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Extra 14.2 Counseling Angelica

“I shall try to monopolize his stomach!”

However, without showing the slightest care for Angelica who stood up with a pale face, Sharina continued on! She placed a basket covered with a polka dot patterned cloth on the desk in front of Angelica.

Sharina uncovered the basket and proudly revealed a large hamburger sandwich!

Her innocent smile was truly harmless. Unlike Angelica’s imagination, it appeared that she never intended to ruin her loved one in the first place…

“W, what a relief… I, I see, well, isn’t that a good idea?”

“That’s what I thought, too, but…”

“But what?”

“Recently, Riol’s appetite seems to have been steadily increasing.”

Sharina’s face became clouded yet again. She glanced at the large sandwich which was wrapped in thin paper, turning it both vertically and horizontally.

“Even though I’ve been increasing it little by little, every day, Riol eats everything. That must be because until now, the amount of food was too little. Of course, I want him to eat a lot—but I don’t know if he’s full or not…”

“Ah, I see, well, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Angelica was wondering if something else had occurred, but she calmed down again. The situation was too easy to imagine.

Perhaps Riol Glen was trying his best to not leave any leftovers because it would hurt Sharina who made everything herself. It must be a little overwhelming.

Angelica was sure that if any other girl attempted to give him food afterwards, just the mere sight of it would cause Riol to be nauseous.

Sharina’s operation was a great success.

Riin… goon…

While pondering such, the chime which signaled the long-awaited lunch break rang.

“See, don’t let it drag you down anymore! You guys are meeting today, too, right!?”

“Well, I can’t help but worry about it. For today’s sandwich, I took a plunge and sandwiched a thick-sliced piece of bacon between two fried eggs, and also a hamburger steak—this time, Riol’s hunger will be appeased, for sure!”

Angelica waved bitterly to her best friend who was completely rejuvenated and had triumphantly jumped out of the classroom.

Sharina’s menu was one that could satiate anyone’s hunger through merely listening about it.

“I won’t help you out of this, okay?”

As soon as she couldn’t see her best friend’s back, she lowered her face and muttered in a slightly lower voice than usual.

“For making my best friend uneasy, that’s your just-deserts.”

The destination of the slightly mean remark was not her best friend Sharina, but her best friend’s soulmate, Riol Glen.

Although she recovered quickly, the initial reason why Sharina was anxious and depressed wasn’t because of a fight or trouble.

But Sharina’s anxiety wasn’t completely mere paranoia.

It was true that it was mainly a delusion, but part of the reason why she was like layed in Riol. Riol Glen was responsible for that.

“How long do you think it’s been since the day of the duel!”

Angelica knew how much Riol thought of Sharina. It was so much, he never abandoned her, no matter who he ended up turning into his enemy or what kind of crisis he had to face.

Even if he never put it in words.

That was right—he never put it in words. He still couldn’t even say the word ‘love’ to Sharina who confessed to him on daily basis with all her might.

If he indeed had said it, that best friend of hers would surely report to Angelica while singing and dancing.

The fact that Sharina hadn’t done so proved that he hadn’t said it yet.

Generally, in romance novels, it was written that as long as the hearts were connected, words were unnecessary. However, if it wasn’t expressed properly, anxiety would always remain. Some words just need to be said.

“Angelica-chan, what’s wrong? Would you like to go to the cafeteria together?”

“Ah! Right! Let’s go!”

Angelica indulged in her thoughts for a while. To the voice suddenly calling for her, Angelica raised her face. Immediately after that, her belly groaned softly. She hurriedly stood up.

“What do you want to eat today, Angelica?”

“I feel like eating a sandwich—one with tomatoes in it.”

While enjoying the friendly chat, Angelica was reminded yet again of the two who would be meeting under the tree in that yard.

The moment he saw the overly grand sandwich, what kind of face would he make?

…Either he’d tense up or his calm expression would waver just the slightest.

Still, she wondered if he would somehow be able to eat it all. After all, he was a man who could overcome any adversity, doing everything he could for Sharina.

“Then why can’t he use that willpower to confess…”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“No, nothing at all!”

Angelica went to lunch with her friend while thinking that she’d give him an effective stomach medicine later.

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