun know each other?”
“Yes, this person, he’s the one who saved me before.”
Ah! So, he’s the person you met downtown!”

Akari-san also thanks me for helping with what happened downtown. I still haven’t processed that the two of them are sisters, but for the time being, I accept her words of gratitude.

“What’s going on? What are you all gathered here for?”

While I’m talking with the Tsukino sisters, a guy with a spiky hairstyle appears.

Ah, Souji! Over here, over here.”

Souji…? Ah, he’s that spiky haired delinquent!

—The Diamond of Greed once more raises his katana—

“Souji, next time we meet with Yuuki-kun, you have to properly apologize to him, got it?”
“What for? That guy got jittery all on his own.”

On the way home from Anima0, a mixed group of 3 have an enjoyable conversation.

“Yuuki-kun is a good person. He’s brave.”
“That’s right. He saved Shizuka after all, make friends with him.”
Che, fine. If I’ve got to apologize, I’ll apologize. But no way am I making friends with him!”

Kasai Souji, reproached by the Tsukino sisters, agrees to apologize. Despite that, he stubbornly refuses to get along with Yuuki. During the middle of that, Shizuka’s smartphone rings.

Ah, mail from Yui-san.”
Eh, from Yui-san!?”
“Shizuka, show us!”

Two people gather around Shizuka’s smartphone and look at the screen.
[There is a Yuuki Kousuke-kun attending your school, right? You should make friends with that kid.]
With the contents being as concise as usual, the three of them exchange glances.

“That person, shouldn’t she be touring around the Kyoto area with Touri-san right now? How the heck does she know about what’s going on here…?”
Doubt floats across Souji’s face in regards to the email and its too appropriate timing.

“I think Yui-san, too, wants Souji to make friends with other people.”
“Yuuki-kun, he’s a good person. I wish, to make friends with him.”
“Fine, if I gotta make friends, I’ll make friends!”

Souji gives a curt nod. He can’t refuse the 2 people who share the same circumstances as him and the wish of their benefactor, the person who gave them their current freedom.

—The Diamond of Greed is the sole remaining Diamond of sin—

“Even so, that was surprising. For the person I met in the park on my way home to be acquainted with Akari-san and that spiky haired delinquent.”

After the spiky haired delinquent joined us, the conversation surprisingly didn’t take off. As such, I pretended to have something to do and headed home.

If he were to pick a fight with me now, I’m pretty sure I could beat him, but it looks like the trauma that sprouted on the first day of school still hasn’t faded. He was glaring at me the entire time I was talking to the Tsukino sisters… Uugh, scary, scary.

Incidentally, the white crow who was leading that horde of crows really was Shiro. Apparently, he was providing me with an escort, or that’s what I could pick up from his actions. I don’t know how he became the boss of the crows or why he was escorting me, but due to the uproar he was causing, I had him go home.

Ahre? That road, is undergoing construction?”

As I walked while thinking about that, I spot a sign board notifying those passing by about ongoing construction. There wasn’t anything going on this morning, so it seems to have recently started.

“It’s under construction, but you can still pass through. This way, please.”
Ah, so it’s like that? Excuse my intrusion.”

Upon walking up to the billboard, a construction worker lets me though. Not having to take a detour makes me grateful.

This road is usually pretty desolate, but now it’s a bit noisy due to all the engines from the construction vehicles.

Ahre? There are no construction workers?”

Are they all unmanned? Is it like that?

“It’s the case that I ask to be excused. Could it be the case that you are Yuuki Kousuke?”
Eh? Yes, that’s me, but…”

I tried passing through quickly, but a suspicious man walks up to me. He’s wearing a tailcoat and a silk hat. Why is he dressed like that? Or rather, how does he know my name?

Fumu, well then, it is the case that this is goodbye.”

The silk hat wearing man strikes the ground with his staff. The excavator car stops and transforms into a humanoid robot.


I’m unable to follow along with what’s happening and get crushed by the fist of a Tran0former.

T/N: Just want to say, the author messed up on the name drop this time.  I double checked; it isn’t a mistake on my end. Well, anyway, this was fun while it lasted, but I guess he’s dead again.

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  1. Animate, Melon Books, and Toranoana: an anime goods store, a doujin goods store (the name is a hint),  and a manga doujin shop.
  2. Daibiru is a building representing Daibiru Corporation. The 0 there isn’t actually censoring anything, so I don’t know why it’s there.
  3. 月野 雫