The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

84. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (32)

By far, that was the most serious expression Lawrence had ever shown her.

In response, Jill only nodded.


“You… will wash all of these?”


“…You, you understand what this mean, right? This is basically—”

“There’s a reason why laundry is part of apprenticeship. There’s nothing weird or perverted about it. By all means, please put them in as soon as possible—washing them one by one is too troublesome.”

“Don’t wash it! Let’s confront them! This is harassment!”

Ever since their encounter, it was the first Lawrence had ever changed his countenance and raised his voice.

What is he fussing about?

Jill tried to comprehend it by looking at the content of his hands.

“Since when did this happen? They treat a little girl like this? Unbelievable!”

“Judging from the content of that laundry basket, there seems to be more than one perpetrator. You want to use the content of that basket as a lead? Sure, examine them.”

“I don’t want to examine them…”

Lawrence’s gaze roared his intention; that he absolutely wouldn’t let that continue.

Nevertheless, Jill snatched the laundry basket from Lawrence and dumped all the laundry into the bucket.

“It’s okay, I’ll use all my strength during washing, therefore they’ll be full of holes afterwards.”

“Wait a minute. Why don’t you let the Emperor know about this? If it’s difficult for you to face him, then how about Her Majesty Elynsia? If not, then let me do something about it.”

“Don’t be foolish. If I tell His Majesty, it’ll surely escalate into a bigger problem.”

“Certainly, if you inform the Emperor, your identity might get exposed, and the problem will escalate. But that’s only natural. I don’t want you to worry, but let me say this—this sort of slyness will surely lead to a negative outcome in the end.”

“No, it won’t, listen—”

Jill turned back to Lawrence and pointed her index finger at his solemn face.

“If His Majesty knows I’m being harassed, he may break into sobs! Or he might go in a strange direction! Either way, do you know how hard it is to calm him down?!”

“…Again, what’s so good about that useless-sounding person?”

“…Again, his cooking is so good!”

Hearing the second time she declared that, Lawrence looked to the sky—

“—I, am I bamboozled or something…? Alright, then let me do the laundry.”


“If I want to invite you back to Kratos, I need to up my game.”

After joking around, Lawrence crouched down, rolled his sleeves, and held the washboard to start washing.

In the end, all Jill needed to do was replace the water. She wasn’t allowed to touch the laundry in the slightest.

…His gentleman side showed up in such a strange place…

Afterwards, Lawrence beckoned to Zeke and identified the owners of each piece of laundry. He dealt with them in the shadows.

…She truly wondered what happened in the shadows.

Anyway, since it went in her favor that time, Jill would just let it be. It was truly helpful for Jill wasn’t good at dealing with such things. Not to mention, if Hadith became aware of it, the one who would be pained the most was him.

However, that night, Jill secretly snuck into Hadith’s bedroom which was located near the superior’s barracks, where Elynsia and Listeard slept.

In the corner of the room, Jill encountered the mess that was her husband.

“…What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

Camila, who sat beside Hadith, shrugged.

“Ah, how fortunate for you to be here, Jill-chan~. Look, Your Majesty, Jill-chan is here. I said it will be fine, didn’t I? That it’s only a rumor.”

“…Rumor? What rumor?”

Jill tilted her head. Hadith dexterously sat up.

His line of sight, which was concentrated on Jill, was full of distrust.

“…I heard that you’re going out with someone. A boy who’s an apprentice Dragon Knight…”


“I, I overheard it in the cafeteria… someone said he was being threatened by that boy, who said, ‘don’t lay a hand on my girlfriend!’ I’ve also confirmed with Zeke, that boy indeed said that…”

“W, what is happening!?”

Towards Jill’s astonishment, Zeke replied in a matter of fact.

“I thought that would be the quickest way to put a stop to the harassment you’ve been receiving, Captain.”

“W, wait, the one who said that, the one who said I’m his girlfriend—could it be Lawrence!?”

“Uh-huh, forget the dude’s name. It’s impossible for me to say that line, and since he said he’s still fifteen years old, I thought it’d be okay.”

It isn’t?! I’m still ten-years-old!? How did it come to that!? More importantly, that idiot, is he trying to harass me!?”

“…So you’re indeed acquainted with him.”

To the voice of Hadith, who fell on the floor, everyone turned silent.

Camila sighed, while Zeke whistled and pretended to know nothing.

“I, I became the head chef, for the sake of not making you uneasy… b, but, aren’t you being cruel? While I’m busy at work, you, you’re the one who’s having an affair, instead…!”

“Y, you’re wrong! Calm down, Your Majesty!”

“As long as they’re able to cook, you’re fine with anyone! I’ve heard about it!”

“Ah, indeed, there’s such a side to Jill-chan~”

“That Lawrence guy told me he can cook, too.”

…Her irresponsible subordinates had made careless remarks.

When she tried to interject, tears had already welled in Hadith’s eyes.

“You, you’ve eaten the cooking made by someone other than me!?”

Well, isn’t that obvious… wait Your Majesty, that’s not what I mean!! R, right, I like Your Majesty’s cooking the most!”

“So my cooking is all you care about!”

“…How annoying.”

“‘Annoying’!?You just said I’m ‘annoying’!?”

“That’s a slip of a tongue! Forgive me, listen to me from the beginning…!”

While reflecting how troublesome the situation had become, she explained to Hadith, whose eyes were brimming with tears.

She certainly didn’t mean to hide it.

The moment Hadith heard of the harassment Jill had suffered during the laundry, he got so angry he wanted to behead the perpetrators one by one. Listeard had to stop him, and the overwhelmed Elynsia was forced to write a report regarding the harassment, ‘But… it’s part of the rules…’

While experiencing a chain of unreasonableness, Jill could only strongly regret.

—It was shortly thereafter when the Crown Prince’s secret reinforcements were dispatched to the designed point during the designed date.

***T/N: L, Lawrence…! You want to attack us readers from those aspects…!? You’re trying to win us by showing maturity and courteousness–two things Hadith left at home along with his Emperor’s disposition?!?!?!


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