The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

102.1 The Battle Maiden is Declaring War on the Goddess

The port of the water city of Veilburg was where Jill first set foot on the Rave Empire. She might not have saved everything, yet—but at the very least, that place was fine.

While feeling nostalgic due to the smell of the tide, she went down to the wharf.

“Thank you, the teleportation spell saved me quit a lot of time.”

“Well, I’ve recovered to the point I can use the teleportation spell again. So, what’s the matter with Veilburg? It seems that Lady Sufia has a story, but everyone refuses to fill me in.”

“I’m sorry, that was a lie.”

“A lie—!?”

Rave was dumbstruck by Jill’s nonchalant remark.

A large ship was floating in the harbor. The national emblem of Kratos was engraved on the ship. Seeing that, Rave frowned.

“You aren’t thinking of soloing THAT, right?!”

“I’m not, but Rave, can you transform into a sword? I want to go home by the time of His Majesty’s speech.”

It seemed that Rave still had something to say, but in the end, he obediently transformed into a sword. Gripping the handle, Jill waited for that woman to look back.

Crates from the wharf were being lifted one after another as the ship prepared for departure. The figures and the voices of people crossing by passed like shadows.

It was as if the girl in the wheelchair wasn’t there.

“Big sister Jill, are you going to return to Kratos with us?”

The girl tilted her head cutely, as if expecting Jill’s arrival.

“No, I came to see you off.”

“Or, could it be, you’ve come to see Lawrence? Lawrence is currently speaking with my older brother, as of now.”

“I come to see you off, Princess Faelis.”

When her name was called, the girl, who was pretty like an angel, flushed red.

“My, you came to see me off? How happy I am. I also want to say goodbye to big sister Jill… I can’t express my sorrow regarding Lord Georg’s incident.”

Faelis gently fluttered her eyelids down, showing a self-deprecating smile.

“For Lord Georg, who was acquainted with His Majesty, to suddenly end up involved in the monster invasion with Lord Hadith… Amidst fulfilling his ambition, he was killed… I’m truly sorry…”

The script, which was left by Lawrence as a souvenir, was being read out by Faelis as if she were rehashing a dialogue.

“I’m a little disturbed by the rumor that the monster is a magical beast hailing from Kratos—that can’t be true, right? On the other hand, it seems that the unity of the Rave Empire has increased. Good thing, isn’t it?”

“But, the one who cornered and caused Lord Georg to make use of that fake sword—it was His Highness Geraldo, wasn’t it? I don’t know if the fake sword was made by the Goddess or you, or if it has been prepared since a long time ago.”

Towards Jill’s words, Faelis’ blooming flower-like smile didn’t waver.

“I didn’t come here to ask about strategies between kingdoms, but I thought it was you who turned Georg into a monster—so I came to confirm.”

“What’s your basis?”

Faelis didn’t hide the fact that she knew about Georg’s transformation into a monster.

“The magical powers of His Majesty’s and I still haven’t returned, which means that the fake sword—the medium—has to be somewhere. To hide that fact, the fake sword turned Georg into that creature—do you deny this?”

“Wonderful. Your conclusion is correct.”

Faelis clapped her hands—how unexpected.

Georg was an enemy. Even if he hadn’t turn into a monster, after turning hostile to that extent, execution was the only option waiting for him. Still, at the end… remembering the words that he shouted, Jill clenched her fist.

“For what purpose did you create such an elaborate hoax!? He sided with Georg and His Majesty at the same time to reduce the national power of the Rave Empire, such is Geraldo’s way of doing things! I understand that—but you! Why are you here!? Could it be, you really came to get engaged with His Majesty!?”

“You’ve spelled the reason out yourself. It was to retrieve the fake sword… because you broke the Holy Spear of the Goddess and sank it to the bottom of the sea.”

Towards those unexpected words, Jill became silent.

Faelis continued calmly.

“That thing was merely too weak. It’s difficult to find one with the same material. However, older brother had already decided to give it to Lord Georg. …At the same time, I’m inside this body. If the distance is too long, and there’s no medium, after summoning me, this body will likely need to slumber for a long time.”

“…Basically, you were trying to get closer to Lord Georg?”

“Yes, but it’s not like I could ask him to return the sword just like that. He was very cautious of the Kingdom of Kratos. He may have acted like that, but if the opportunity arose, he’d try to destroy the Goddess. That’s why I decided to be made a prisoner. I believed it the quickest way to get closer and retrieve it.”

Therefore, she tried to join sides with Hadith. Afterwards, she entered the Imperial Capital from Noitral and retrieved the fake sword at the right time.

Faelis, who laughed innocently, got up from her wheelchair.

A black mist rose from her small, open, hand. Jill knew the sign—she was familiar with it.

It was the Holy Spear of the Goddess—the sacred treasure of the Kingdom of Kratos which Jill had destroyed.

Faelis laughed while holding a black spear that was much taller than herself.

“Would this answer satisfy you?”

“—I understand the answer, very well…”

Holding the heavenly sword, Jill hid her cold sweat and laughed. Only when she showed the Holy Spear of the Goddess did Jill realize it.

It’s real, not to mention, His Majesty’s magical power is in there…!

However, the Dragon Princess refused to be overwhelmed by the existence of that girl whom was the Goddess’ vessel.

“Which mean, you’re my enemy.”

“Fufu, please be careful as to not be executed this time around.”

With that one sentence, Jill knew that girl was connected to the Goddess. Whether or not her consciousness had been devoured by the Goddess, one thing was certain—that girl, of her own will, sided with the Goddess.

“What’s your true aim, is it His Majesty?”

“Yes, to make that emperor—the Dragon Emperor—mine, for the sake of my older brother.”

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