The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

90. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (38)

Although it was a campsite, as usual, she was hugged by Hadith throughout the night. In the morning, she’d ate the breakfast Hadith made. Lunch too went the same.

Neither Hadith nor Jill ever complained about anything. Jill thought it was amazing.

His Majesty is probably accustomed to such hardships…

and how difficult it was to persevere through them.

After passing through a forest with poor visibility, they suddenly arrived to a bleak ground; on filled with soil and stones, but no trees.

Lawrence, whom was leading them, seemed confused by the open view. He pondered about something.

“It seems that this area used to be a large river. However, after the dragon’s nest was built upstream, it was blocked and subsequently dried up. We don’t know what is happening to the water which is flowing into the dragon’s nest—quite mysterious, isn’t it?”

Listeard frowned at Lawrence who gave an explanation as if he was a tour guide.

“The dragon’s nest is a sacred ground for the Rave Empire. Being studious is fine, but I disapprove of your touristic atmosphere.”

“I understand. Starting from here, we must climb this dried-up river which will lead us to the dragon’s nest. Beyond that is the rendezvous point, so let’s hurry. Since nothing can be used as a means of defense here, please move along the riverbank while hiding behind the trees as much as possible.”

Guided by Lawrence, the horses advanced while leaning towards the edge. Perhaps due to how high the dragon’s nest was, the path formed due to the dried-up river was sloping. Jill leaned her head o Hadith and whispered.

“Your Majesty was told by Rave not to approach a dragon’s nest.”

“There won’t be a problem since I’m a dragon emperor. Rave is just being overprotective. I was merely just trying to create a new dish…”

“I want to have a taste too, but for the sake of Rave, we mustn’t.”

“—just now, Rave also banned you from approaching the dragon’s nest. My, it seems that the two of you want to go against me.”

Hadith was smiling. Jill merely laughed.

“I have no choice but to go against you, Your Majesty. Please refrain from hunting the dragons in their nest.”

“I get it—Rave, you’re being noisy, ‘you guys will definitely enter the nest!’—what—”

—suddenly, Hadith looked up at the sky. After a pause, the trees at their side swayed at once. The leaves danced under the huge shadows.

“Dragons… Her Highness Elynsia!?”

Jill uttered and the party stopped. The group of dragons, who seemed to have noticed Jill and the others, turned once as if giving a signal. It seemed that they intended to land on the river a little away from there.

Jill also heard reports of dragons flying towards Noitral last night.

The tension that something might had happened was immediately transmitted to the surroundings.

“Why are they using dragons? Aren’t they trying to be as inconspicuous as possible? Why, that’s basically a platoon!”

“The situation is dire enough for them to overlook the previous strategy—in the future, do not join us; is that what they’re trying to convey~?”

Towards the low voice of Camila, Listeard said.

“With so many dragons around, the horses will feel threatened. Let’s leave them here before we approach.”

“Camila, Zeke, Lawrence—look after the horses. Your Majesty, please stay with His Highness Listeard. I’ll go ahead and listen to what’s going on.”

Even though there was no shield, no voice could be heard from there. Jill jumped off the horse and ran down the slope.

Elynsia, whom was about the size of a bean, immediately entered Jill’s field of view. Behind them were dragons lined up to the point of filling the width of the river. It was to an extent that only the blue sky behind them could be seen.

Soon, Jill came face to face with Elynsia’s haggard face.

“Did something happen?”

“Yes… I apologize for how sudden this is…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m also aware of the dragons flying to Noitral yesterday, could it be—”

—suddenly, Jill’s arm was grabbed by Elynsia. Soon enough, Jill was restrained by Elynsia.

In a flash, Elynsia pressed the blade of her long sword to Jill’s neck.



“Don’t move, Hadith! Listeard!”

Jill was taken hostage—that much was obvious. From behind the dragons of Elynsia, soldiers appeared. Some of them even came out from behind the trees near the riverbank.

They were surrounded.

Grabbing Elynsia’s arm with her hand, Jill poured all her available magic. However, with a clicking noise, her magic was repelled.

Elynsia was the member of royal family of Rave, as such, she had magical power. If Elynsia wasn’t caught off guard like before, Jill wouldn’t be able to disentangle herself.

“…What is the meaning of this, Your Highness Elynsia!?”

“Sorry, Jill… I’m truly sorry, but I…”

“Why would you apologize, Elynsia? You’re doing the right thing.”

Jill frowned at the person who came from behind and passed by her side.

Georg Theos Rave! Then… yesterday’s red dragon… it’s truly this guy!?

Due to the wind coming from the river, his crimson cloak swayed. Georg swung his silver sword. The silver sword—the beautiful, but also fake heavenly sword was brimming with magical power. That was probably the reason it was mistaken for the real thing.

As he swung it down, he shouted.

“All troops, charge! Capture the fake emperor who plagues this empire!”

“Your Majesty!”

The moment Georg shouted that, the soldiers cried out as they charged towards a group consisting of only a few people.

Jill tried to reach out, but Elynsia seized her and saddled her dragon.

“Be quiet. I don’t want to shed any unnecessary blood.”

“—that, over there, is your younger brother! Despite so—”

“Listeard won’t be killed! My Uncle said he would persuade him!”

“Then, what about His Majesty!? What will happen to His Majesty!? Or is this some kind of strategy!?”

Elynsia bit her lips at Jill shouting.

Elynsia’s eyes had already told the answer in an eloquent manner—


“Forgive me.”

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