Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

31. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (4)

Little did she remember about what she had for dinner that day.

Although stunned, the bath that night lasted twice as long as usual. Together with Lizzy, she carefully selected her cutest nightwear.

However, as bedtime approached, there was no sign of Gaizel returning.

She wondered what was going on, but she believed in their promise and decided to head to the master bedroom. Her hands held a lantern and a small basket.

The master bedroom was located next to Gaizel’s bedroom. In fact, his room and the master bedroom were only separated by a door. She couldn’t confirm it because the room was locked, however, there was no sign of someone in the room.

As she thought, perhaps he hadn’t returned yet.

What a spacious bed…

The bed in the Utaka’s inn was impressive, but the beds there were decorated with magnificent decorations and canopies which were reminiscences of the history of Verscia.

Just by thinking it was where Gaizel usually slept, Tistye’s heart pounded.

For some reason, she felt guilty for sitting on the neatly arranged bed.

Thus, she decided to sit on a three-seat sofa on the side.

She looked at the clock.

The servants had already finished with their work, but Gaizel still hadn’t returned from the royal palace.

He’s pretty busy, after all… I hope he isn’t overdoing it…

There were about two hours before a new day started.

Tistye decided to read a book to kill time.


A gentle call awakened Tistye.

When she raised her face in a hurry, Gaizel, with his dark hair, peering at her in concern. A book remained open in her lap. Apparently, while reading, she had fallen asleep.

“I, I’m sorry, Lord Gaizel! I intended to stay up and wait!”

“No, I’m the one in the wrong for making you stay up until this late…”

What time was it?

Tistye checked the clock.

The date would change soon. Certainly, if his work usually finished around that time, it’d be more convenient for him to stay in the royal palace rather than return to the main residence.

“…There’s no need for you to worry.”

“After all, I did promise you I’d come home today.”

With a fleeting smile, Gaizel gently tucked a lock of Tistye’s hair behind her ear.

Such an intimate gesture… Tistye put both her hands together to conceal her shyness, “By the way…”

“Lord Gaizel, have you been eating well?”


“Umm, you come home late every day, I worry you aren’t eating enough.”

In front of the quiet Gaizel, Tistye showed the basket. When she took off the cover, it was revealed that the basket was packed with sandwiches with beautiful cross sections…

“…I thought it’d be nice if you had some supper.”

She tenderly presented it. Gaizel only stared at it mysteriously.

However, soon enough, he picked up a sandwich from the middle and sat beside Tistye as he munched on it. The little sandwich disappeared from Gaizel’s hands with just two mouthfuls. After enjoying the taste for a while, he muttered in joy.


“Really!? That’s good, I’m not really confident in my skill…”


Tistye, who suddenly blurted so, covered her mouth as she screamed.

However, Gaizel had already heard everything and now was wondering what was happening.

Instead of redirecting his understanding, Tistye admitted.

“B, because Lord Gaizel was finally returning after a while, I wondered if there was anything I could do… thus, I made these sandwiches after learning from the chef.”


To Tistye, who gradually blushed as she explained, Gaizel seemed caught off guard.

As I thought, is it not good, after all?

However, Gaizel snatched the basket and gobbled the sandwiches one after another.

Tistye was stunned.

“Lo, Lord Gaizel?! If you eat that much at once—”

“After hearing what you said, do you think there exists a man in the world who could resist eating this?”

“B, but…”

Although handmade, it was still an amateur dish.

Besides, they were also a bit flattened—she felt embarrassed and sorry. To Tistye, the sandwiches weren’t that appealing.

Gaizel, who ate the last one, revealed the emotion in his heart.

[“…Thinking about it, this might be the first time someone has cooked for me. My Mother didn’t cook, and I wasn’t at all concerned about food…”]

Lord Gaizel…

She had heard about Gaizel’s past. His mother died early. His childhood was spent being entrusted to another family.

There were no detail to be talked about because there was really nothing special. But, given Gaizel’s unfavorable environment, that was only natural.

The sadness that Gaizel has in the past will never heal for the rest of his life… but surely, I can change it in the future…

Thinking about it, Tistye squeezed her hands together as she asked,

“T, thank you… if you’d like it, I can make it again?”

“I’m grateful, but… wasn’t this difficult to prepare ?”

“Not at all! I made them fully intending for Lord Gaizel to eat them!”

Gaizel, after hearing Tistye’s remark, sighed deeply. He clutched his forehead.

[“I know… I didn’t mean it like that. Truly, I didn’t mean that. I had no intention at all… however, my heart is currently muddy…”]

“Lord Gaizel?”

“No, nothing, then, please make them again for me.”


**E/N: Wait, so during their time in that village, Tistye never cooked a meal??  Did they have some sort of community eating time or something??

***T/N: …Umm, I don’t think so?

“N, no! Nothing! I will serve the rice right away!”

After dinner, Tistye finished cleaning up and approached the fireplace. Gaizel was unusually lying on the sofa, asleep.

16. For the Sake of a Human’s Life, it Can’t be Helped (2)

And, and, haven’t they already decided to share the master bedroom before? Like, ain’t that one of the initial conflicts which got resolved between them during the first arc? Remember how lonely Tistye felt because they have been married for some time, and yet never shared a bed? REMEMBER WHEN OUR GOLDEN EMPEROR SAID THIS?

“Starting from today, this is your bedroom.”

8. The Announcement Party is a Battlefield. (4)


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