I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

55. Fifth Go! (10)

Maximilian immediately casted his gaze, which was sharper than arrow, towards Emilio. To Ally’s surprise, Emilio endured his stare.

Due to the candy of the ancient spirits, Maximilian was in his second form. But his eyes, which kept following the dancing figures of Ally and Emilio, was overflowing with murderous intent.

For his 4th song, Maximilian was supposed to dance with some countess, but those noble ladies excused themselves—their excuses varied from stomachaches, depression, and even some made-up illnesses. Most likely, they were scared off by the ‘Baroness VS Saintess’-thing which was currently happening.

Maximilian’s beautiful boy mask was about to crumble and an overlord muscle form was about to appear in its place—however, with his transcendental will, he somehow managed to suppress it.

Looking at how he was doing his best to keep up his appearance during the ball, Ally was impressed—why, that’s very crown prince-like!

Alright, after this song is over, I’ll have a nice little chat with him—I don’t want to stand out, I also don’t want to provoke Maximilian—so, Emilio, can you please behave?

Emilio was basically trying to draw Ally into his embrace.

Even though the aforementioned guy was sporting a sexy smile, only unpleasant chills ran through Ally’s body.

Every time he attempted to pull her closer, she brilliantly took advantage of the tune to distance herself. Emilio thought Ally was being bashful—like a stereotypical shy maiden.

…Rather than a brain, his head might be filled with sawdust.

When the song was over, Emilio smiled and thanked her. They bowed politely to each other. At that moment, their hands were still connected—Emilio seized the opportunity and pulled Ally’s hand.

Precisely at that moment, the gorgeous door, which was adorned with gold leaves, was opened and a subject whom was responsible for the servants of the royal palace appeared.

“The Crown Prince of Elbert has arrived! His Highness Dylan and his entourage have arrived!”

“What—!? My Older Brother—!?”

Abruptly releasing Ally’s hand, Emilio’s face turned steep.

Maximilian also frowned in suspicion while the four muscle devas solidified in place.

Most of the grand ball’s participants started to become noisy.

In contrary to everyone else, Saint Mia was beaming. Her face was practically shining!

Not only Emilio, whom was absent in my previous nine lives due to his journey for self-improvement, Crown Prince Dylan is also here? Why? I’ve never seen him before…

The king, who had become bushy due to healing magic, raised his voice.

“What’s with your late arrival? If you wanted to meet the Holy Maiden, you should’ve shown some courtesy and arrive a day in advance.”

“Hahaha! Please forgive my late arrival, O His Majesty the King of Orlandia! One of the bridges has been washed away! Come to think of it, the other day, didn’t a heavy downpour occur? As there’s no way the wise King of Orlandia wouldn’t resolve the aftermath of a flood, it must have been the work of a treacherous person!”

Because Crown Prince Dylan was still on the other side of the corridor, his appearance couldn’t be seen.

“M, my, you’ve spoken words of truth! I will find the criminal who destroyed the bridge and never again will he see the light of day!”

Uwaa… pathetic—Ally cursed inwardly.

Even when he wasn’t charmed by Saint Mia, King Aghail was known for his irresponsibility.

A few days ago, after the area had been ransacked by the downpour, he didn’t even visit the place. Thus, there was no way he could have offered any sort of solution for rebuilding the place.

Maximilian also clutched his forehead, seemingly enduring a headache.

After all, a crown prince about the same age as him had made quite an embarrassing remark. Not to mention, ever since Maximilian was born, Dylan was already considered his rival.

More importantly, Crown Prince Dylan did come after all…

These are all of the men who are likely to be targeted by Saint Mia.

From his previous boisterous laughter, “Hahaha!” his hot-blooded personality could already be discerned. He was a youth who had a strong sense of justice, was serious, and also passionate—truly an ideal figure to lead his kingdom.

In her previous nine lives, Maximilian was an extremely delicate person who also disliked fighting. Therefore, he was quite incompatible with Dylan.

However, even now, it didn’t feel like they were good friends…

The “Hahahahaha—!” heard from the corridor became louder.

Finally, Dylan and his entourage entered the hall.

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