The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 10.2 Witness’ Statement: Patrick Wardington


There should be no chance of winning, or for Riol to stay safe…

However, Patrick, who expected Riol to collapse on the stage, instead witnessed the opposite.

“W, what is happening!? How could this be!?”

“No- not possible, His Highness Leonardo has…!”

“Riol Glen, no way, he…”

It didn’t feel real. Patrick could hear the audience raising a racket from somewhere far away.

A student from a department that researches written magic… Riol was the scholarship student, the supposed inferior student.

Riol should had been the weakest in the school, but not only did he managed to counter every one of Leonardo’s spells, at the end, when he was about to be swallowed up by a huge tornado—he managed to conquer it, too!

It was Leonardo, not Riol, who faced utter defeat.

“Ha, haha…”

Riol won. Even in such a desperate situation, Riol had won. The student who should be the weakest in school, one who couldn’t even use beginner magic, ended up being the strongest.

The black-haired boy, standing amidst the stage, saw a strawberry blonde girl running up towards him. The two held hands—just like a captive princess and a brave hero that had saved her.

Patrick watched them as if watching a dream, but in the next moment, he was brought back to reality.

“You…! Do you realize the weight of your actions towards the next King…!?”


Leonardo’s follower, Edward Ariarose, screamed.

“Just you remember this, when His Highness becomes king, your head will fly!”

That was right. It wasn’t over yet. Despite winning, the stigma towards Riol hadn’t been cleared away yet. The stigma which said, ‘Riol was obsessed with the prince’s favorite, thus was sanctioned to a duel’.

“Patrick! Where are you going!?”

Don’t joke with him.

Riol had come that far, only to be defeated by the power of authority? Not happening.

“Stop! You’re trying to help Riol!? Did you hear what that attendant said!?”

“As if I care!”

Shaking off his friend’s grip, in the end, Patrick rushed forward.

Despite so, when Patrick reached the end of the stairs, Riol had already proved his innocence—calmly, too.

There were also some students who ran along with Patrick. As of the moment, they were shocked by what they had heard regarding Leonardo.

“What do you mean, ‘by force’…”

“Imposing his feelings? His Highness? No way…

“B, but, didn’t they say she was His Highness’ favorite…? Then, this entire situation…”

Now is the chance!

To reinforce Riol’s words, a third-party was needed—

and only I can do it now.

Patrick chewed his lips, before raising one hand.

“I, all this time, I couldn’t say it, but…”

Actually, he should had said it in the big hall a week ago. He would be turning the royal family into his enemy—but so what?

Riol’s enemy was basically everyone present, but did that stop him?

“Sharina has been bringing a lunch box to that scholarship student… I’ve seen it… they had lunch together in the backyard. To me, they seemed like good friends… So… if His Highness is indeed imposing his one-sided feelings, then…”

While regretting his miserable past behavior, even though he was frightened by the numerous piercing gazes, he managed to say it until the end.

The facial expressions of the people around him changed. It was apparent that their trust towards Leonardo, which was barely enduring, toppled.

“M, me too! Then, the rumors spread, I was too scared to speak…! But, I’ve certainly seen Sharina and that boy on a date in a café…!”


Following Patrick, one dark-haired girl raised her hand.

“I couldn’t say it because I was scared—forgive me, forgive me, Sharina!”

The girl trembled and apologized to her friend while crying.

The atmosphere shifted completely. The atmosphere of half-skepticism now turned into fear of a tyrant.

“Listen well! By abusing these scales to make everything go his way, this person was already showing signs of turning into a power abusing tyrant who cares solely about his own gains, just like the 19th King, who was deprived of his throne by the same scales! Anyone who is still willing to let him be King, raise your hand now!”

Without letting go of the momentum, Riol spoke again.

No one could argue against that anymore.


…there was one who asked for an encore, though.

“Riol—! Riol—! You’re really, really awesome—! Encore! Please encore! ‘Are you saying that whether I lose or win, I’ll be killed?’—please repeat it from that point—!”

“Don’t say something so unreasonable.”

To the beaming princess whom was clapping her hands, the brave boy retorted calmly.

***T/N: Uwoooh, I’m relieving those moments of Riol’s victory, now with the perspective of Patrick, it only emphasized those moments further //got teary eyed// Bravo, Patrick! Bravo, Riol!

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