The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

78. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (26)

Faelis De Kratos. When Jill was still the fiancée of Geraldo, they met a few times. That was because Faelis was sickly and most of her life was spent in bed.

Still, she was an angelic girl who would fascinate everyone at the very first glance—and by everyone, she meant everyone from all over the castle—no, all over the kingdom. The first time Jill met with her, she was struck by her cuteness. Even merely being called, ‘Sister-in-Law Jill’ made her felt as if she had ascended to heaven.

Geraldo’s top priority had always been his little sister—at the same time, it was also the source of Jill’s loneliness. Despite so, in her heart, Jill had always tried to justify it—

it’s only natural for him to want to protect his younger sibling, right?

Instead, it turned out the love between that brother and sister was a forbidden one.

Then why would His Highness get engaged with me… was the only purpose of our engagement to conceal your forbidden love?

Jill clenched her fist.

As if Geraldo would actually allow his little sister to get engaged with Hadith—

—but above all, Jill herself wouldn’t let that happen.

Jill and her friends returned to the fortified city of Noitral and took a nap to prepare themselves. During the time the sun was at the highest, they gathered in Elynsia’s office inside the barracks of the Order of the Dragon Knights.

Hadith sat on the sofa—he had removed his apron. After all, when he was about to deal with a certain someone, there was no way he would keep that apron on.

Elynsia was currently summoning that certain someone.

“What are you going to do?”

Asked Listeard, who sat beside Jill. Hadith wouldn’t have any of it.

“Nothing. My wife is Jill. No one is more qualified to be the Dragon Princess other than Jill.”

“Despite so, the spot of your concubine is still vacant. Even if you relent to the Princess of Kratos, that girl can’t be the Dragon Princess. It’s also not possible for the Princess of Kratos herself to be the Empress of our empire. Isn’t that princess supposed to be the greatest amongst the great witches of Kratos?”

Listeard glanced at Jill. Jill, whom was sandwiched between the two, blinked as a response.

“The same also goes for this girl… wait, how old are you again?”

“I’m ten years old. Her Highness Faelis is two years younger than me.”

With his arms crossed, Listeard plopped his back on the sofa.

“An age gap isn’t that unusual in political marriage… Hadith, do you truly intent on marrying this girl to begin with?”

“It’s not merely an intention—we are married already. She has received the blessing of Rave.”

“Wait, what? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that. Such a thing existed?”

“Basically, you haven’t been listening to me all this time, huh…”

“As if you’ve ever told me in the first place—…but it’s no use arguing about it, now…”

As Listeard sighed in resignation, there was a knocking on the door.

Zeke and Camila, whom were guarding the doorway, turned to Jill.

Only after Jill had nodded was the door opened.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Elynsia entered the room while pushing a wheelchair. The girl in the wheelchair was younger than Jill. Jill heard Listeard holding his breath.

Jill also glanced at the girl.

Her straight and soft-looking hair was a pale flaxen in color. Every time she fluttered her eyelashes, she was reminded of the flapping wings of a butterfly. Her clear skin only emphasized her beauty.

Due to the space limitations, the wheelchair was naturally pushed to the opposite of them. The girl, who didn’t appear at all shy, put her hands on her lap and smiled.

“Please do not worry. I only borrowed this wheelchair because I was told against overexerting myself. Nice to meet you. My name is Faelis De Kratos.”

A cute voice akin to a bell was spun through her plump lips. Her eyes, which bared the color of a crisp blue sky, looked at everyone in turn.

“Lady Elynsia, Lord Elynsia, Lord Hadith—and also Lady Jill, yes?”

Jill, whose name was called last, could only stare at Faelis’ face. Faelis smiled back innocently, answering before Jill could inquire anything.

“I’m aware of the fact that my Older Brother was intent on marrying you—only for you to run away.”

Kusukusu—laughed Faelis.

Even though all her previous gestures were that of an adult, her laughter itself was adorable like a bird—Jill frowned.

“Aren’t you angry?”

“It was a good lesson for my Older Brother. After all, there are times when my Older Brother is convinced everything can and must go his way.”

“Was there any objection on Lady Faelis’ part regarding my engagement with your Older Brother?”

She wasn’t going to withhold it. Faelis smiled back at her.

“Quite the contrary, I was looking forward to it—especially when I heard that we’re close in terms of age. I thought you could be my sister-in-law, therefore, it was quite unfortunate…”

Certainly, after becoming Geraldo’s fiancée, Jill never had any difficulties getting along with Faelis. Rather, it was as if Faelis was attached to her—Faelis was such a cute, gentle, and wise child.

Even now, Jill couldn’t feel any malicious intent from her.

Faelis’ appearance, understanding, and behavior didn’t suit her age—which was eight-years-old. Surely, no one else was more befitting of the title princess than her.

It spoke truer to Jill, who knew that the Goddess was real.

To be the Goddess’ vessel… certainly, a member of the Kratos Royal Family would be the most eligible.

Hadith was weak. That was due to the enormous magical power of the Dragon God placing a strain upon his body. Similarly so, Faelis was also weak. Their similarities couldn’t be a mere coincidence.

“Once I marry Lord Hadith, can I refer to you as ‘Older Sister’?”

Jill balled her fist, which was on top of her knee.


“—I shall be upfront with you. You and I can never get married with each other.”

Hadith who sat beside her said it frankly.

His face didn’t even bother to mask his aversion—which caused Elynsia to become irritated.

“Hadith, listen to her explanation first.”

“—you might be wondering why, but you should be the most aware of the reason. As if I would marry the descendant of the Goddess of Kratos, the woman with the highest chance of being the Goddess’ vessel—”

“—as I thought, there’s that.”

Faelis remained with her eyes closed—in turn, Hadith became silent. Listeard frowned.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m the vessel of the Goddess of Kratos. I’m the same as Hadith who can see the Dragon God.”

Listeard came to conclude he shouldn’t interrupt Faelis. Elynsia was silent, probably aware of something.

“Because no one is surroundings ever told me anything, I was unable to find a way to confirm it—but now I understand everything. As the vessel of the Goddess, once I reach the age of fourteen, it’s fated for my ego to be consumed.”

The very cautious Jill was shocked instantly. Afterwards, there was overflowing confusion inside her.

Indeed… the Goddess and her vessel, each has their own personality… just like how His Majesty and Rave are two different individuals… Even if Faelis is the Goddess’ vessel, that doesn’t mean that they are of a single mind…

When Faelis reaches the age of fourteen, she would literally become the Goddess. Jill found the idea itself outrageous—especially after she had seen the interactions between Rave and Hadith.

The reason why Faelis had been carefully nurtured was reasonable. The reason why Faelis’ life was filled with butterflies and flowers was probably because she’s the vessel of the Goddess rather than because she was delicate. Geraldo’s overprotection towards his sister… Jill thought that was because of forbidden love.

According to Faelis’ words, it seemed that Geraldo hid the fact that his sister was the Goddess’ vessel from her.

I still remembered Faelis’ 14th birthday.

Who is my true opponent?

His little sister, or the Goddess herself?

Jill’s eyes, which screamed the question, reflected the delicate face of Faelis.

“Which means I only have six years left. In the meantime, I want to settle the long-standing ‘relationship’ between Kratos and Rave.”

***T/N: Is engagement really the only way tho. I just think of this from the perspective of who will be benefited the most out of this engagement and I think it’s both the Goddess and Kratos.

Now there’s a possibility that Faelis might be an innocent, good, person but do good people go out of their way to force their way in someone else’s marriage under the pretense of benevolence???

Besides, she keeps slighting Jill and no one does that to our heroine lol.

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