I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

51. Fifth Go! (6)

Elegantly, Ally swept through the floor and stood in front of Stila. It was amazing how Stila’s real father, the King, never even once took a notice of her.

Her reliable best friends smiled—realizing everyone probably felt the same, Ally smiled from the bottom of her heart.

Cherise, the Duchess of Radphen, gave the king and his wife a cold glance.

The Queen, who had four princesses and one prince, may had used the fact that Cherise had no children to slander her.

“Stila-chan, at today’s grand ball, I’ve invited a few children who’re eager to be friends with Stila-chan. Why don’t you go meet them?”

“F, f, friends!? I, I will be able to make friends?!”

“They are all good children. After this, the adults will be noisy, so can you go play with the children around your age?”

Naturally, the people in the hall were divided into the ‘King’s faction’ and the ‘King’s little brother’s faction’.

Children of the royal family sometimes attended the grand ball which marked the beginning of the social season.

It was actually the role of Stila’s blood-related father to invite children to become his child’s playmates—but since the King was full of shit, there was no such kindness.

Some aristocrats approached with a smile while also bringing their children. Among them were the younger brothers of Marilyn and Carol who approached Stila after gazing at Ally.

Ally turned her attention to Maximilian. He was still surrounded by the religious sect who was showeringed Saint Mia with praises.

Before Ally’s very eyes, Mia was accepting the praises by putting her hands on her cheeks and wriggling around—

“—how cheaaaaaaap-!!!” Inside her mind, Ally was already trashing about.

“Maximilian, the benefits of having a Saint in our kingdom are immeasurable! If the two of you don’t get engaged right away, this rare talent of hers might be robbed by another kingdom and our kingdom would perish!”

The center of the King’s eyes were a strange color. How empty and dark his eyes were!

Apparently, the King had been fascinated by Mia.

Maximilian calmly gazed at his father whose explanation caused spit to fly everywhere.

“Father, I have one question. If this kingdom were to perish because it could no longer depend on the magical power of a saint who fell from another world—wouldn’t that just ruin our public appearance? Not to mention, for the royal family to solely depend on her dazzling light magic, withouttaking into account the adverse effect of someone who came from a different world—is that alright?”

The King went wide agape while Mia gasped.

“Exactly!” the Duke of Radphen laughed pleasantly.

“What an objective, clear-cut argument.”

“Considering it came from him, it’s too clear-cut. I’ve become slightly dizzy…”

The words of Takkun and Abel slipped into Ally’s brain.


She too, was so impressed, her heart felt pierced.

Those… those were the words I’ve been screaming in my previous nine lives! I kept repeating them until I felt sick! Especially through my 2nd to 9th lifes… since I thought that I’d die anyway, I wouldn’t give up halfway. Thus, I keep saying them to Max…

Maximilian kept explaining calmly.

“Saint Mia, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defame you. However, for a woman who has just fell from another world to become the ruler of a kingdom… that’s just reckless thinking. Not everything in the royal palace can be solved through magic—such as diplomacy, negotiating with aristocrats…”

“Y, you don’t have to worry about that! Since the start, I’ve been gifted with those abilities, too!”

“Whether you have the ability or not, I’m going to use this year’s social season to find out. I would like to firmly select, with my own eyes, the woman most suitable for becoming the Queen of Orlandia. Therefore, Lady Mia, you will have to compete for the position fair and square.”

…With his dignity as the Crown Prince at max, Maximilian then coolly turned on his heels.

That was when the Queen uttered an unbearable screech, before collapsing on the floor.

“How can this be!? Then, are you saying that the baroness brought to you by the Duke of Radphen deserves to be queen!? That’s just unbelievable, don’t you think!? Oh, how unthinkable!”

Maximilian, whom was about to greet his next dance partner, halted and shot the Queen a bitter smile.

“I never said any of that. However, at the moment, I don’t think there’s a lady better than her. If possible, I’d refrain from choosing a woman like you, Mother, who leaves everything to her subjects.”

***T/N: Oh my god…

“I never said any of that. However, at the moment, I don’t think there’s a lady better than her. If possible, I’d refrain from choosing a woman like you, Mother, who leaves everything to her subjects.”

Oh my god!!!!!!! (Realize that he isn’t only insulting the shitty queen, but also Mia, who enslaves those Shitty Lights to do her biddings)






take this mic, take this mic young man *shove a mic to Maximilian* AND DROP IT!!!

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