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21. I Gave Fenrir Breakfast

When we reached the courtyard, Ralph was lying on the grass.

The shining sun gave a good feeling.

“Time for breakfast.”

“What’s that?”

As soon as Ralph spotted us, he stood up.

“Aren’t you the woman who healed me yesterday?”

Of course, I was the only one who could hear him.

“Yes, I’ll be here for a while.”

“That’s good. Ralph has a lot of free time, but no one to talk to. As such, your presence will be of help.”

Ralph wagged his tail happily.

…He was reminiscent of a big dog.

Not to mention, he spoke in third person. Such cuteness! I fell in love with him over and over.

“I’ve heard it from Lord Nigel—so Lady Eliane truly can converse with Ralph?”

Abby seemed to be surprised at the situation.

“Yes, I can.”

“My! Then, what does Ralph think about me? I’m always worried about that!”

Abby clung to me.

Such was the case with His Highness the King, too.

Owners really do worry about what their pets think about them, I guess…

I turned to Ralph-chan.

“She’s a good person who feeds me. It’s about time for me to acknowledge Abby.”

For some reason, the way he spoke sounded high-handed.

“Ralph-chan, I’ve heard from Ms. Abby. Ralph-chan, why won’t you let Ms. Abby—or rather, other people, get close to you?”

“Mu, I have to apologize for that. It’s my instinct as a Fenrir. Give it some time, and I may let Abby touch my fur.”

As I thought, the way he spoke was indeed high-handed.

At this rate, this child will end up becoming an arrogant Fenrir!

“Uh, uhm… Ms. Abby, Ralph-chan said he loves you very much.”


“I, is that true!?”

Ralph tried to say something, but before that could happen, Abby had already leaned forward.

“Indeed. Ralph-chan is a shy boy. It’s akin to how little boys sometimes pester the girls they have crushes on.”

Fufufu~ my, so Ralph is like that.”

Abby was in a good mood.

“The way you conveyed it was way off!”

Ralph-chan seemed displeased, but I thought it was a good opportunity for them to get closer in the future.

“Alright then, my precious Ralph, time for breakfast~”

“Oh, o-okay… my stomach is already rumbling.”

Abby took out a large chunk of meat from the bucket.

Once the chunk of meat was placed a distance away from him, Ralph-chan wagged his tail as he approached it.

“Fumufumu, as always, boa meat is delicious—I’ll become addicted at this rate…”

Boa was a demon.

However, it wasn’t particularly strong.

“This side of Ralph-chan is truly like that of a demon…”

I muttered as I watched Ralph-chan devour the demon meat.

Apparently, Fenrir seemed to eat demon flesh as his main diet.

The words ‘demon flesh’ conjured an image of a rarity… however, it wasn’t actually so.

That was because day and night, adventurers and knights would be hunting demons.

Therefore, it was easy to procure the flesh of a mediocre demon.

“Ms. Abby! I want to feed Ralph-chan too!”

“Of course. Well then, Lady Eliane, will you please give this to him?”

Saying so, Abby handed me a piece of wood.


No, it wasn’t actually a piece of wood.

When I smelled it, it smelled like katsuobushi (bonito flakes)



“Could this be… katsuobushi?”

“You did well recognizing it through smell alone—it’s precisely that. Ralph loves katsuobushi the most, you know?”

While I was talking to Abby, I wondered if Ralph had noticed. He waved his tail as he approached me.

Katsuobushi… and a Fenrir—I couldn’t wrap my head around that.

Are you a cat? Or a dog?

“Woman, hand it over this very second.”

“Ara, but my name is Eliane? Don’t refer to me as ‘woman’?”

“I think it’s already enough for a woman to be called a woman—surrender that piece of golden tree-thing right this instant.”

Apparently, he called katsuobushi ‘piece of golden tree’.

It seemed that even though he liked katsuobushi, he didn’t understand it too much.

“Now that the Fenrir has said that—catch!”


I threw the katsuobushi far away.


Ralph kicked the ground and headed for the katsuobushi. His speed was faster than light.

After fetching the katsuobushi, he returned to us.

“Haa, haa, what did you do just now?”

“You’ve fetched it properly, therefore I’ll reward you.”

I gently patted Ralph-chan’s head.

“It feels ticklish…”

“Just endure it.”

After saying that, Ralph-chan crouched on the ground and began to eat the delicious katsuobushi.

For a creature as big as Ralph-chan, he should be able to swallow it in one go, but apparently, he wanted to enjoy the flavor.

I was happy I could watch Ralph-chan eat.

“…Who would’ve thought Ralph can be this docile! Except for Lord Nigel and His Highness the King, he almost never lets anyone else touch him! Lady Eliane truly has a pure heart!”

Behind me, Abby was stunned.

…Sorry for snatching your duty.

But I couldn’t withstand his fluffiness! I wanted to enjoy more of his fluffiness!

After we had calmed down a little…

“So, you’re here, Eliane.”

Nigel appeared in the courtyard.

“Yes., I was feeding Ralph-chan…”

“I see…”


Something seemed strange about Nigel.

He looked terribly panicked.

“What happened? It seems like you were looking for me…”

“I really can’t hide anything from you…”

Nigel turned serious.

“Forgive me for saying this to a guest, however, Eliane, can you lend me your aid?”

“Eh? Did something happen after all? Of course, I will help you as much as I can.”

“I’m saved…! Thank you!”

Saying so, Nigel took my hand.

“We don’t have time to idle, sorry. I’ll explain while we’re moving.”

“I understand.”

I honestly wanted more details, but there was no helping it. It seemed to be an emergency.

“Alright then, Ralph-chan, bye-bye…”

“Don’t hesitate to visit me again, Eliane.”

I shook Ralph-chan’s paw, and he responded by wagging his tail.

He had called me, ‘Eliane’… how happy I was!

Despite the fact that my hair had stood, I still rushed out of the courtyard with Nigel.

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