Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince Translation

1.5 Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince

Just like that day, the castle hall was full of well-dressed people.

The most eye-catching was Princess Priscilla who wore a bright vermillion dress.

When the prince and I entered side by side, we were greeted with a big applause.

Still, in everyone’s heart, and even mine, surely, Princess Priscilla was more suitable to be his princess than me.

“Thank you for the ball, Prince Francis. It’s very lovely!”

Princess Priscilla approached us at once, she happily talked to the prince.

…From such a close distance, she looked even prettier.

“Prince, will you dance with me?”

The petite Princess Priscilla looked up and invited the prince.

Her big eyes were beaming. Not only that, I was also impressed by her long eyelashes which casted long shadows.

She was truly on a completely different level than me.

“I don’t mind, but I’ve decided that my first dance will be with my princess.”

The prince embraced me while saying those things.

No, no, actually, you didn’t have to mind me.

—or was that his strategy to make Princess Priscilla jealous?

For some people, it’d seriously painful?! Shouldn’t you stop!?

“Your Highness, I’m fine—”

“—as I thought, it’s really strange!”

When I was about to tell him to dance with Princess Priscilla, my words were drowned out by said princess’ voice.

In front of me, who had gone wide eyed due to shock, Princess Priscilla stared at me.

While I was still breathless, the prince went one step forward.

Then, in the next moment—

“—Return to your sense, Prince Francis, you’re being deceived by this woman!!!”

Princess Priscilla had shouted. Her thin and supple finger was being pointed at me.


“I came to this kingdom and asked many people regarding the prince and the princess. I heard a lot of interesting stories—‘The princess who appeared at the ball that day looked incredibly attractive—unlike the current one’, they said!”

Princess Priscilla stared at me with her round eyes—her gaze was as if she had come to seek vengeance for her parents.

On the other hand, I, who couldn’t keep up with the current situation, could only go agape in a foolish manner.

“According to a magician, he observed a particularly strong magical power that day, but he also feels a weak magical power from the current princess—and the rest, is history.”

Before I knew it, the surroundings were quiet.

Princess Priscilla showed a very adorable, irresistible, smile.

However, what came out of those lips was condemnation—towards me.

“Princess Adelina is a witch who used forbidden magic to fascinate and manipulate Prince Francis! Everyone, can you forgive such an outrage!?”

After a while, I slowly began to comprehend Princess Priscilla’s words.

…Unbearable, that was very bad.

Because what she had said was partly correct.

On that fateful day, Ella came to the ball with the help of a wizard.

Her beautiful dress and glass shoes were probably made with magical power.

Well, it was unavoidable for Princess Priscilla to misunderstand—I couldn’t help but think so.

But that couldn’t be said out loud.

If the truth were to be revealed, the prince’s honor would be tarnished.

“Princess Adelina, do you have anything to say regarding that?”

Princess Priscilla showed a triumphant smile.

I… what should I do?

With that thought in mind, I suddenly came up with a plan.

That’s right. In a sense, that was an opportunity.

I was sure Prince Francis would welcome Princess Priscilla as his queen.

At that time, the treatment regarding me, the substitute queen, would surely turn into a conflict.

Even if we were to get divorced, disgraceful rumors would follow.

In that regard, if I were to play the role of, ‘the vile witch who used forbidden techniques to mislead the prince’, the prince would only be considered a victim.

I would be the villain, while Prince Francis would be tied to Princess Priscilla through true love, and reached a happy ending.

If I admitted that Princess Priscilla’s condemnation was indeed fact, everything would turn out fine.

…Although the same couldn’t be said about my neck. I wondered if it’d stay connected to my torso.

The moment I was about to open my mouth and acknowledge the condemnation—

“—Is that all you want to say?”

Suddenly, I heard a freezing voice. My breath immediately got caught in my throat.

I, I hadn’t said anything yet…!

I was impatient, but apparently the prince’s words weren’t for me.

Beyond his line of sight was Princess Priscilla, whose face had unmistakably tensed.

“I, I said, that witch is—”

“—Silence. If you insult my princess any more, I will not forgive you, even if you’re the princess of an allied kingdom.”

Due to the words of the prince, which were as sharp as blade, Princess Priscilla immediately covered her mouth.

Seeing that, the prince laughed in mockery.

Fuun, so you do have enough brain to understand human language. You almost lost your life, there. If you had continued beyond that, you would’ve already forfeited your neck.”

No, no, stop saying those things! You sound like a cheap tyrant!

Princess Priscilla may have just misunderstood, so let’s just turn me into a villain and resolve everything—?!

When I pulled his sleeve lightly to say so, the prince glanced back at me—

—and laughed gently.

“Don’t worry, Aloerina. I’ll never let anyone tarnish your reputation.”

…I was inadvertently crushed.

The prince’s smile and words were so destructive, that even the mistake in my name was blown away in an instant.

While gently stroking my head, the prince gazed at his surroundings.

“Everyone, I’m sorry for the fuss. I will explain the doubts that Princess Priscilla has caused.”

I hurriedly raised my head due to the words I heard.

No, that wasn’t good.

You aren’t in the wrong! There’s no need for you expose yourself!

The truth should be submerged deep under the sea.

You can turn me into the villain just fine, I just want you to be happy!!!

“The one I danced with that day is—”


The out-of-place bright voice which was suddenly heard caused everyone to shift their attention towards a single direction—the entrance of the hall.

It was Ella, my sister, who wore the same dress she wore during that fateful ball.

Next to her was the wizard, clad in a black robe.

“That’s… the princess of that day!?”

“Yes, that dress, those glass shoes, there’s no doubt about it!”

“Then, what about Princess Adelina…?”

Ella and the wizard walked proudly while holding hands, paying no mind to the confused surroundings.

After she had approached a certain distance, Ella rushed out at once and vigorously hugged me.

“Aah, Adelina, I wanted to meet you so much! You look a little pale, are you alright? Are you eating properly?”

“Umm, Ella? That’s not the issue right now.”

“Oh, right, fufu, I’m glad I returned at the right time!”

With graceful movements, Ella looked around.

The hem of her dress fluttered—everyone was so impressed by its beauty that they sighed.

“Greetings, everyone! As someone who played a part in this uproar, I will explain the situation as well.”

Ella smiled and opened her mouth as if nothing had happened.

“On the ball of that day, I asked the wizard for this dress and these glass shoes. Then, I danced with Prince Francis—…it was a lot of fun.”

Ella narrowed her eyes in nostalgia.

“But that was only that one night. Now, I have the wizard right beside of me, and Adelina is next to the prince… what’s the problem with that?”

At that moment, Prince Francis opened his mouth to supplement Ella’s words. He spoke in a challenging tone.

“I apologize for making everyone uneasy. But I want everyone to see what is currently happening, and not the illusion of that day. Why would she be unqualified to be my queen?”

…No matter how I thought about it, there were a lot of reasons.

However, contrary to my impatience, everyone surrounding us glanced at each other and nodded.

“Princess Adelina is a bright person—she’s the most suitable to be the future queen.”

That was what the Secretary of Justice had said.

For what reason are you wagging my tail over this period?!

“Princess Adelina always tell us interesting stories. The organic style, which is currently in fashion, was also started by Princess Adelina.”

The one who smiled gracefully after saying that was the duchess who had invited me to her tea party many times.

was that how it happened?

I thought everyone was talking a lot about fields and vegetables lately—was that my fault?

“Princess Adelina’s outfits are always pleasant. They’re calm, but they don’t lack charm.”

“I disliked those iron accessories. Thanks to Princess Adelina, they were finally abolished!”

“Recently, all the maids have started studying with the aim to be as smart as Princess Adelina. My children are also desperate to not get left behind.”

“The messenger from the neighboring kingdom was surprised. After a while, all the people of this kingdom had become diligent.”

…How embarrassing, it was unbearable.

I wasn’t as good as you say!

Because I wanted to live leisurely in the countryside, I was trying to get divorced with the purpose of receiving a compensation!

“…did you hear them, Alina? Everyone seems to agree that there’s no one who is more suitable to be a princess other than you.”

For some reason, the prince happily said so to me.

When I shook my head, he only smiled.

“B, but, the magical power, which is currently emanating from Princess Adelina…”

Princess Priscilla, who again tried to speak, tensed like a frog after being glared at like snake by the prince.

Prince… well, that much is forgivable, I think.

“It is my turn to explain.”

Perhaps because he was free, the wizard twirled and held hands with Ella.

“Just like Princess Priscilla, I feel a weak magical power emanating from my sister-in-law—I mean, Princess Adelina.”

Who is your sister-in-law?

I wanted to complain, but that didn’t matter right now.

Weak magical power??? What did he mean by that???

“Perhaps my sister-in-law has it in her to be a witch. Unknowingly, she has put a spell on herself.”

The wizard who came in front of me gently held my hand.

The next moment, his hand was slapped away by Prince Francis.

“…Don’t touch my princess without permission.”

“I’m sorry, but worry not, Prince. She’s Ella’s sister—she’s like a family to me.”

No, hold on, I still thought of you as a suspicious person!?!?

Before me, whom was desperately trying to keep up with what he was trying to say, the wizard laughed meaningfully.

“My sister-in-law is a skeptical and cautious person—and also thoughtful. She has casted a spell on herself to keep from accidentally falling in love with the prince.”

“I… casted a spell on myself?”

“For a wizard, names have a big meaning. So, in a sense, you cursed the prince and forbade him from calling your name correctly, sister-in-law. You are less likely to fall in love with someone who can’t even remember your name correctly, right?”

Is that so.

If that was how it was, then…

…I could feel that the prince was staring at me, but I didn’t dare look back.

Forgive me, prince.

Basically, it was my own fault…

“…How do I lift the curse?”

The prince said so.

Then, Ella happily told him while hugging the wizard.

“Prince, as how it was always marketed—true love will always dispel any curse! If the prince truly loves my sister, then he should be able to break the curse and call her real name!”

When the prince heard Ella’s words, he turned straight towards me.

Even though his eyes were gentle, there was certainly passionate burning within.

“…At first, it truly was just for the purpose of fixing the situation. I was always thinking about divorcing you if I had the opportunity—I’m truly the worst…”

“No, it’s only natural to think so.”

I wish I could get divorced soon!

But the truth was…

“Eventually, whenever I visited the palace to meet you, I feel at ease. For you to be able to make me eat carrots, you’ve beaten a chef.”

The prince, who laughed mischievously while saying that, caused my cheeks to inadvertently be flushed.

“Even though you didn’t receive any formal education, you did a good job as a princess. Every time your fame grew, I, myself, felt proud… before I realized it, I didn’t want to let go of you.”

The prince’s eyes, which were as beautiful as jewel, were staring straight at me.

No… you shouldn’t be saying that to me…

Although, even if I thought so, I still wanted him to… If only, he…

“Do you remember the starry sky we saw on the lake that day? You were desperately wishing upon the stars. I wished, too. I hope I can continue to be with you.”

There was heat from the back of my eyes. My tears slowly flowed.

The secret dream, which had been hidden in the depths of my heard was about to overflow…

…that was also your fault, prince.

The prince gently wiped my tears with his fingertips.

“You and I may not be a fated couple, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I decided to stop hesitating and deluding myself.”

The prince then said clearly, while cupping my cheeks.

“…Now, you’re the only one I love, Adelina…”

At that moment, the sound of the bell, which announced midnight, resounded.

“…The magic has been solved.”

The one who muttered it quietly, was it Ella, or the Wizard?

The prince had broken my spell.

He had solved it.

It seemed that my heart, which I was desperately trying to suppress, was also solved.

“M, me too, I’ve always…!”

Passionate feelings overflowed from the depths of my heart—I was sure that was the love I had been trying to stifle.

He gradually fell in love with me, but ever since we first met…

“…I’ve always, towards you!”

The prince impulsively pulled me into an embrace.

I was but a mediocre person with weak magical power.

Of course, I also didn’t have glass shoes or a pumpkin carriage.

Although I was the daughter of an aristocrat, I wasn’t a princess. Even when I attended the ball, the prince never saw me.

To live happily ever after… I didn’t think the future would be without hurdles.

Despite all that, I still loved him.

Even if the bell were to ring at midnight and the magic was to be broken, I promised I wouldn’t leave you.

***T/N: Indeed, to put that Thot-y Princess who’ve never been denied anything in her life, we need a prince with savage Gilgamesh tongue.

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