Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

69.1 What’s Your Name?

“You can do it. You can do it.”

The young girl who appeared before the seated me without my noticing cheers me on by clutching her fists before her chest and bouncing in place.

Why is she rooting me for?

“I’ve always been watching you! You can do it. You can do it.”

The entire time, a smile is floating across her face. Her long, straight, blond hair flutters and dances in the air with each bounce. She also has large, round, golden eyes.

“My, my, well, well.”
Ruiseine begins to smile at the girl’s lovely cheer.

Eetto, who are you? How is it you’ve always been watching me?”
I tilt my head, completely lost by what’s going on.

“My, my, well, well, is she not Ernea-kun’s friend?”
Eeeh, she isn’t. This is my first time seeing this girl?”
“Is that how it is? However, she is claiming to have always been watching you and is cheering you on.”
“Even though your saying that, what are you rooting me for? Also, to have always been watching me, doesn’t that also mean you saw what just happened?”
“Yeah, I have always been watching! Always from right beside you!”

The young girl rushes over to me and hugs me.

“My, my, well, well, Ernea sure is loved.”
Waah, what is going on?”

I’m at a loss. I can’t figure out this girl’s words and actions at all.

“I, together with this child, have always been by Ernea’s side.”
With those words, she grabs the wooden spirit tree sword on my right hip.

I instinctively understand.

“Could it be, you’re the spirit-san of the spirit tree?”
“Yep, yep. That, that.”

That I noticed right away seems to have made her happy. She’s hugging me even harder than before.

I see, then this child…

The reason I found the spirit tree sapling was due to following a subtle feeling I had stumbled upon. Then, when I visited the village of the Long Eared Tribe, I learned that feeling was the spirit of the spirit tree.

I heard that low ranking spirits can only be felt and thought for sure that the spirit of the spirit tree was rare and a low ranking child. As such, I recognized the spirit’s existence by feeling faint signs of its presence. Priscilla-chan is a special case. Unlike me who can only faintly sense the spirit, she can see it. But still, I never though the spirit would skip over taking the appearance of a bug or beast and suddenly appear in a human form.

“I’m surprised you appeared as a human.”
“Because Ernea fills me with dragon ki every day, I grew.”
“So it’s like that?”

Although I send dragon ki into the tree spirit during my daily meditations, this spirit girl seems to have benefited from it.

I stroke the head of the spirit girl clinging to me. She feels just like a person. My fingers slip through the gaps of her blond hair.

Eetto, Ernea-kun, please explain.”
Ruiseine is pouting by puffing out her cheeks at being left out and I give her a brief explanation.
“My, my, well, well, so this child is the spirit tree’s spirit-san that Priscilla-chan keeps mentioning. In that case, I wonder, what is your name?”

What is the spirit’s name? Priscilla-chan has never called the spirit-san of wind or the spirit-san of earth by their names either.


As expected, the girl furrows her eyebrows. Her expression turns into one where she is stumped.

“My name? What does Ernea think?”

I’m shocked by the unexpected request. I get to decide her name? Even if I’m requested something like that all of a sudden, I have no idea.

This time, I’m the one furrowing my eyebrows. My expression turns into one where I’m stumped.

“Ho- how about we worry about your name another time once things have calmed down?”

My situation is one where I’m sitting on the side of the road after having gotten into a brawl with a man. There’s no way I can decide on something as important as a name right now.

Unn, that’s fine.”
She gives me a happy smile.

Eetto, so then, why did you appear?”
I honestly ask her my question.

Why did this girl who is the spirit of the spirit tree appear in front of me? She didn’t suddenly appear because it’s time for me to meditate and send her dragon ki, did she?

“For that.”
Her expression becomes serious as she looks up at me.

“To support Ernea in doing his best. To help Ernea who’s troubled. To become strength for Ernea who needs strength.”
She hugs me tighter.

“To defeat the dragon king, the current Ernea can’t win alone. That’s why, I will become Ernea’s strength.”

Didn’t she just say something completely outrageous?

“Ernea will become one with me, unite with me. We will combine!”
“My, my, well, well.”

Ruiseine’s cheeks turn red as she covers her mouth with both of her hands. She then gives me a funny look.

“Co-combine you say?”
“Our bodies and hearts will unite.”

Wha- Wha- Wha- What is this girl saying?

“Ernea-kun, do you truly have those sorts of preferences?”
“Tha-That’s wrong! You’re misunderstanding!”

I get confused while going, “Awa awa.”

“Now, let’s become one.”
The girl separates from me with those words and spreads her arms.

T/N: The spirit girl just said dragon king. Does she mean Gild-san??

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