Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier Translation

1.2 Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier

After my anger had subsided, I returned home. Immediately afterwards, I ran out of the house—saying I was going to find a job in the city.

I didn’t need a man anymore, nor did I need to get married.

The moment they learned about my superhuman strength, they were all going to call me a monster, anyway.

No matter how hard I tried, it wasn’t like my strength would just vanish one day. Besides, how long would I be able to hide it for?

I wanted to live with this power without needing to hide it.

Straightforwardly, I crossed the mountain and dived through the door of the Adventurer’s Guild. My clothes were in tatters while I was fuming with anger.

For some reason, the adventurers I passed by were terrified of me. I glared at the request board before tearing off a request and slamming it at the receptionist who was shivering for some reason.

“I will accept this bag carrier request!!”

“A, alright… um, can you show me your adventurer’s license?”

“I have none!”

“You have none!? Then why so dignified!?”

“I heard that I could still accept requests without one?!”

“Hyii—! Don’t glare at me… w-well, there are some requests you can accept just like that, but with an adventurer’s license, you can get better ones…”

“—‘better ones’ as in!?”

“I, if you don’t have an adventurer’s license, you can only take the lowest-ranking requests. With one, you’d be able to accept requests up to one rank higher than your own…”

“I see—!! What are the other benefits—!!”

“If you have an adventurer’s license, the guild will intervene in case of trouble and lend their support… of course, depending on whether or not you have received a job of the same rank, the response of the other party will change…”

“Then I’ll get one !!”

“U-understood… well, can you fill out this form and add a piece of silver for the registration fee…?”

“A piece of silver?!”

“Y, yes! I’m sorry that it’s so expensive! I’m so sorry—!!”

“I’m not saying it’s expensive! Here, a piece of silver! Give me the form!”

“T, thank you… alright, you will start from the rank of F…”

“F!? What the hell is F!?”

“Hyiii!? Forgive me!! Adventurers have ranks from F to S, and the lowest is F!”

“I see! Then I’m F-rank!?”

“Y, yes, and this bag-carrying request is a D-rank request, therefore you can’t accept it, yet…”

What the hell is that?!”


“How do I raise my rank!?”

“I, if you complete requests, it’ll go up. In regards to F-rank adventurers, the requests that can be approved are the F-rank and E-rank requests… if you want to go up a rank, you’ll either need to do 30 F-rank requests or 10 E-rank requests…”

“I understand! Thank you for your kindness! I will clear the F-rank requests!”

“Y, yeeees!”

“Alright then, I’m going!”

“Be safeeee!”

After receiving the polite explanation from the guild staff, I immediately went to work.

The uncle at the reception was relaxed, but he explained everything properly—he should be applauded, he was a true professional.

“—I was really scared, but it turns out she’s a good person…”

“—I was really scared, but being honest, she’s pretty cute…”

“—I was really scared, but she listened attentively to the explanation, paid for it without complaining, and even thanked me…”

“…I’m truly very scared, though.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Not knowing that such a conversation was taking a place, I cleared a lot of requests (mainly ones that required strength), and after a week, I was able to move up to E-rank without a hitch. With that, I could take better requests—D-rank requests.

Back in the countryside, I was only able to play an active role whenever a cow fell into a swamp (and even when I tried pulling the cow out by myself, I was the one being dragged around instead!)

So, it turned out, at my new place, my strength was also useful for various jobs.

When I lifted a carriage that was stuck in the mud by myself, even though I got dragged around, I managed to do it in the end—

well, that damn horse kicked me, though…

One day, while my achievements were steadily increasing…

“Thank you for your hard work. There’s an escort request.”

When I went to the guild to accept the request as usual, I was stopped by the reception uncle who had become familiar with my face.

A year had passed ever since I had came to that town. I had been promoted to D-rank as an adventurer specializing in carrying goods. I had also received requests for escort from time to time.

“Is it a bag-carrying request, though?”

“Yes, but it’s a long-term one. It seems that they want you to join the party as their carrier.”


“I can’t say too much due to confidentiality, but it’s not suspicious. Iit’s a request from a trusted source.”

After I heard the explanation, it was indeed a long-term request that would take at least one month. However, the fee wasn’t bad, per see. The client would also pay for my meals and accommodations.

I had also been planning to take a slightly harder request. What timing—I decided to accept the request.

When I casually came to the meeting place, I saw the client’s party.

For the first time in my life, I collapsed on spot.

“Thank you for accepting the request. Best regards as the new addition to our party.”ac

The person who said that had a refreshing smile, one which shone so brilliantly my eyes were almost crushed.

He was the hero whom was journeying while shouldering the fate of the world on his back.

***T/N: Ahahaha! Narisa’s straightforwardness is so refreshing and funny, I like her!!!

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