Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

4.You, can Talk!?

Fuu, finished.”

It took my entire day off, but I just barely finished moving around my bags, unpacking, and cleaning my new home.

“Either way, there’s a lot of space…”

As I look around the house, I think that again.

I wanted to go to school in the city, so I preserved and studied hard. Then, in celebration of getting into Sapporo High School with my praiseworthy test scores, my grandparents said I could live in their old home. As such, I decided to live in this house, but its two stories tall and comes with 30 tsubo1 of land. It’s too big for one person to live in.

And that’s not my only worry.
Haa… I can see them after all.”

I can see them. The more I focus, the clearer they become. Not only are there various white spheres, they’re all floating about. I noticed them about 2 days ago. I recalled that kami-sama said, “Your body has been strengthened,” so I tried testing out my eyesight. Then I became able to see these floating, white, spheres. It’s not just them, I can also see half transparent people along with some sorta tiny ossan.

Maybe they’re something like ghosts?

I just wanted to have good eyesight. I didn’t want to be able to see all this. Because of them, I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 days here.

“What do I do? Can I ask for an exorcism or something?”

While I’m thinking that, a white sphere goes out the front door. Other spheres trail behind it.

“What the?”

I open the door while wondering that and spot a collapsed black cat. He’s injured. Hopping about around the black cat are fidgeting light spheres.

“I… can’t ignoring this.”

I bring the cat inside, wipe his light body, clean his wound by rinsing it with water, and then wrap him in bandages. I’m not sure if this is the right way to treat him, but it’s better than nothing. The wound doesn’t seem too deep, so he should be fine for now.

–A lost Diamond–

Built within the Tokyo metropolitan area is a temple. At a meeting taking place in the basement of that temple, a young man screams. “You couldn’t catch the neko-kami!? You, what the heck were you all doing!?”

The name of the angry man is Hinoyama Kou2. Of the Five Great Onmyoudou Clans that protect Japan, he is the head of the Hinoyamaga Clan which administers that area.

“My deepest apologies. An army of 50 onmyoudou masters were dispatched, but the neko-kami-sama’s strength more than exceeded our expectations. Many were seriously wounded and none who remain are without injury.”

Despite being showered with harsh words, Hinoyama’s subordinate, a man by the name of Mitsurugi Yuuen3, gives an indifferent report of the situation.

“Nevertheless, it has been reported that the neko-kami-sama was also severely wounded. As such, a number of personnel have been positioned around surrounding shrines and temples. Once the neko-kami-sama returns for healing, there will be an ambush waiting.”
Che, well, that’s works. With the land-kami, that cat, gone, that place should become an evil spirit den. If that happens, the Mizukami Family will lose influence. Fuhahaha! Then, Uruka4 will be compelled to rely on me!”

The subordinate Mitsurugi, while considering the young man’s words unpleasant, listens without changing his expression.

“Still, I absolutely want that cat as a subordinate spirit. Find it no matter what!”
“…We obey.”

Mitsurugi, despite furrowing his eyebrows, is refining a new plan for capturing the neko-kami.

–A second lost Diamond–

“Oh, you woke up?”

After a few hours of being in my care, the black cat wakes up. He looks around for a bit and then looks up at me.

“No need to be afraid, this place is safe. Here, some milk.”

It isn’t for people. It’s cat milk I bought at a neighboring supermarket.

“I was a bit thirsty, it’s a big help.”

At those words, the black cat begins to lap up milk from the pla…くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp!!

“You, can talk!?”
Mu, I accidentally spoke like I normally would. Sorry for surprising you.”

Hohee, well, if there are ghosts and kami-sama, then a talking animal isn’t all that strange.

“So, some animals can talk too.”
“You’re not very surprised.”
“Yeah, I’ve gone through some pretty incredible stuff.”

Kami-sama did resurrect me after all.

“I see. You are going through hardships despite your youth.”
Ah, yeah.”

What’s this feeling of dignity? Just how old is this guy!?

“For the time being, you have my gratitude for saving me. Although I wish to reward you for this debt, I don’t intend to trouble you any longer. I shall return home, excuse me.”

The black cat goes outside with those words. He’s staggering. Has he still not yet recovered his strength?

“Wait, wait, wait, going out with your body like that is too dangerous. You can just stay here.”
“I’ll be annoyed if you went outside and died even though I went to the trouble of helping you. At least take it easy until your injury heals.”
Mu… that’s true. I was utterly disregarding your good intentions. If you are fine with it, then I’ll be troubling you a bit longer.”
“Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking that this place is too big for me to live in alone. If you like it here, you can stay forever.”

The black cat, having decided to stay, returns to lay down on the cushion he had just been using. Is it because his worry has been resolved? He collapses and drifts to sleep.

It’s quite late. I drape a bath towel over him like a blanket and then go to my room to sleep. Maybe it’s because someone else is here with me, I’m finally able to have a good sleep after a long time.

T/N: Of course, the cat can talk. All cats can talk. Are you trying to say you’ve never met a talking cat before??

<3. Ah, I Forgot to ask for her Name
5. Summon, Shikigami!>

  1. 1 tsubo is 3.31 square meters or 3.95 square yards.
  2. 火野山 業
  3. 三鶴城 幽炎
  4. 潤叶, a woman’s name