I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

62. Sixth Go! (5)

“Well then, Your Highness, will you distance yourself from the others…?”

The healer, whom was generally professional, was frightened by Maximilian and the Muscle Special Squadron’s unbelievable muscles.

Those feelings are totally justified. The amount of information being transmitted from the eyes to the brain isn’t just overwhelmingly horrid, but is being burned into the memories.

Ally looked at the healer, feeling somewhat remorseful.

However, as she saw the activation of the light spell—which she had longed for—her tension gradually rose.

When it came to increasing one’s magical prowess, improving one’s muscles would be of great benefit. However, the light attribute was different. It could only be used by someone chosen by God—it was like winning the first prize in a lottery.

Ally was enthusiastic about it. Because of the heavy object currently resting on her lap, her legs were unusually numb.

“Then, I shall cast the healing magic. Needless to say, it’s akin to temporarily boosting your body’s resilience, and borrowing your health in advance. Once your fever goes down, be sure to drink, eat, and sleep well…”

The healer whom was facing Maximilian was clearly rushing. The healer’s desperation to escape could clearly be felt.

The Overlord Muscle stood up, and naturally, the same went with his muscle. His intimidating aura was simply too great.

“Huh? You don’t have to be so nervous. I may be the crown prince, but I’m also human just like you.”


Maximilian bent over a little and stared at the healer, sticking out his face and smiling gently.

Stop it! Your kindness only further misguides the healer! Well, indeed, as a crown prince, he has a warm heart, and his consideration in trying to match his eye level is also very good, in the sense of the general public.

…It was as if he was trying to curb the urge of losing control and giving out. It was apparent that he was trying his best to smile even though his fever was tormenting him.

She was right. Half of Maximilian was made of kindness—

but his muscles couldn’t be said as 50% of him, though, it’s MORE than that…

…no matter how much I think about it, the percentage between his kindness and muscle just doesn’t add up.

“A-Archangel Elumi, Archangel Orafa, Archangel Raal, and all the other angers—I plead for your mercy. Please take away the heat and pain that nests in his body and replace them with warmth and comfort instead.”

The healer extended his palm toward Maximilian and chanted a light spell. Perhaps due to the desperation of leaving early, he gathered all the power he had. Sweat drenched his forehead.

A dazzling white light descended from heaven, wrapping Maximilian’s body with growing momentum. The illness which afflicted the Muscle Overlord should soon be expelled—

—however, after 5 second had passed, nothing happened. Then, another 10 seconds—

—finally, one minute had passed.


“Are you perhaps still nervous? Don’t be afraid of failure, step it up! Don’t hesitate to do it from your heart’s content!”

“No, no, that’s not the case…”

When Maximilian uttered such courageous, cheering, words, the healer replied with a trembling voice.

Wondering what had happened, the four muscle devas surrounded the healer.

They let out unnecessarily blazing remarks such as: “Do not falter!” “Raise your voice!” “Do you want to train your muscles?” “Be a man!”

The healer spewed sweat from his entire body, and repeated the chanting of healing magic as the sweat flowed onto the floor.

“Angels of Light, I beg for your mercy—uryooooooaaaaaaoaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!”

The healer, who screamed as his knees trembled, finally collapsed on the spot.

“No, it’s not good! The Angels of Light refuse to come down! I can’t believe it! No angel dared to answer my call! It’s not that they didn’t hear it, but our pleading has been mercilessly denied!”

She felt like hearing something utterly scary just now. Ally felt goosebumps. Sweat gushed from the top of her head at once.

“Shit! Is this how the Angels of Light intent to get their revenge!?”

Abel’s voice echoed in the room, instead of Ally’s brain.

“5-Bels, get ready in 40 seconds. Go back to the Demon World and gather information! Takkun, I entrust Ally to you!”

“Leave her to me.”

Ally vaguely listened to the voices of her friends, wondering if by ‘5-Bels’, Abel was referring to his five Dark Lords. Her entire body was trembling. Her sweating wouldn’t stop.

That gesture of the Angels of Light… was it perhaps related to Saint Mia? It was shocking enough to shatter Ally’s heart.

Except for the muscle festival, her 10th life has been stress-free. However, it seemed that for the main character of the End of the Century, it wasn’t as convenient.

If healing magic can’t be used, how far will the effect go? What will happen to Jean who’s hospitalized with a private healer?

She didn’t know anything. Her head was dizzy. At that rate, she’d soon faint.

The moment she thought so, she indeed fell back.


Immediately before she struck the floor in an upright and unmoving posture, Ally was caught by Maximilian’s thick arms and was hugged tightly.

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