The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

77. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (25)

Before the green dragon had completed its second round above the village, the fire had been completely extinguished. Elynsia and Listeard came into play.

They instructed the Dragon Knights they had brought along to rescue the villagers and grasp the situation.

It would be bad if someone saw Hadith now—after all, it would be inevitable for them to think the fire happened because of him.

In the dark night, Hadith and Jill watched the rescue operation, holding their hands in a secluded spot, where they wouldn’t disturb or be noticed by anybody.

By the time the dark skies turned white, the situation finally calmed down.

The first to come to them was apparently Listeard.

“—I went around and asked about the circumstances. It seems that the army who came to the village is bearing a crimson flag.”

It was the Rave Imperial Army.

Moreover, under the direct command of the emperor.

Originally, said army could only be used by Hadith.

Hadith waited for the rest of the explanation expressionlessly. Thus, Listeard resumed with a difficult face.

“…It seems that the fire was lit to lure you out.”

“Are there any dead?”

At the brief question from Hadith, Listeard glanced at him briefly before shaking his head.

“There are a lot of injured, but because of the commotion, they managed to escape—therefore, there are no dead. Be it you, the origin of the matter, or the action of Uncle—it seems that the villagers equally resent both.”

“The fact that everyone is safe is what matters the most— …Or not. Many people are injured and the fields were burned.”

The village was clearly visible because the sky had gradually turned white. Burnt-down houses, villagers who were being treated in the wilderness—the fact that no one had died was beside the point.

“For the time being, for the sake of protecting the city of Noitral, Older Sister has begun to move…”

“That may be Uncle’s aim.”

Once the residents of the village suspected of hiding the false were evacuated, there will surely be a follow-up from Georg, said Hadith. Listeard showed a haggard expression.

“…To think it to that extent, well, in the first place, that’s one of your difficult habits. Indeed, that should be assumed, too—for now, let’s return and persuade Older Sister.”

Hadith released Jill’s hand, and chased after Listeard.

I know he will do his best—thus, Jill watched.


“Call me ‘Older Brother’. How many times do I need to remind you that I’m two months older than you?”

“I’m the Dragon Emperor.”

Listeard turned around. His expression …was calm.

“I know, you needn’t remind me that. At the moment, under my discretion, there’s only my private Dragon Knights. If it’s alright with you, then I will entrust them to you.”

Listeard laughed when he saw Hadith’s dumbfounded expression.

“What’s with that face? Are you pitying me because I’ve fallen to such a state? Let me tell you, that’s not enough to make me depressed.”

“…Your Grandfather, Leir, will absolutely be against it.”

“What are you saying. It’s the obligation of the Duke of Leirzatz to protect the empire. If we can’t do that either, it’s better for us to be destroyed. …Other than that, about my late Older Brother… it’s not your fault.”

Hadith seemed to be at loss for words.

However, Listeard also turned around, therefore his face couldn’t be seen. Perhaps because he was intentionally hiding his expression.

“…He was a fine crown prince. While everyone ran away from the seat of the crown prince due to the curse, my Older Brother never ran away. Knowing that someone had to fulfil that role, he was prepared to die… So, if you fail to become a better Emperor than my Older Brother, I won’t forgive you. Those are my honest feelings. You better remember it well.”

“… Alright.”

Although still at loss, Hadith nodded, as if that was the only answer he could find. Remembering his poor older brother, Listeard smiled. Jill wondered if his smile resembled that of his late brother’s.

Jill tried to imagine the face of someone she didn’t know—be it in the past or the future.

“More importantly, there’s the problem regarding Older Sister. It’s just a rumor, but there was a strange information.”

“—Hadith, Listeard.”

When the day started to rise, Elynsia came.

She had a very tired face, but her step was otherwise firm.

“Just leave the rest to me. Let’s return, we need to talk.”

“If it’s me—no, even if it’s only me, I choose to pick Hadith’s side, Older Sister. I’ve decided.”

Elynsia sighed, showing a haggard face towards Listeard who made such a proclamation.

“I know you would say that. I’d like to continue our previous conversation, but Hadith, there are conditions.”

Hadith silently stared at Elynsia.

As she approached her half-brothers, standing side by side, she whispered, as if concerned about her surroundings.

“Someone wants to see you. Shortly before the fuss about Uncle naming himself the new emperor, that person has been relying on my house and stayed here as it is.”

For a moment, Elynsia glanced at Jill with a heartrending gaze.

Jill, who blinked, knew the meaning of Elynsia’s stare. She had already expected the words which followed.

“It’s Faelis De Kratos.”

“Older Sister! That person—”

“Yes, the Princess of Kratos. As a sign of peace, she wants to apply for an engagement—she wants to get engaged to you, Hadith.”

Jill stiffened—perhaps due to the trace of trauma left inside that name.

An engagement… with His Majesty?

Hadith lifted his chin as his lips drew an arc.

“That’s an amusing joke.”

Upon Hadith’s unwelcome response, Elynsia frowned. Listeard didn’t know how to react.

Jill couldn’t move.

Despite knowing Hadith was against the idea, she was unable to reach for his hand.


“Yes, the Princess of Kratos. As a sign of peace, she wants to apply for an engagement—she wants to get engaged to you, Hadith.”


SAY WHAT–!?!?!?

she wants to get engaged to you, Hadith.



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