The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

22.2 From That Point Onward: The Servant of Meal and the Beloved Child

From the previous gloomy appearance he had just seen, Dia had emerged anew—her eyes shining brilliantly.

The fairy of the genealogy, which was made to fetch skewered meat from the oasis of Sanaark at the behest of Noin, was informed by the shop owner that if it wasn’t for the King of the Night, he wouldn’t had bebeen allowed to change his order midway.

The owner told him, after that, there was no more. Dilvier received the skewered meat, before teleporting again.

He stepped upon pale darkness which was the teleportation magic.

On that day, as he lent his shoulder to his mother, whom was poisoned and couldn’t walk well, he saw the tears which flowed down her cheeks.

Based on the way they were derived, there were several types of fairies.

As a form of derivation, there were fairies who were like mothers giving birth to a child, such as tree fairies. There were fairies which increased themselves by making siblings, such as flower fairies. Based on each realm, they would then derive their individualities from the qualities they controlled.

Therefore, Injitta wasn’t a fairy who gave birth to Dilvier, and his sisters also weren’t blood-related to him, unlike a human family.

However, both his mother and sisters were important to him, because they had been by his side ever since Dilvier was first derived. The fairy of the twilight had a close relationship within their clans. They also had a queen which they’d call mother.

That day, Dilvier was still unfamiliar with his own feelings. Despite so, the tears shed by his mother, who had to kill her beloved child with her own hands felt unbearable.

After that day, never would I have thought there’d come a day where I would be kind to a human.

Fairies may be affectionate beings, but they never forgave those who broke their promises.

It was the fairy’s quality.

It was inevitable for his mother to kill her daughter—despite so, it was also only natural for her to lament that she had to kill her beloved child with her own hands.

The humans aside, that was just how a fairy loved.

For that girl to take his mother’s hand after knowing she was different than her—that she was a fairy, meant that the girl had accepted her.

That’s why, I’m grateful for Lady Dia’s existence… she has been a help to my mother, sisters, and brothers…

His mother wanted to cherish human beings, his sisters wanted to cherish cute little creatures, while his younger brother and sister were still unaware of humans.

Some night fairies had qualities which weren’t too incompatible with humans, but that was the first time they had taken in a human.

Aside from their qualities and what they were derived from, the fairy race loved the weak and enjoyed amusement.

In such a circumstance, a human child whom had lost her family was taken in—there was no reason why Dilvier’s family wouldn’t be excited.

“There are times when I will empty the castle, but you mustn’t take Dia anywhere, you hear me? …Become her guardian. I know you have a past with humans, and I’m sure you’re reluctant, but I’m sure there are some in your clan who have a desire to be kind to humans—including you. There aren’t many humans with temperaments like Dia. She also likes my quality.” Said Noin.

That day, the fairies of the night obtained their first beloved child thanks to his master who entrusted him with his companion.

For Dia to become Dilvier’s precious something, it was quite involuntary—when he saw the defenseless child with round eyes, he just couldn’t help it.

His mother also quickly fell in love with her. His older sisters, who were betrayed by their lovers, were also obsessed with Dia.

Occasionally, he felt bitter that he had to share her, but it felt nice to see his family overjoyed.

As Lord Noin has once said—what was gained when it should have been should be considered a fortune.

The hungry and dry heart was appeased, the fairy queen of the twilight was now happily spending her days considering what kind of snack she should prepare for Dia next.

It was a salvation for his mother, whom was betrayed by that girl, whose wish was deprived—

—it was also a salvation for Dilvier, who once loathed humans due to his mother’s grief.

“I’ve obtained it. Apparently, Lord Noin made a mistake in the number of orders.”

“Over time, you may change your mind about which meat you want to eat. That’s what an appetite is.”

Fuaaa! There is all kinds of meat!”

“Listen, Lady Dia. There’s only one shop at this place. Preserving magic can be applied, so let’s leave some for tomorrow or later.”

“…Nu. The preciousness of meat only shines when there is a lot of them…”

“—and who was it, who fell asleep the other day after eating too much.” Said Dilvier.

“It can’t be helped. I’m a wise lady who can learn from experience, therefore I shall accept your suggestion.”

With that pointed out, Dilvier smiled bitterly as Dia was forced to choose her favorite skewer.

Looking at her smile as she gladly chose a skewer, he thought about giving her another one, but he quickly hardened his conscience.

“Dilvier, that girl is so cute. She’s so adorable, she’s my cute, precious, child—so I want her to be happy.”

Perhaps the reason he remembered his mother’s words was because he had finally found a companion.

Dia, regardless of her values and temperament, didn’t have the annoying belief that only those of the same race could get married.

In that way, Dia, who entrusted herself happily, was also a cute and precious child for Dilvier.

Dilvier could finally understand his mother’s obsession towards loving humans.

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