Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

12. It was Fluffy

I went with the King and Nigel to a garden within the castle grounds.


Then I saw something ridiculous.

“F, Fenrir!?”


A huge Fenrir covered in green was laying on the green garden.

“By ‘pet’, you mean that Fenrir-?!”

“Exactly—didn’t I tell you before?”

“You didn’t—!”

…Really, this father and son were both brief in their explanation.

Fenrir was a kind of demon.

However, it was a relatively friendly monster. Even if it saw a human, it wouldn’t attack the innocent.

It would be a different matter if said human showed hostility.

As such, some people kept them as pets…

In the first place, unless the Fenrir himself acknowledged the person as his ‘Master’, a pact wouldn’t happened.

Fenrir were also costly to buy, therefore mere commoners wouldn’t be able to afford it.

For that reason, it wasn’t unusual that the King was able to keep a Fenrir, but…

“It seems that it isn’t feeling well…”

I was worried about the Fenrir.

“Indeed, it is as I’ve said. No matter which healer came to see him, Ralph never showed any improvement…”

Ralph… such was the Fenrir’s name.

“I see. Well, I’ll see to him at once.”

I tried to approach the Fenrir.

However, Nigel immediately seized me.

“Eliane, let me come with you.”


“Ralph doesn’t really like people. As such, he might attack you. You also mustn’t touch his body carelessly—however, if we go together…”

Of course, the Fenrir was familiar with Nigel—


“I will be fine. After all, he’s so cute, why wouldn’t he let me touch him?”

“E, Eliane-!”

Without listening to Nigel’s protests, I proudly approached the Fenrir.

“What a cute child…”

When I conversed to him, the Fenrir said nothing and only glanced at me.

He didn’t even answer… it seemed that his symptoms were severe…

“Excuse me then…!”

I had never touched a Fenrir before.

I never had the chance—but even so, I didn’t think I’d get bitten.

Because it looks so cute!

I was already on cloud nine when I touched the soft fur.

Even when I hugged his large body, he accepted me gently.


My expectation was correct—the Fenrir was very fluffy!

It felt good…

“Fluffy…! Ha—! No, no, I almost forget my original purpose…”

I’ll cure you soon.

I concentrated and applied healing magic to the Fenrir.

“Wow! What a divine light!”

I heard the voice of the King from behind me.


Quite a troublesome disease that was…

When I concentrated and used healing magic, I could see the aura of the opponent.

A healthy aura would be colorless and transparent.

The more vivid the color and the cloudier it was, the worse the symptoms.

…Fenrir’s aura was a cloudy red?

Just a mere glance of his aura already caused me unease.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an aura of this color…”

I was befuddled, but I continued my treatment.

Then, the red aura gradually approached one colorlessness and transparency.


“—I’m finished. I think he’ll be fine.”

I completed the treatment of Fenrir and turned around to report to the King and Nigel.

“I, it’s over?!”

The King sounded amazed.

Nigel was also stunned.

“Yes. Hey, Fenrir—Ralph-chan, you can move already, right?”

I spoke gently.

Then, Fenrir, Ralph-chan, slowly stood up on the spot.

However, I wondered if it was because he had been resting for too long, Ralph-chan was a little wobbly.

Ara, please be careful.”

I supported Ralph without any delay.

Waaa… too fluffy…

It felt too good.

I wondered if Ralph had regained his senses.

It didn’t take long before he was able to stand without my support.

“W, what a sight! So many healers have attempted to heal him, only to no avail! But Ralph was restored in such a short time?!”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ralph standing, and for Ralph to let someone he has only just met to touch him so casually—!”

The situation surprised them further.

If it’s only this, it’s easy, ahem.

***T/N: Lmao, Eliane, when it comes to healing, what’s hard?

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