I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode

46. Fifth Go!

Waltz music played by the court orchestra resounded. In the center of the royal palace, within the luxurious hall where a large number of guests had gathered, various things entertained the eyes and the ears.

Glittering dresses, a chandelier-lit dance floor, old people, very young people, and also the rumors encircling them.

Everyone was eye-catching.

A pair of man and woman dancing elegantly and lightly on the dance floor attracted the attention of those who were dressed up brightly.

“How graceful and beautiful they are… but who’s that lady over there?”

“I heard that’s Baroness Ally Crunea, a lady from the countryside. Her appearance with the Crown Prince is both dashing and wonderful—it seems that the Duke of Radphen is planning to adopt her.”

Ally spun around and gently danced on the floor while collecting the people’s whispers using wind magic. She wore a bright crimson dress, one which caused her elegance to overflow—she didn’t at all seemed like a mere baroness.

“His Highness the King’s Little Brother has been active, recently. I thought that the appearance of the Fifth Princess, Stila, would only intensify his conflict with both the King and the Crown Prince. Who would’ve thought that a candidacy for the Crown Princess would end up being set up, instead…”

“Up until now, His Highness Maximilian hasn’t come out to socialize at all… however, it appears that he has a moderate level of political power. According to rumors, it’s the Crown Prince himself who exposed Princess Stila’s misfortune.”

Ally glanced at her feet and saw Maximilian’s footwork. He had faithfully reproduced Ally’s teachings—his movements were both graceful and perfect.

“Despite being a baroness, she has the dignity of a duchess. Really, everything about her is wonderful. The Duke of Radphen must’ve been educating her for years.”

“Indeed, for him to be able to prepare a woman whose built doesn’t appear inferior when standing side by side with the sturdy Prince Maximilian… that’s not something you can prepare overnight.”

Well, regarding that, you’re wrong… Ally continued to dance—a wonderful and splendid waltz that could capture the hearts of people.

She could feel praise, awe, and also envy showering from all directions.

“Her crimson dress… when coupled with her well-built body, and also that tanned skin, it looks like an intense flame… she’s wonderful, too wonderful.”

“I’m envious, but she’s perfectly in sync with His Highness Maximilian… the way she dances is so supple, as if to embody the music… that Ally, she’s so cool…”

A pleasant and light waltz music was played by the court orchestra.

After completing all the steps, Ally looked up at Maximilian with an elegant attitude.

She recalled the days of hellish training they underwent.

At the beginning, Maximilian’s hand, which was strong enough to crush walnuts, would clamp at her hand—with supernatural pressure, to boot. Due to the immense pain, she cried out loud. Not to mention, Maximilian’s flood of sweat—both thick and sticky. The fighting spirit that was accidentally summoned. The floor that was destroyed. Those were the days of her sufferings— not once had it been easy to dance with that man.

“Stila-chan, Auntie will fetch some juice for you. Would you like orange? Or peach? There are also grape and lemon squash~…”

“Well, then, Uncle shall fetch you some sweets. Would you like cake? How about cookies? Because Stila-chan is so angelic, I shall give you heaps of fruit~…”

Ally involuntarily smiled when she heard the voices of the Duke and the Duchess of Radphen which had also been picked up by her wind magic.

“Umm, umm, then, I’d like a grape juice, and also almond cookies…”

““Uwawawa—!!! Stila-chan is too cute—!!! I shall get it right away—!!!””

…The voices of both the Duke and the Duchess were also in perfect sync…

The wife of the Duke of Radphen, Cherise, was a kind person whom was a bit similar to Baroness Ally’s own mother. She was noisy, but her temper was calm—she was a woman with nostalgic atmosphere.

Although Stila was still a bit at loss with how to converse to them, Stila smiled as she watched them.

Albeit I still need to find out more about Duchess Radphen.Iif it’s her, there may be a day when Lady Stila can call her, ‘Mother’ from the bottom of her heart…

Ally performed a magnificent dance, placing her hand in Maximilian’s who was currently in his second form—a romance novel’s male lead. It was as if they were embracing, she could feel his breath.

Although the intensive training was a lot of trouble, his motor skills were undeniably good.

Back then, when Maximilian first came into contact with Ally, he also had a hard time. His nosebleed would drip like a waterfall before he himself sunk into a sea of blood. Now that he didn’t, it could be said that his development was impressive.

As she kept dancing with a smile on her face she saw a young girl trembling, crumpled on the floor.

Saint Mia, dressed in a fluffy pink dress, gritted her teeth as she gazed at Ally.

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