The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

27.2 The Reincarnated Person (Provisional) Yukino, is Surprised by True Power

Yukino sandwiched two of the mamono between the 『Freezing Wall・Strong』 and the barrier. The third one, however, remained free and is now heading towards her.

[Don’t you come here! 『Freezing Arrow・Successive 《Icicle Arrow Rush》』!!]

Hyun hyun hyun hyun!!

Five ice arrows fly toward the 『Dark Bear』. One arrow pierces the 『Dark Bear』’s left arm and freezes it, but it doesn’t stop.

Gununu, Yukino groans as she keeps one of her arms pointed towards the 『Frozen Wall』. Apparently, maintaining the spell requires her concentration. Yukino is exhausted after the long trip, so it seems that she’s not in a tiptop shape yet.

[Lizette, Haruka, give her support.]
[[Roger that!!]]

Lizette rushes the 『Dark Bear』 from the front.

[I won’t let you hurt the person admitted by Shouma-nii-sama! 『(Claire Flare)』!!]

Lizette slams a purifying flame right onto the 『Dark Bear』’s face.


Without letting up, Lizette stabs the 『Dark Bear』 in the chest with her longsword. The 『Dark Bear』 leaps straight back and she only manages a superficial cut against its furry chest. Lizette follows up by lunging with her sword. The 『Dark Bear』 continues to be pushed back.


The bear backs up into the 『barrier』. It turns its head to check and its eyes pop wide open as it lets out a frightened cry.

[Beyond this point is the territory of 『Hazama Village』. As the lord of the territory, I shall not let you to step into it, not even an inch.]

On the other side is Haruka with her konbou ready.

[The mana of the land resides within me. I shall vanquish you.]

The 『Dark Bear』 shrieks. Meanwhile, Lizette, who had been in front of it, leaps towards the side. This is because of the mana overflowing from Haruka’s body. The raw power of the enchanted 『konbou』. The increased strength due to Haruka being inside the village’s barrier. Furthermore, Haruka’s special privilege that comes from being a castle lord allows her to utilize the mana of the land.
As a result, Haruka’s strengthened special move is──

[I’ll concentrate my power onto a single point! Here I go! 『Inexhaustible Hammer・Revised』!!]


The 『Dark Bear』 is sent flying.

[…… Eh?]

Yukino’s mouth hangs open with a pokan.

The 3-metre tall 『Dark Bear』 twirls in the air and rolls 3 times upon falling onto the ground. Hitting a tree, it finally stops. It was already dead by that time. I mean, there’s a large hole in its body.

Haruka’s technique, 『Inexhaustible Hammer』 is similar to Kenpou concepts, Hakkei (force exert) and Sunkei (one-inch punch), from my previous world. It can deal colossal damage from close range. However, in this world, the driving force is not kinetic energy but mana.

That’s why Haruka, who is inside the barrier, can add the mana she obtains from the [Castle Lord’s Privilege] to the overall power of her technique, but──

[You’ve overdid it, Haruka. We can’t harvest its fur now.]
[Well, it’s fine. Let’s just give up on collecting their fur and go home.]

I turned to the two 『Dark Bears』 trapped by the 『Frozen Wall』.

[Yukino, let me confirm this. If I break this wall, the damage won’t be passed to you, right?]
[It, it won’t. But that’s impossible.]

[This wall is unbreakable for as long as I’m pouring my mana into it. I’ve been attacked by bigger mamono on the road, but they couldn’t break this wall either. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to call this my secret weapon against 『The Cult of Awakening Contentment』, would I?]

[Got it. Then, 『Dragonkin Awakening』── Mana at Full Force 『Dragon Breath』!!]


I breathe out fire.


The ice wall evaporated.

『──── aaa!?』

The 2 『Dark Bears』 turn into ash.

[……………… Pardon?]
[Thanks for the hard work, Yukino. Even though you’re tired, you did your best.]
[Yukino-san, you’re amazing. Without that ice arrow, this would have been more difficult.]
[We were able to concentrate on one 『Dark Bear』 because Yukino stopped the other two. Incredible. Be my friend!]

I, Lizette and Haruka shower Yukino with praise. As I thought, Yukino might really be a formally summoned person. She’s amazing. Her wall even somewhat dampened my 『Dragon Breath』. It seems to be as strong as the 『Black Knight Mesetrat』’s armor. Her power is really useful.

[Really, it’s good that we’ve gotten ourselves a great companion. We’ll be in your care from now on, Yukino.]
[……………… Haa.]

I clasp hands with Yukino. Aree? Why is she looking down? Her shoulders are shaking for some reason too. What’s wrong, Yukino?

[For the time being, let’s go back to the village and rest.]
I propose.

[We’ll deal with the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 later. If possible, I’d like to expand the barrier further and befriend other ajin.] (Shouma)
[Yes. Let’s do our best for the sake of peace!] (Lizette)
[I’ll show you around inside the barrier later. There are even places where we can bathe. Let’s go in together, Yukino-chan!] (Haruka)

[…………….. Are? Arerereー? Am I…… not…… a cheat? Arere? And, what was that, Shouma-san’s ….. dragon-like power? Areee──?]

And like that, the four of us head towards the village.

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