Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

14. The Cause of the Illness


Once I was satisfied with the fluffiness of Ralph’s fur, I decided to return to Nigel and the King.

“Your Highness, do you have any idea for what ailed Ralph?”

I asked the King.

Then, the King turned stern, ‘Hmm…’

“—I don’t know. At first, I thought he had a mild cold. However, he gradually grew weaker—neither potion nor magic could heal him. I had almost given up—I have no idea what in the world happened…”

I couldn’t hide my confusion.

As a saint, I had healed many people and animals.

However, as for that muddy aura… I had one inkling—

—it was a curse.

A strong grudge against others made it possible to curse someone.

Depending on the curse, those who had been afflicted by it would show various symptoms. Ralph-chan had shown those exact symptoms.

If his illness was indeed caused by a curse, we’d be in trouble.

That was because curses couldn’t be cured by just any healing magic.

There were only two ways to break a curse.

The first was with the aid of someone from an uncommon profession called The Curser.

While the second was through the saint who is protected by the goddess… which was me.

Although it meant it wasn’t impossible to break a curse, there weren’t many Cursers or Saints available. As such, once someone was cursed, it became troublesome.

“Your Highness.”

“What is it?”

“It is but a guess, but…”

I told the King everything I had discovered healing Ralph.

“…I see, a curse, is it?”

Naturally, the King was aware of the troublesomeness of a curse. His face became distorted.

Because a curse would show varying symptoms, it’d be difficult to diagnose at the beginning.

That was why I said it was merely a guess.

“It isn’t the final conclusion. However, the possibility is undeniable.”

The King appeared astringent.

Even though it was a pet, it was the King’s pet.

It was probably the work of those who bore hostility to the King.

Even then, why would Ralph-chan be cursed instead of the King?

was it an unfinished curse meant to latch upon someone?

Alright, I must stop there.

It’d be better to leave the matter to the King.

“Well then, should we put an end to this gloomy conversation?”

The King clapped his hands several times to change the topic.

“Eliane, stay here for the night. Preparing a place for you to live in the city will take some time.”

“Would that be alright with you?”

“Of course, although it might be possible that the room prepared for you is too large, but…”

 I was thinking of staying at an inn, but honestly, this worked, too.

The money I brought from my former kingdom was very small. I had to be frugal.

“Is Lord Nigel alright with this suggestion?”

“I welcome Eliane very much, too. You can stay overnight as you like.”

Nigel seemed to agree with the King’s proposal.

“If that’s the case, I graciously accept your offer.”

I bowed deeply.

***T/N: Lol so through theory of elimination, Eliane already had one foot in the grave regarding concealing her true identity, then.

However, rather than coming off as someone who’s careless and didn’t at all care about keeping the secret of her own identity through using those high-tier magic, Eliane came off to me as this too kind of a person, who has no bottom line in regards to helping people in need no matter what the risk.

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