I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

61. Sixth Go! (4)

“Ally-chan, I brought a healer. I hope Maximilian’s fever isn’t a sign of an upcoming catastrophe.”

As expected, it was the Duke of Radphen. Behind them were the four muscle devas whose eyes were widened to the max. The healer, whom had been summoned in a hurry, trembled like a fawn amidst the mountain of muscle.

They were greeted with a scene of a crying woman, a man who was desperately tried to wipe her tears—and also a lap pillow. The Duke of Radphen’s eyes went sharp with interest immediately—

“—What’s happening, here~”

A sudden on-site inspection began.

“Did you perhaps make Ally cry by fawning over another woman when she’s giving you lap pillow, Maximilian? How foolish, you truly don’t understand the heart of a woman. But Ally, you really don’t have to worry about that, right? After all, the goddess which appears in his dream is the byproduct of an unpopular man’s delusion.”

The Duke of Radphen nodded, saying, “All the mysteries have been solved.”

Ally’s tears, which were flowing like a waterfall, ceased in an instant.

His conclusion was more farfetched and wilder than Ally would have imagined.

Even though there was no need to exaggerate that much…

“N, no, no, no, you’re mistaken, Duke…”

Ally shook her head and rejected the idea. Maximilian stayed on her lap. The Duke of Radphen narrowed his eyes and smiled warmly.

“You did it, you finally did it, Your Highness! See? Ally is just shy! All of a sudden, she suddenly offered a lap pillow!”

“Under her cool façade, Ally turns out to be a passionate woman! Skinship is a sign of love—until now, she’s only been embarrassed and shy!”

“That intensive waltz training was an expression of her desire to support her beloved man!”

“In the first place, the fact that she’s trying to care for you when you’re sick is already a sign!”

“I, I see, as I thought—no, I mean…”

The excited four muscle devas surrounded Ally and made a fuss.

With his head on Ally’s lap, Maximilian raised his right fist.

“Thank you everyone, thank you, Ally! From here on, I shall ascend the stairs of adulthood and as a crown prince, aim for further heights!”

Why, what kind of thinking even leads to such a conclusion?

Ally involuntarily clutched her forehead. To tell the truth, she wanted to hold her head and crouch on spot.

She stared at Maximilian’s face—he was blushing like an idiot! It looked so absurd, she couldn’t voice a single protest!

Perhaps Ally was currently dreaming…

…Yes, this must be a dream. There’s no way a crown prince consisting of such an overwhelming mass of stiff muscles can exist.

“Ally, face reality. For some reason, I feel like you’re running away from it. Look at the bright side, the grandmas are happy. Even though they were dying until a while ago, they are now throwing rice shower and are about to welcome their pension.”

“There’s even a pension system in the spirit realm!? I envy them for not going bankrupt…”

“Of course. The demon world also has such a system. Since it’s Takkun, I may give you a special treatment.”

“Hmm… can you tell me more about it?”

Before she realized it, the brooch was back on her chest. Her two friends, whom were conversing in her heart, were completely unreliable. Ally’s heartbeat drummed unpleasantly.

Terrible sweat oozed from her back. When both her knees and hands shook at the same time, she trembled—

—No, no, no, regarding my current development with Maximilian, it’s synonymous with being suffocated in the valley of the pectoralis major, it’s an eccentric challenge through and through! To die before my parents, that’s just too unfilial! Also, what will happen to Jean!

She imagined herself being hugged by Maximilian.

She’d end up being folded like a can of mackerel, for sure.

There’s no need to even think about it—I’m not worthy to become the Crown Princess—first of all, because of the lack of physical endurance!!!

“No, actually, if we’re going to consider it from that aspect, Ally and Maximilian are totally suitable for each other! Ah, I don’t mean anything dubious by that, okay? It’s just my expression of how high-grade Ally is, okay?”

“I don’t know what you think, but in my honest opinion, you’re qualified. Not in the sense of being balanced with the crown prince, but more like objectively speaking.”

She experienced a terrible betrayal.

She felt dizzy. Ally took a quick breath and shook her head to calm herself, saying, “There is no time to panic.”

Although she was merely a baroness, the wall called Duke of Radphen was overcome by her as easy as that. Despite so, the same couldn’t be said about King Aghail and Queen of Belfia.

Aside from the upset Ally, her surroundings were overjoyed.

Really, why did this happen?

“Is it okay to cast healing magic on him? I think it’d be wise if his fever were cured soon.”

The healer, who had been neglected for a long time, courageously announced.

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