The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

28.2 The King’s Identity is the [Dragon King of Organic Farming]

Haa, Lizette seems to be sighing.

[Please be a bit more modest. Have you asked Shouma-nii-sama how he feels about this?]
[Eehー What forー? We’re family, aren’t we?]
[…Honestly, this is why Haruka is a child.]

Lizette pauses.
Then, after a moment──

[Did only her chest grow up……? Honestly… already.]
[Hm? What was that, Liz-nee?]
[It was nothing. More importantly, would Haruka please wash Yukino-sama’s back?]

The splashing from Haruka’s fluttering legs stops. Then, I hear water being paddled aside.

[Then, Yukino-chan, face that way. If it’s okay with you, let me wash your feet too. This 『Yolmalt Grass』 can also be used for cleansing. It grows well in the mud; you might want to remember that.]
[Ye, yes. I’ll turn around…. hmm.]

Potsuri, it’s a sign that Yukino is currently muttering.

[…..Haruka-san’s hanging fruits, they’re poison to my eyes after all.]
[By the way, Yukino-chan is looking for her 『True King』, right?]

Haruka asks innocently.

[Yes. Seeing this village cultivating its fields has convinced me… I’ll surely meet my 『True King』 here, but where could he be…?]
[Really? …well, this might be the frontier, but it’s still pretty vast.]

 ……Her 『True King』, huh?

Since I’m familiar with the circumstances around reincarnation, it’s too heavy of a subject to ask about. However, maybe because she’s currently soaking in hot water, Yukino is talking without reservation. At this rate, we might be able to hear about this 『True King』 without having to ask her. By knowing the details, we’ll be able to help her find that person.

[The harpies whom we are allied with are quite informed. If we know what kind of a person he is, we should be able to find a clue.]
[The harpies hold Aniue-sama in high esteem. They’ll surely cooperate.]
[As I thought, Shouma-san truly is a great person.]
[That goes without saying.]
[That does not need saying.]

Lizette suddenly chimes in.

[Shouma-nii-sama is the king of this land and is Lizette’s family. Lizette doesn’t know what kind of person Yukino’s 『True King』-san is, but Lizette doesn’t believe he is a match for Shouma-nii-sama.]
[I shall not let that slide!]


……. From the sound, Yukino seems to have stood up for some reason.


…. Seems like Lizette has also stood up.


……They’re glaring at each other, no doubt. At least put something on first if you are going to fight. There’s no way I can intervene like this…

[Aniue-sama! Liz-nee and Yukino are glaring at each other! Come and stop them!]

Don’t ask the impossible.

….. But, I guess it can’t be helped.

[Yukino. I, too, would like to ask you about your 『True King』.]
I intervene through my voice only.

[Lizette, calm down a bit too. You can’t compare us if you don’t even know what kind of person he is. Let’s listen to Yukino first.]
[…… If Shouma-nii-sama says so….. Kushun.]


With a tiny sneeze, Lizette’s sinks back down into the hot water. Probably.

[…. Indeed, if I were to just say he’s 『amazing』 without explaining anything, no one would be convinced.]
Yukino says such with a similar chapun sound.

[Yeah, first let’s hear your story. After we warm ourselves up, yeah?]
[I agree with what Haruka said.]
[That’s right.]



Seems like they’ve warmed up enough.

[First of all, I think I’d like to tell everyone……… about my secret.]
A moment later, Yukino begins to talk.

[I apologize for keeping this from you, but the truth is, I’m a human from another world[1].]
[Reeーlly?] (Lizette)
[Eeehー.] (Haruka)
[Such weak responses?! Are? Arereー!?]

…….It can’t be helped.
Yukino, you’re their second other worlder.

[I, had my life saved by my 『True King』 in my previous world.]
Yukino, perhaps having reorganized her thoughts, starts talking again.
[In my previous world, my… body was very weak and so I was regularly hospitalized… I would enter and leave a doctor’s facility over and over again… I had a difficult illness… and was told that I wouldn’t be able to live long. When I was despairing, that person gave me a calling. Therefore── he’s my 『True King』]

[….. So that is your story?][2]
Lizette mutters.

[That is what happened? So that person, is Yukino-san’s important person?]
[Did that person tell you what his name is?]
[He’s the 『Dragon King of Organic Farming』.]

………. Come again?

[I believe that he might be a 『Dragon King that makes use of the land’s power』. In this frontier, a large-scale reclamation is taking place, yes? That’s the peak of organic farming. Now, here we have the 『Dragon Emperor』-san’s bath. There’s a connection with “dragon”. Therefore, I have confirmed it.  My 『True King』 will appear in this land!]

………『Dragon King of Organic Farming』………

……Somehow, it rings a bell…….

It’s as if there is a clicking sound in my head. Kinda like there’s a door opening that shouldn’t be opened.


Calm down. Calm down me.
Right. First, let’s have tea. Some should have been poured into the flask back in the village. I’ll be able to calm down if I have some.
This strange memory that’s stuck in my mind will disappear──

[Ah, excuse me. The 『Dragon King of Organic Farming』 is my own interpretation. The person introduced himself as 『Organic Dragon King』!]
[Waa! What happened, Shouma-nii-sama!?]
[Ah, Aniue-sama, are you alright!?]

Ziba. Pasha. Pacha pacha pata pata!

[I, I’m okay. Hey, Haruka! You don’t have to come here!] (Shouma)
[Haruka! Stop running around nakedー!] (Lizette)
[Eee──eh.] (Haruka)
[Awa, awawa.] (Yukino)

Haruka, who shows herself up to her shoulders, is dragged back to the bath by Lizette.

I cover my mouth and cough violently.
… Just now, Yukino …… What did she say? No way…

[…….『Organic Dragon King』……『Dragon King of Organic Farming』.]
[……. Shouma-san!? Do you have any ideas!?] (Yukino)
[………….. N, no………]

……. It’s me. The me from when I was a chuunibyou! The early version of 『Kiryuuou Shouma』!!

Since Ryuu – Dragon (Doragon) becomes Dragonic (Doragonikku). I thought Oni – Ogre (Ooga) would become Ogrenic (Ooganikku). I would introduce myself as『Ogrenic (Ooganikku) Dragon King』, as I thought it meant 『Oni Dragon King』[3].

I later learned that 『Ooganikku』 means 『Organic Farming』, so I stopped using it. Actually, I supposedly only used 『Ogrenic (Ooganikku) Dragon King』 twice. Yet still──

[….. No way, for Yukino to know that name…….]

This confirms it. Yukino is a human from my world. I happened to meet her during my time as a chuunibyou when she was a little girl.

[Does this mean the goddess-sama collected『Qualified Souls』 within the span of several decades?]

This too is important information, but… something like this doesn’t matter. It eternally doesn’t matter.

……What do I do? Should I tell Yukino about myself?
That her desired 『True King』 was actually me back when I was a chuunibyou. A younger me. Now I’m now a man around thirty.
……. Should I just tell her? Won’t that destroy her dream?

……. What exactly is this feeling?

I feel like I’m reuniting with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen for a long time, but I don’t want her to know that I’ve changed so I’m keeping quiet. Although saying, ‘a pair of childhood friends who are ten years apart’, might pack too much impact…?

[Please listen, everyone, to my memories of my 『True King』……]
Beyond the steam, Yukino starts talking.
[…… I met that person on a certain night.]

It’s a story I know very well──of a world different from here.

[1] No idea why the censorship doesn’t work here. Maybe because they’re in the barrier?
[2] This is said very informally. However, the author makes a point of showing this was Lizette speaking. She then corrects herself in the following line. My guess, she was so shocked, she broke character
[3] This is just to explain the context, if I meet the term again, it’ll still be translated as Organic Dragon King.

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