I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

57. Fifth Go! (12)

In life, there are supposed to be three slopes, but until now, I’ve seen none of them. Just when did I go uphill? When did I go downhill?

The wrinkles between Dylan’s eyebrows were about as thick as ten sheets of straw paper, they could easily be pinched.

Dylan glared at Emilio.

“Know your enemies—know yourself; that way, you needed face a hundred battles. I’ve not only improved myself as a crown prince, I have also worked hard towards the development of Elbert. Meanwhile you, Emilio, what the hell have you been doing? You ignored all the letters we sent to your academy. To contact us once a in a while, even if to ask for money, would have been fine—but there was simply none. Even though we are royalty, our hands are already full…”  

Gogogogogo! Onomatopoeic noises were generating behind Dylan. The spirits of the four elements behind him looked like intimidating hawks—or, basically, outlaws. Truly, there was nothing about them that appealed to the weak, even though that was supposed to be the inherent characteristic of a spirit.

“I see, that’s how it is… Ally, the grandma spirits said those spirits have been stripped of their titles because their behavior is against the rules.”

“Fumu, it seems that Dylan’s encounter with those outlaw spirits was spectacularly dramatic—well. I don’t want to listen to it, I bet it’s going to be a long story.”

Ally secretly agreed to the words of Abel.

She already had her hands full with Maximilian, she’d refrain from another dramatic reenactment.

“King Aghail, Maximilian, I came here to fetch my foolish brother—after all, Emilio was definitely going to show up at this grand ball. Emilio, you can’t escape anymore. I’ll retrain your weak mentality and poor body from scratch…!”

“—No! I, I mean, older brother, listen to me, I seem to be suffering from some mild cases of diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches, and heart attacks!”

Emilio, whom was freaking out, hid behind Ally as he trembled like a hare.

Maximilian immediately exuded a cold air akin to diamond dust which pierced Emilio’s heart. As if stabbed from all directions, Emilio collapsed on spot.

“I agree, Emilio is too lackluster. You should be grateful you have such a good brother, namely Dylan, and train your hardest as his apprentice. Elbert is the kingdom of the sea. You can train on rocks in the sea. If you don’t like fish, however, I can recommend you the mountains we love to frequent.”

“Hahaha, well said, Maximilian. However, Elbert, the kingdom of the sea, should suffice. If Emilio were to be tied to a rock on the rough shore for three days and three nights, his mentality should improve.”

…No, he would simply die.

However, Ally read the mood and kept silent.

Because the ancient spirits and Ibel had depleted all of the magical power of the Angels of Light, there was not enough magic left in Mia to fascinate Emilio. Once Dylan grabbed Emilio by the neck and returned, two of Mia’s routes would be destroyed at the same time.

Muscles! Muscles have saved the Kingdom of Elbert! We did it, Takkun, Abel! Muscles can truly save a kingdom!

Ally didn’t know the fate of Elbert as she had been executed in her previous nine lives.

But the two princes of Kingdom of Elbert fell for the same woman. Not to mention, being a crown prince, Dylan should’ve had a fiancée, too. Therefore, it wasn’t hard to imagine Elbert’s final fate.

“W, wait, Dylan, you’ve come all the way here, why don’t you have a chat with our Saint of Light? Saint Mia is the messenger of God. Not only is her beauty celestial-like, she can also use powerful healing magic…”

King Aghail rushed to scream.

Perhaps Saint Mia’s fascination spell commanded him to. Mia’s face was still shining brilliantly, her hopeful eyes containing only Dylan.

“Right, about Saint Mia. King Aghail, Maximilian, and also both of your entourages—I’d like to request for all the information regarding Saint Mia to be sent to Elbert. She may not be guilty, but from the perspective of national defense, it’s quite a grave situation. We can’t just have someone falling from another world just like that. If we could prevent the same situation from happening in the future, we definitely should.”

Dylan didn’t even gaze at Mia and said everything in a single breath.

“I’m not saying that Saint Mia is guilty, but Dylan’s concerns are justified. I shall immediately arrange for it.”

Maximilian nodded resolutely. With their overly rugged hands, the two crown princes shook hands.

“My master, do muscles enrich one’s common sense?”

“There’s no use talking to Ally right now, Takkun. She’s busy fawning over them.”

Saint Mia’s mouth puckered like a dying fish. Queen Belfia, who stood next to King Aghail, uttered in astonishment.

“Dylan… think about the prospect of our Maximilian making the Saint his Crown Princess—do you not feel the slightest hint of frustration or envy?”

“What an odd question… I already have a fiancée, not to mention, if she suddenly fell from another world, isn’t there also a possibility that she’ll return to her original world without further notice? Well, if were my kingdom, once it was proven that she’s indeed the saint, we would prepare lavish gifts as well as food, clothing, and shelter for her, but nothing more…”

Dylan briefly glanced at Mia—“Sorry.” Was apparent from his gaze.

Saint Mia only garnered a little sympathy from him.

“Well, that’s it. We already spent quite an amount of time on the trip here, so I will have to hasten my return. Maximilian, do visit us soon. Let’s go, Emilio.”

Emilio, whom was grabbed by the collar, didn’t utter a single reply. Due to his brother’s wrath, he had become but a shell of his former self.

“See you again! Be a strong rival!”

After Maximilian shouted so, Dylan turned around and smiled.

“Wow. It’s burning. Even though they consider each other friends, in the minds of both Dylan and Maximilian, the word ‘friend’ translates to ‘rival’, ‘nemesis’, and ‘strong enemy’…”

“Must be quite stuffy in there…”

Even though her friends were busy chatting, Ally only heard ‘—Jiiiiin’.

Through provoking Mia just a little, and basically turning her into a mere bystander, one kingdom had definitely escaped the crisis. Such a great joy.

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