I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

66. Sixth Go! (9)

She truly thought restricting people from using healing magic was Saint Mia’s foolish plan after she failed to achieve what she wanted—

—but, according to the reports of those who had returned, it seemed that Saint Mia’s mind and body had suddenly weakened.

“In short, the reason for her ailment seems to be because she feels ‘unwelcomed’, somehow. The King and the Queen, who have been deceived by her pretty and innocent appearance are currently in outrage because of that. It’s as if she’s a trampled white rose.”

Listening to the report of Duke Radphen, Ally wondered.

Is that so?

Mia’s mental shock was apparently severe, such that the current incident could be taken as God’s warning for neglecting her. It was said that God’s warning was being directed at the royal family.

The face of Maximilian, who woke up from the bed and was drinking the drink made by Ally, was clouded.

“I see, which mean this incident’s spotlights are on my father, mother, and I. It’s easy to imagine how upset they are.”

It was only natural for the king and his wife to summon Maximilian, for they believed their son had offended the saint. It seemed that the king, who remained crouching on the ground, was gradually losing his hair. The queen, whose fine wrinkles had resurfaced in the corners of her eyes, was shivering and hugging her mirror.

As such, they came into conclusion that everything’d be fine if their son comforted, healed, and accepted the saint well.

That might actually be the case.

“It’s such a terrible case… for one saint’s wellbeing to affect a kingdom… I began to think that instead of a blessing, her presence is but a disaster that should be eliminated rather than worshipped.”

The Duke of Radphen sighed with a fed-up expression. He then continued.

“To get her to return to her good mood, outrageous spending which may prove critical to the kingdom has been made. I’ll collect all the evidence around here.”

Maximilian was groaning for a while, but after taking a deep breath, he handed Ally the empty glass and left the bed.

Even though he only too a short rest, his fever had significantly dropped. Still, he hadn’t returned to his peak condition, yet.

She wanted to do something for him, however, Ally was but a baroness. She couldn’t help but feel sick.

One of the grandmas dropped a candy in Maximilian’s palm.

After he chewed it, a beautiful boy with an unbelievably beautiful, fine, coat appeared. The phrase, ‘super excellent material’ came to mind.

His true appearance is cooler.

Ally soon grew concerned about her eyesight.

But once she thought so, she couldn’t erase that idea anymore.

She didn’t want him to go. She felt that she had to convey everything she knew.

The moment Ally attempted to open her mouth without thinking about the consequence, a severe pain struck her chest.

Ally clenched her lips at the warning issued by the unknown.

“What’s wrong, Ally?”

Just like a hawk, he immediately took a notice of her condition.

Ally smiled and said. “I’m alright.”

She thought of faking an illness to make him stay, but then considered that said method was despicable. Saint Mia would absolutely use that method—hence why, Ally didn’t want to stoop as low as her.

There were times when the obligation of a crown prince called, and now was one such time.

“Your Highness, your cravat is crooked. May I fix it?”

When Ally smiled, Maximilian bashfully smiled. “You may.”

The act of sympathy for the saint, which would be done from now on, reeked of danger.

However, if they didn’t go, the restriction of healing magic might affect the people.

Ally reached out with her fingertips and touched the embroidery she had sewn to his cravat, hoping that her prayer would be heard.

“Ally, hold the magic stone I gave you over the prince’s cravat.”

Abel? Are you conversing to me from the demon world?

“That’s right. I’ll be back, soon. Either way, Ibel and I can’t appear before the ‘weakened’ Mia. It’ll give those Shits of Light actual reasons to attack us.”

Ally held the magic stone over Maximilian’s cravat as per Abel’s instruction. The magic stone levitated softly and was absorbed into the embroidery.


“I, it’s a talisman, I’m sure it’ll protect Your Highness.”

That was probably the reason why Abel told her to do such a thing. Power returned to Maximilian’s eyes.

“Thank you, Ally.”

It seemed that the grandma spirits had recovered after some rest. They were jumping around, their burning passion could be felt. The darkness attribute shouldn’t have a healing effect—what kind of mechanism was that?

“Check up on your little brother who’s being protected by my uncle. In the blink of an eye, I will return. Please wait for me.”

“Yes, I will wait for you.”

Her heart was restless, and she didn’t want him to go—nevertheless, Ally still showed him a smile.

***T/N: Who… who is this ‘God’ dude they keep mentioning? I don’t know any “”””God”””” who caters only to one selfish thot’s will and let the rest of the kingdom suffer, I only know of one God–muscle.

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