The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

81. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (29)

I understand—Lady Jill, you must love Lord Hadith very much.”

Faelis showed an angelic smile.

Despite so, her gesture—which was to thinly squint as she smiled—didn’t at all compromise her dignity.

“Indeed. Therefore, if we’re going to fight over him, let’s do it in a straightforward manner. I’ll take you on.”

“That’s amazing.”

Faelis showed her understanding through the clap of her hands.

“If Lord Hadith were to protect this me, who has unfortunately gotten caught up amidst a conflict, surely, that alone would suffice to bring Kratos to your side. However, there’s also the possibility that my older brother might get angry, after all, it’s the same as me being taken hostage—”

“—but you will assure him that the truth isn’t so, right? If you truly wish for the peace between the two countries, and intend upon getting engaged with His Majesty, surely, you’d do that.”

Towards Jill’s preposition, Faelis smiled.

“Why, yes, of course. Alright then, Lawrence, you heard her.”


“Well then, I’m truly sorry for prolonging this conversation. I should also excuse myself, soon. By the way, Lady Jill, please allow Lord Hadith to rest—he has been collapsed on the floor for a while.”

“Eh!? Since when?!”

Turning around, Hadith was truly lying on the floor experiencing death throes. Somehow, the sight of Zeke rubbing his back was akin to déjà vu…

“Didn’t you say you’re getting used to her words… breathe in, breathe out…”

“B, but, she suddenly said, she isn’t handing me over… to receive such a frontal blow in public, isn’t it too embarrassing!?”

“Jill-chan~ don’t approach him any closer, okay? At this rate, His Majesty’s heart will stop~.”

“Ah, okay, it’s… you know, the usual.”

Jill stayed still, leaving the matter of Hadith to Camila and Zeke.

Faelis, in a wheelchair pushed by Lawrence, passed her. For a moment, Jill’s line of sight crossed with Lawrence, but none of them said anything.

The burden on her shoulders finally vanished after the two had left the room.

Camila gently caressed Jill’s shoulder.

“Good job, Jill-chan~ what you did was awesome~!”

“Indeed, it was truly awesome, Jill…! B, but, as you can see, I am not convinced in the slightest…!”

It seemed that Hadith had adjusted his breath. But for some reason, he was peeking at Jill from behind the sofa. Hiding half of his body, it was as if he was using the sofa as a shield.

“To be engaged with Princess Faelis, even if only as a rumor, I despise the idea!”

“What are you talking about, Your Majesty. Moreover, that’s my line.”

Jill approached the super wary Hadith.

“…Besides, doesn’t she fulfil Your Majesty’s requirement? After all, she’s younger than 14-years-old. She probably can see Rave, too.”

Jill couldn’t say for sure because she had been unable to perceive Rave for some time, now. But it wouldn’t be strange for Faelis to be able to do the same.

Hadith looked at Jill as if surprised.

“Princess Faelis should be able to replace me.”

“No, in the first place, that girl—”

“—the possibility that the Goddess might be able to possess someone above 14 years of age applies to the both of us. However, regarding that, I’m more at a disadvantaged—unlike her, I only have four more years to go.”

Hadith’s glare was as if he had never thought about it.

Jill stared straight at him.

“I forbid you from approaching or talking to Princess Faelis unless truly necessary.”


“If you dare have an affair, I will wrap you up in a futon and hang you from the bedroom window until morning.”

Right after Jill had cracked her fists, Hadith hurriedly nodded many times.

Jill was annoyed by her husband, whom behaved like a selfish child, and was wholly ignorant to the complications of a maiden’s heart. Thus, she softly turned on her heels.

“I’m going to resume my work as an apprentice to the Dragon Knights—Zeke, it’s time to go.”

“It’s already this late, huh.” Remarked Zeke.

“Indeed. Let’s work while keeping it secret that I’m the Dragon Princess, that way, it’ll be easy to navigate around—”


Hadith’s gaze was attentive while his expression was both awkward and gentle as he uttered so;

“I have decided, even after you are over fourteen years old, I’ll stay with you.”


“Eh-!? …Um, that, I, I’ll never cheat on you.”


“T, then, uh, stay safe, I’ll be waiting for your return.”

“Those words are only to be expected, Your Majesty.”

Towards Jill, who mercilessly said so, Hadith bit his lips.

Kuh! Tonight’s supper will be a steak of buttered brown chicken dressed with garlic, there’ll also be mashed potatoes and carrots in a glass. For dessert, it’ll be baked pudding with fresh cream!”

“Your Majesty, I love you! I’ll do my best!”

That’s what won her over!?” “That’s what won her over, indeed…~” Said Zeke and Camila.

After starting to walk, Jill who overheard her subordinates stuck out her tongue.

He said that he’d stay with me even after I’m over fourteen years old…

That was a great development considering how much Hadith despised the Goddess.

But she decided to not overly spoil him and hid her cheeks which had flushed red…

***T/N: From this chapter we can judge that Jill is, indeed, a military wife.

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