Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

33. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (6)

His lips parted slightly, Gaizel gave her a flurry of kisses.

Eventually, Tistye had to draw back from lack of oxygen.

Finally, the storm of kisses ended.

However, the exhaled breath clearly contained desire. Tistye looked up at Gaizel.

Perhaps Gaizel also noticed her line of sight. However, he suddenly closed his eyelids—a deep wrinkle formed between his eyebrows.

The voice of Gaizel’s heart as he desperately tried to seize control over himself reached Tistye.

[“I can’t… there’s a morning meeting one hour from now… Randi also told me not to overburden Tistye’s body until the ceremony is over. Even if it’s merely a ceremony, I don’t want anything to happen to her…”]

He’s concerned about me?

Tistye pondered—but blushed again after realizing the hidden meaning.

Indeed, if we overdo it, I might not be able to wear the ordered dress. The ceremony itself may be at risk…

All Gaizel wanted was to respect that plan.

After spending some time in agony, he released Tistye. The corners of his mouth rose some as he regretfully stroked Tistye’s hair.

“Forgive me for falling asleep.”

“I, it’s fine. Did you sleep well?”


Afraid of being late, Tistye also woke up. Gaizel sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the jacket he had cast aside yesterday.

Wanting to be with him as much as possible, Tistye rushed from the bed and stood next to Gaizel.

“Yesterday, I finished the current issue. From now on, I should be able to return home.”

“I, is that true?!”

Gaizel grinned when he heard Tistye—she sounded more pleased than he thought.

He tidied the Tistye’s bangs which had got messy after she had jumped. Afterwards, he lightly kissed her on the forehead.

With a gentle smile that he never showed before his subordinates, she could hear the voice of Gaizel’s heart which sank deeply. It was as if he was being accused of a felony.

[“Half a year… can I really endure that long?”]

Y, Your Majesty…

Unable to reply, Tistye struggled to maintain a complicated front—but inside, she was reveling in joy and embarrassment.

Two weeks had passed since the meeting discussing the wedding ceremony.

After receiving the news from the chief about the arrival of the gem for the tiara, Tistye headed for the drawing room.

Gaizel seemed to be having meetings in neighboring kingdom. Today, the meeting would only be with Tistye alone.

As soon as she entered the room, in addition to the chief, there was someone she was familiar with.

“Van! Why are you here?”

“His Majesty has specially instructed me. I’ve been ordered to do my best to help the First Empress. You can think of me as an escort?”

“Escort, you say?”

Van, who replied with a yes, glanced at the chief of the ceremony. As Tistye sat down on the sofa, she was gently presented with the box the chief had been holding.

Then, as if there was good news, the chief of the ceremony began to wave her hand with a smile.

“I’m sorry for the wait, Your Majesty the Empress—I thereby present you with the ‘levanite’.”


The moment Van opened the lid, Tistye sighed.

On the center of the crimson velvet padding sat a large gem. It had a deep blue color like the clear winter night sky—it was closer to the color of Gaizel’s eyes than Tistye imagined.

The gem, which was oval-shaped, could be seen as either purple, gold, or white depending on the light’s intensity.

“Who would’ve thought that the actual thing has a really wonderful color. If such is the case, then I’m sure this will satisfy Your Majesty the First Empress.”

“Yes… It’s truly beautiful…”

Tistye wasn’t confident enough to touch it with her own hands. Despite so, the beautiful gem still left Tistye speechless as she gazed at it for a while.

It was said that beautiful things had power. That jewel called levanite really attracted people’s hearts—it seemed to have magnitude of charm.

The men seemed to experience the same feelings as Tistye—both the chief of the ceremony and Van were fascinated by its brilliance,

Eventually, the chief of ceremony cleared her throat as she picked up the documents and read them aloud.

“—therefore, based on this, a design will be created. Do you have any in mind?”

“I, I’m sorry, but I’m not very familiar with that… if possible, I don’t want anything too flashy…”

“I understand. I’ll convey it to them.”

Apparently, it seemed that some designs had already been prepared and that she’d bring those prototypes within a few days.

Under the instruction of the chief of the ceremony, Van closed the lid again.

With the radiance of levanite thus contained in the box, the tense tension seemed to break.

“Then I’ll move it to the royal vault at once. After the details have been decided, we will prepare it.”

“Alright, thank you very much.”

“I’m being tasked with such a huge responsibility. Even I myself am afraid of lugging it around like this.”

Van chuckled.

Gaizel, whom was absent, was worried about Tistye. That said, she never imagined he’d ever entrust the knight with a national treasure.

 However, it was really encouraging for Tistye. Someone she was familiar with was there as she talked with the chief of the ceremony. She had to thank Gaizel.

“By the way, when will His Majesty return?”

“He said he’d return home in the evening. I told him that he shouldn’t hesitate in staying, but he turn a deaf ear on me.”

Van lowered his eyebrows—however, his tone was as if he was having fun.

She wondered if Gaizel told him something last night. Tistye immediately became embarrassed—

as I thought, was yesterday’s incident too much for him to bear?

“His Majesty strictly told me to keep an eye on Her Majesty the Empress’ condition. However, I have to take care of this first. Therefore, I’ll leave the main residence for a short while.”

“I, I’m sorry, take care.”

Feeling that Gaizel’s overprotectiveness was getting worse day by day, Tistye clutched her forehead.

Although it’d be better to have a reliable person nearby, she felt guilty for frequently involving Van.

Once His Majesty returns, I’ll tell him that it’s alright…

Sensing something from Tistye’s expression, Van and the chief of the ceremony smiled together.

***T/N: …So, Gaizel didn’t plan to do the deed since the very beginning? Then why did he invite her to the master bedroom? Are they going to play jenga together? Explain, Author!!!

…and the Author isn’t even being subtle about it anymore. We are never getting pass the first base, folks. This story isn’t ready to enter moonlight syosetsu yet.

but seriously, HALF A YEAR?! And for what reason!? And if he did manage to endure that long, knowing how much he wants Tistye, he’d be a Saint at that point!

Tistye: …Otherwise the dress won’t fit. (…Seriously, that’s your problem? I checked and it took 3 months to tailor a wedding dress, and may last 6 months if 1.) the bride is picky, 2.) the fact that other people are also in line to tailor a dress–BUT!!! GAIZEL IS THE EMPEROR, HE WILL TOTALLY BE PRIORITIZED AND HE’D ALSO HIRE GAZILLION SEAMSTRESSES, this worry of Tistye just feel lackluster to me…)


…So, basically, these two want to do it, but they are just searching for excuses after excuses to cockblock each other. Because Author.

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